Charcoal Chicken Putney Review

Charcoal Chicken Putney, returning in excellent form after the owners established themselves at Charcoal Chicken Boronia Park. This is a charcoal chicken shop that’s worth a visit if you’re in and around Putney. Quite a simple concept executed well. Also if you’re looking for value for money and a quick fix, this is a great option. I’ve visited Charcoal Chicken Putney on a few occasions and have always left with a smile on my face. Whether we’re taking away or quickly dining in.

Charcoal Chicken Putney

Charcoal Chicken Putney Menu Review

The menu is great, obviously not as diverse as something like Patio Putney cafe. Although, it doesn’t need to be, these guys do different types of meats very well. Subsequently, they specialize in charcoal chicken but they also have a number of worthy items on the Charcoal chicken Putney menu that may spark your interest.

These items range from the charcoal chicken, chicken packs which include chicken and chips. Beyond this they have various other goodies including a delicious range of roast dinners, burgers and my personal favorite the roast chicken, beef and pork rolls. I’m drooling thinking about them. Pour a bit of gravy on top and you’re good to go. I usually compliment this with a small chips which is quite a generous serving.

Charcoal Chicken Putney Menu

The chunky chips offered at Charcoal chicken Putney are as tasty as ever. They usually come with normal salt, I’ve not seen them add chicken salt (my favorite). Regardless, they’re still an example of potato perfection, always freshly made.

This place is such a step up from going to Ogalo Putney which is just around the corner. Unfortunately there’s not a great amount of space for a dine in option. Although there’s a small bench for you to enjoy your food. Otherwise the general consensus is to order your chicken or whatever you decide and take it away.

Charcoal Chicken Putney sides

Lastly, what great dinner roast is had without some traditional sides. Luckily, the guys at Charcoal Chicken Putney haven’t let you down. They’ve gone out of their way to include a large selection of salads ranging from a Caesar Salad to a Penne Pasta salad and everything in between. I’m not really a salad person, but I’ve sampled a few of them whilst out on picnics and they’re easily a step above what you’d grab off the shelf at your local supermarket.

The Verdict

One thousand percent yes for a visit if you’re looking for any roast meats or charcoal chicken. Whether it’s in a roll, wrap, burger or just on its own you’ll enjoy your meal. The owners have been doing this sort of stuff for years and it really shows. They’ve even won a few small business awards over multiple years. They’ve done well and to be honest, there’s no real alternative to this place around Putney. Therefore, count yourselves lucky that the one place that does this is actually quite decent. Well done Charcoal Chicken Putney, keep it up. I’m due to come back for another roll/wrap soon.

Charcoal Chicken Putney Map

Opening Hours:
Everyday: 9AM – 7:30PM

88 Charles St, Putney NSW 2112 
Telephone: (02) 9808 5311


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