Patio Putney Cafe – Local Cafe Review

The Patio Putney is one of the three cafe’s that reside on Charles St, Putney. It sits right in the middle of Dolcini and Charles St Kitchen. Patio Putney is probably the biggest of the holy trinity of cafe’s along Charles St. There’s ample seating inside and seating out the front and to the side of the cafe. There’s plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the best coffee in Putney with a nice portion of food complimenting it from the Patio Putney menu.

patio putney cafe

Patio Putney Review

At this gorgeous cafe you will firstly be presented by a excellently design front area of the cafe. I appreciate the effort that went into designing the cafe, I really like the modern homely vibe that it gives me every time I visit. As a result of the well thought out architecture I feel very warm and welcome. Subsequently, I love the fact that they put the effort into ensuring you’re likely to get a seat outside. Hence presenting me with an opportunity to soak up the sun.

patio putney coffee

Location wise, I feel Patio Putney sits in the most prime spot out of the three cafe’s to obtain the most sun on a good day at either breakfast or lunch times. All of what I’ve just stated plus the extremely friendly nature of the staff at Patio Putney, provides for an experience that I appreciate at Sydney’s best cafes. It add’s an element you just can’t find in busy cafe’s that don’t bother to strike up a conversation, see how your week has been or greet you like you’re part of the family.

patio putney customers
Putney locals Anne & Paul are weekly regulars at Patio Putney. They love the food, coffee, people and atmosphere. They have been taking time out of their busy schedule to enjoy Patio Putney for years!

Patio Putney Menu Review

You honestly cannot go wrong at this gorgeous cafe. I personally indulge myself in a great coffee and something delicious from the breakfast menu each visit. This is regardless of what time I decide on dining at the Patio Putney. The breakfast menu is absolutely perfect, I’ve managed to devour most of what they have to offer throughout my many visits to the cafe. Consequently, whether you choose to order the Acai bowl, Patio pancakes or even the Patio Putney big breakie you will love it.

They also cater for your taste buds with a nice lunch menu as well. You will have the options to order a uniquely crafted bruschetta, salads, pasta and a modern Australian assortment of other options. They also cater for any kids you might decide to bring along with you to the cafe as well.

patio putney drinks

As for the drinks side of things, they have a reasonable selection available but aside from the coffee, I can’t say I’ve tried anything else, although I do hear good things from other customers I was chatting to recently.

patio putney

Now onto the foundation of any great cafe, the coffee. As a result of bringing many friends and family to Patio Putney, the coffee deserves it’s own special mention.

patio putney coffee

I can’t judge a coffee on my own, as everyone’s tastes are unique. Hence, through the opinions of all the coffee lovers I’ve introduced to Patio Putney, I can confidently say, this is the best coffee in Putney! Everyone has enjoyed it and I’ve never heard any negative feedback.

Patio putney sweets


Overall the Patio Putney is a fantastic cafe! Not only do they have some of the best food in Putney. It is always consistently good with great coffee complementing it. What I love most is that all of this is delivered in such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is something that’s very difficult to get right these days.

patio putney design

With a fantastic modern Australian menu, excellently executed breakfast options and the best coffee in Putney, this is my go to cafe in Putney. I’ve always had a positive experience here. Go try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Patio Putney Map

Opening Hours:
Tuesday & Sunday: 6AM – 4PM
Every other day: 6AM – 10PM

83 Charles St, Putney NSW 2112
Telephone: (02) 9807 3331


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