Ogalo Putney – Portuguese Chicken Review

Ogalo Putney has been on the list of must do reviews in Putney as it’s been around for so long! Who doesn’t love a greasy bit of chicken? Over the years this little fast food chain in Putney has changed owners countless times. I remember in my youth this being such a great option in Putney, when there were less restaurants around. They still consistently put out the same type of stuff at the same quality as always. Although, I can’t say their food is outstanding, especially in comparison to what else is on offer in Putney. Specifically considering that you now have Charcoal Chicken Putney just around the corner. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Ogalo Putney Menu

The aim was to keep it simple with my order today. Hence, I ordered myself a BBQ Chicken Roll meal, which included chips with chicken salt and a can of soft drink. This wasn’t a challenge as I’m quite familiar with their vast menu. Keeping things completely honest for my readers, I have to say I was a little disappointed. I understand the nature of fast food joints such as this. Consequently the food is supposed to be fast and hit the spot. This wasn’t particularly either of those. It took close to 10 minutes for my food to be ready. As a result I believe the chips were prepared earlier and were bordering on cold.

Ogalo Putney

It presented as you’d expect from Ogalo Putney. The BBQ roll itself wasn’t well put together as there were blobs of mayonnaise unevenly distributed throughout the roll. Resulting in a rather dry tasting roll. I can’t say it’s always this poorly made but it wasn’t appetizing at all today. The venue itself isn’t something that would inspire you to take a trip to Ogalo Putney, or any fast food restaurant for that matter. Hence, I’m not going to penalize them there.

In saying all of this the can of solo was good! To be fair, I’ve eaten here many times in the past and it has been hit and miss. My favorite thing in the world is hot chips, sprayed with ample portions of chicken salt. On occasion, these have been hot and fresh! Also, the burgers have also been decent at times. But for the price can you really complain and critique a restaurant like this?

Ogalo Putney


With a Putney cafe or three just around the corner. In addition to the fact you have a high quality chicken shop such as Charcoal Chicken Putney, that is priced on par. I would highly recommend going to Charcoal Chicken Putney. At minimum, I’d at least hope you’d consider taking a walk past Dolcini, Patio Putney or Charles Street Kitchen.

The unfortunate fact is, with so many great options in such a condensed area. You really can complain about the value for money you get at a place like Ogalo Putney. With so much competition in Putney these day, I’m uncertain about how much longer Ogalo Putney will survive. Unless they pick up their game substantially. Happy eating!

Ogalo Putney map

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 10AM – 8:30PM
Friday to Sunday: 10AM – 9PM

3/90 Charles St, Putney NSW 2112
Telephone: (02) 9808 3011


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