Dolcini Cafe Putney – Local Cafe Review

Dolcini is a gorgeous cafe that sits right in the heart of the main strip of Putney on 1/90 Charles St. This small yet popular cafe always manages to attract a crowd of regular customers. Every weekend patrons are sprawled throughout the insides and onto the outside seating arrangements. Although, it’s no surprise why.

Dolcini Cafe Putney

Dolcini Cafe Review

The overall presentation of Dolcini is great, it give’s off a very cool vibe with great styling, friendly staff and a decent selection of food from the Dolcini cafe menu. With a heavy Italian influence, as expected by the name of the cafe. You will be presented with a vast range of items on the menu to delight your palette.

You can anticipate to see a range of Italian items ranging from gelato, gelato shakes, bruschetta, Italian salami sambo, bruschetta burger, pizza’s and a delicious range of pasta’s with your choice of spaghetti, penne or even risotto. Including a controversial Calabrese, which is quickly redeemed by a Siciliana (I may be slightly biased here). Being an Italian myself, I have to comment on how they’ve done quite well with the Italian food on the Dolcini cafe menu. I’ve been eating here for years and haven’t gone wrong with anything yet.

dolcini cafe menu

They’ve also included a fantastic selection of other foods to satisfy the masses. This is perfect as they execute each item quite well. I especially enjoy ordering the chicken wrap or one of the super food bowls if I feel the need to be healthy.

Dolcini also provides a great breakfast menu with all the usual breakfast options you’d expect from a good cafe. What I love about Dolcini is that they’ve also added an Italian twist to this section of the menu once again. As well as retaining all of the staple breakfast options a cafe should have.

dolcini cafe menu

I can’t complain about the coffee and it’s also hard to comment on this at any cafe as everyone’s tastes are different. Although, it’s easy to confirm that their coffee is above average and you wont be disappointed.

Lastly the Dolcini Cafe Menu also includes something for the kids if you want to bring them along. The unique kids menu includes a blend of breakfast, lunch and dessert options. As well as a range of drinks such as the kids babycino, milkshakes, juices and a hot chocolate.

Dolcini Cakes & Sweets

Since the cafe name Dolcini literally means sweets, I have to give the sweets their own subheading. The Dolcini cafe menu will direct you to the Dolcini cakes display and you will get to feast your eyes on a beautiful selection of sweets. From Italian canoli, baked ricotta cheesecakes and other sweets (which I assume are made in house) are absolutely delicious.

Dolcini cafe putney


There’s a few different cafe’s in Putney and Dolcini definitely holds its own. If you’re looking for great food with a slight italian twist you can’t go wrong here. There’s so many options, friendly staff and a cafe menu that even caters for the kids.

dolcini cafe putney

What really stands out for me, is the vibe that this cafe brings every time you dine here. There’s always a lot of people creating an energetic atmosphere. I quite enjoy it but for some I can imagine it could be overwhelming. This is especially the case if you’re looking for a more chilled experience. As the longest standing cafe in Putney, Dolcini has become the go to for the locals. It has definitely adapted with the times. Great work Dolcini, looking forward to visiting for many years to come.

You can check out their menu here: Dolcini Cafe Menu.

Dolcini Cafe Putney Map

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 5AM – 4:30PM
Saturday 5AM – 4PM
Sunday 6AM – 4PM

Open 7 days for breakfast & lunch

Shop 1, 90 Charles st, 
Putney, NSW 2112
Telephone: (02) 9808 4111 


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