Charles Street Kitchen Putney – Local Cafe Review

Charles Street Kitchen Putney cafe is the lucky last of the holy trinity of cafe’s on Charles street in Putney to be reviewed. If you’re not aware, the holy trinity consists of Dolcini Cafe, Patio Putney and Charles Street Kitchen Putney. First thing I have to say now I’m completing the review of the third Putney cafe, is that each cafe has it’s own unique vibe. They all specialize in presenting their own unique dishes to customers.

charles street kitchen

Dolcini has a great Italian twist to their cafe, Patio Putney has a fantastic selection of well prepared food an excellent breakfast and the best coffee out of any Putney cafe. Subsequently, I can’t mention Charles Street Kitchen without saying how great it is for them to have included some Asian dishes with a Korean vibe to them. I love it, it brings another level of diversity to the food available in yet another Putney cafe!

Charles Street Kitchen Putney Review

Not a bad vibe when walking into Charles street Kitchen Putney. I like the layout of the cafe and the cool neon sign along the wall paired with the wood used throughout the setting including the bookshelf filled with various spices and other items. All of this gives a funky and cool vibe for the customers. The food is great and has a Korean twist with a bibimbap that you can order that I’m yet to try. Although I do hear it’s delicious.

charles street kitchen

Charles Street Kitchen Putney Menu Review

The main thing I order when I visit Charles street kitchen Putney is the CSK Protein bowl. The protein bowl has been very consistent over the years. I’ve enjoyed the generous helping of chicken provided in the bowl. It’s accompanied with a bunch of vegetables and quinoa. I’m not the biggest fan of kale but it actually doesn’t taste too bad in this dish.

charles street kitchen putney

I was blessed to have the opportunity to take my mum here on this occasion and she had a taste of the protein bowl and loved it. She would highly recommend it for the taste and health factors. She ordered a nice little gluten free muffin which she says deliciously complimented her English breakfast tea.

charles street kitchen putney

This is where I come for my health fix if I’m feeling guilty throughout the week. When I was dieting and training regularly at the gym, this Putney cafe was my go to when I was to catch up with someone, as I knew I could get away with eating tasty food and still stay on track with my macros.

charles street kitchen putney

They also have a delicious menu filled with items that are really well done, for any friends I bring along that aren’t focusing on a diet. There’s always the choice of a burger or a range of other options on the menu. I’m super keen to try this bibimbap. Hence if it’s great I’ll have somewhere closer than Smokkim Korean BBQ or Eastwood to enjoy a good bibimbap.

Charles Street Kitchen Drinks

In terms of drinks, I personally prefer the coffee over at Patio Putney as I did state this is the best coffee in Putney. I’m not going to go back on my word, although Charles Street Kitchen Putney does have decent coffee. The real stand out for me is that they have the absolute best smoothies!

charles street kitchen putney

The Mango smoothie shake was to die for! I couldn’t get enough of it. Definitely highly recommend it if you’re popping in here. Can’t go wrong with it or any of their other smoothies! I commend them on hitting the nail on the head with these drinks.


This cool little setting is worth a visit. Say hello to the friendly team next time you’re looking for a Putney cafe with a great Asian food vibe and healthy element to it. The two owners have done a great job putting the cafe together. They’ve managed to create a nice little go to place for my health fix.

charles street kitchen

I’ll continue going here in the future and it adds a nice Asian element to the holy trinity of Charles street in Putney. Always great for a protein bowl or a smoothie. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 6AM – 4PM

78 Charles St, Putney NSW 2112
Telephone: (02) 9807 8999


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