Woolwich Pier Hotel – Pub Food Review

Woolwich Pier Hotel, a location that given the high prices of real estate in the area should surely have a fairly high standard of food. First and foremost I was quite happy to see a reasonably nice selection of items on the menu that weren’t too over whelming to digest in my mind before I digest them in my stomach. I feel that most people that come to Woolwich Pier for Pub dining won’t be disappointed with the array of dishes offered, chilled pub atmosphere and friendly staff awaiting to serve you.

The order

I could have really complicated this part of the process by deciding to go with something more complicated but I thought to myself even though there’s a brilliant sounding Woolwich Seafood Chowder, Pumpkin & Kumera Gnocchi or even the Beef Brisket & Ale Pot Pie all residing under the Seasonal Mains section, it’s probably best to keep it simple and go with a steak and sides.

A 300g Sirloin, grain fed would suffice with mash/chips. We decided to also go for some Nachos to start us off as well.

woolwich pier hotel food

I must make a note here that including two Coke’s the price of this meal was very close to the $100 mark for two people, which was unexpectedly high for a Pub but I guess expected considering the area we were in.

The Woolwich Pier Hotel Experience

When the food came out after a small wait I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was nicely presented to us. The steaks were moderately well presented but the Nachos were a thing of beauty, we literally had 3 separate groups of people ask us what they dish it was. I admit they look a bit unconventional compared to what we were expecting but it did look amazing. I was truly hoping by this point that the taste was going to match.

Eating at Woolwich Pier Hotel

Well obviously this is the important part, who cares how amazing it’s presented on a plate or anything else. If the food tastes amazing, it will sell amazingly and people will be dying to come back. First off the Nachos, the way it was put together was a bit different, there wasn’t any melted cheese to be seen anywhere which was honestly a bit of a disappointment for me as I’m a big lover of cheese all over my Nachos, there was a mix of the usual guac and other ingredients but I with the lack of real cheese (there was some cheese sauce) it didn’t feel exactly right. This was not a dish that we finished, as it didn’t excite the palate too much.

Moving onto the Steaks! We both ask for our steaks as medium and they actually came out as medium! Legitimately this is one of the more simple things that so many restaurants get wrong. First test is passed and the second one came to the taste of the sirloin itself which was not a let down at all, this time they delivered! It is definitively quite a decent standard as far as pub steaks go, it’s up there with some of the best pub steaks I’ve ever had, but not really comparable to a good steak I’ve had in various restaurants, which is totally fine as that’s not usually the expectation of a Pub feed.

woolwich pier hotel food

The Verdict on Woolwich Pier

Woolwich Pier Hotel is definitely a very well presented Pub with a great selection of food and a reasonably decent quality of at least their basic selection. I’d go back for another steak or try some of their seasonal mains, but the Nachos as a starter unfortunately let them down.

Overall for experience, atmosphere, price, presentation and food I’m giving Woolwich Pier Hotel a 6/10.

woolwich pier hotel menu

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