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In today’s world it is so difficult to figure out what we want to do in life. I was very lucky to have enrolled myself into an IT degree when I was a teenager. Where that took me was down a path with many options. My focus was eventually funneled towards being a business analyst. It eventually ended up being something I really enjoyed. Throughout my time over the past 10 years of my experience in this role, I was always struggling to find a resources outside of companies i worked for to help me progress in my career. Let’s get into the detail about something extremely useful that i found a bit later.

What is a Business Analyst

First off, let’s quickly answer the question, what is a business analyst? Quite simply put a business analyst is a role which simply translates the needs from one party within a project to another. This can involve a multitude of different stakeholders/teams.

Business analyst

The perfect example is when a business stakeholder, comes up with an idea and initiates a project. They will engage with a business analyst to list down and understand all of their requirements. Once a basic draft is agreed on, the business analyst will then engage other teams such as the development team. They then explain what the business wants and feedback on a potential solution, limitations and enhancements is received from the development team. This goes back and forth till eventually the final requirements are a defined and agreed.

The job doesn’t stop there, the business analyst then see’s the requirements through and manages any changes that occur throughout the other phases of the project. This can occur during development, testing, implementation, etc.

The Evolved Business Analyst Website

I recently adopted an intern at my current place of employment. I’ve taken on many intern’s and taught a lot of people throughout my career. Each time I’ve always wanted something to refer to for reference whilst teaching. As well as something for the new to the job to have as a central point of knowledge.

The old IIBA’s website and BABOK are quite out dated and through google I managed to find this fresh idea of the modern business analyst called Evolved Business Analyst. It’s proven to be very useful as it gives great insight into the world of business analysis. After sending my intern away to have a read through the website they came back more excited about the job as it began to make more sense to them. I think they may have also stumbled upon the business analyst salary article and discovered more about their future earning potential as well.

A Career to Consider

Not only do I think business analysis is an amazing career for myself, it could be something suited to a lot of people who enjoy being the crucial part of information system based projects. Not only do we get to develop a great foundation of skills, we also have the ability to utilise those across such a vast range of industry’s. If you’re just about to begin studying or it’s time for a career change check out their post on which degree to study to become a business analyst. It could be for you! Lastly, for a more detailed description of what business analysis involves check out their article talking about what the role involves. Enjoy!


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