Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar Melbourne – Restaurant Review

Recently my friends and I went down to Melbourne for the weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds of another gorgeous city. The inside word from a few Melbournians was to hit up either Chin Chin’s or Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar for dinner. Considering they’re both on/around Flinders Lane and we have a Chin Chin’s in Sydney we decided to give Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar a go. As you’ll be able to tell in this article, we made the right choice.

Ordering and Eating at Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar

The approach to ordering at Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar was quite a strategic one. Luckily I was able to go with two other friends, this allowed me to experience more than I’d usually be able to order and finish. The vibe at the Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar is all about sharing food, which has been implemented into the menu quite successfully.

Lets get to it, we decided to get a decent variety of things to eat. We of course started with some Freshly Shucked Oysters. Being some of the freshest oysters I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. We topped these with a delightful helping of Ponzu sauce which added the perfect touch of extra flavor.

The Siu Mai Prawn Dumplings were just the right ratio of dumpling pastry to filling. As expected, these were obviously prepared in house and they had a distinct freshly made flavor to them.

At this point, I was already impressed, although slightly skeptical when it came to the next dish. The Kingfish Sashimi included some green chilli, which is not something I’m the biggest fan of. The chilli did add a slight bit of spice into the dish, regardless, I believe it complemented the other ingredients well. I have a soft spot for sashimi and I would definitely order this dish again.

Onto the Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki, I saw the potentially spicy ingredient wasabi in the dish and was again a bit skeptical. This dish came out and honestly blew my mind. Easily one of my absolute favorite dishes that we ordered. It was the absolute perfect blend of everything especially with the sesame rice cracker which was spectacular! I had to selfishly have a few extra pieces of this dish as Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar executed it perfectly. Well done, standing ovation from me!

I’ve got to acknowledge my friend Brendan on the next choice. Throughout my life I’ve been pretty adventurous with food and am always one to try new things. I’ve had many different variations of Soft-shelled crab throughout the years and absolutely hate it. Brendan is probably one of the few people I know with a very well rounded and refined palate. His experience with fine foods would be second to none other than some of the world’s leading culinary experts. I respect his opinion with food and life, so when he recommended we try this, I couldn’t resist.

Hands down, Brendan is an aficionado. The Soft-shelled Crab ‘Jianbing’ Pancake Roll blew my mind. I can’t believe Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar were able to blow my mind twice in one sitting. Well played. The taste was just sensational, all the way from the pancake outer layer, the greens, crab and sauce. This one dish has restored my faith in soft-shelled crab.

Towards the end of the meal, I just had enough room to try the Rare Breed Sticky Pork Belly which was phenomenal, as I had assumed judging by Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar’s performance up to this point.

And lastly, I was a bit on the full side but I managed to try a tiny bit of the Wok Tossed King Prawns & Mussels. Which was probably my least favorite dish but still fairly decent.

There were also some delicious cocktails that were recommended by our waitress which we kept re-ordering but I cannot remember the name of them, nor did I take any pictures. But this goes to show that our waitress was able to cater to our tastes quite well according to the types of cocktails we enjoy.

So just to quickly recap the order is as follows:

  • Freshly Shucked Oysters
  • Siu Mai Prawn Dumplings
  • Kingfish Sashimi
  • Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki
  • Soft-shelled Crab ‘Jianbing’ Pancake Roll
  • Rare Breed Sticky Pork Belly
  • Wok Tossed King Prawns & Mussels

Experiencing Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar

From the second you approach the alleyway that Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar is located in you get a very cool and relaxed vibe. The styling of the restaurant, much like the food has obviously been thought out extensively and executed very well. From the neon lit sign in the alleyway, to the choice of tables and seats through the restaurant. It has a modern feel with a nice and relaxed environment for you and your foodie friends or date to kick back and enjoy some nice conversation, sensational drinks and marvelous food.

The staff are a big deciding point in how I rate an experience at restaurants these days as they play a big part in setting the tone for the night. Our waitress was easy to talk to, extremely helpful, funny and one of the best waitresses I’ve had in a long time. Eventually we were able to find out her name was Emily by asking one of the other staff. We were just calling her Lucy all night as part of an ongoing joke we had. She was good value and great fun. A big thank you goes to Emily for recommending food and drinks and becoming a part of the experience with us. You’re 75% of the reason why we all want to come back, as without good people like you, a restaurant experience that’s suppose to be amazing can turn sour very quickly.

The Verdict on  Lucy Liu Kitchen and bar

I can almost guarantee that anyone that goes to Lucy Liu Kitchen and bar will have a sensational experience. You can’t go wrong with any dishes I’ve mentioned in this article. Even if your palate is wired differently to mine the wonderful waiters and waitresses will be able to guide you in the right direction. I had such an amazing time here and enjoyed every single drink and dish that we were served. A big thank you to Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar for putting together the perfect restaurant and Emily for being the perfect waitress.

A special thank you also goes to my fellow foodie Dina (a former Melbournian turned Sydney-sider) for recommending me to go here during my visit to Melbourne and to my other friends for accompanying me and sharing this experience!

It almost goes without saying but I rate Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar a soild 10/10. We look forward to coming back and dining with you the next time we’re in Melbourne. I also hope this honest article helps confirm to fellow food lovers that Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar is a must try for anyone looking for amazing food in Melbourne. I know I was ridiculously positive when writing this, please note it is actually that good and I wasn’t paid or offered any incentives to write this in such high praise. Happy eating!


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