Which Netflix Plan Best Suits Your Needs – Detailed Breakdown

Which Netflix Plan

Which Netflix Plan Is Right For You?

Netflix has taken over the online streaming world, hence more people are watching Netflix than any other streaming service out there. However, which Netflix plan is right for you?

Which Netflix Plan's are currently on Offer
Which Netflix Plan’s are currently on Offer – Overview of Plans 2019

Which Netflix Plan are on Offer?

There are generally three plans that Netflix has to offer consumers: basic, standard, and premium. Each plan has its pros and cons as do most things in this world, starting with the basic plan, as you can probably conclude, is the least expensive plan. However, with the basic plan, you are only able to stream on one device at a time and sadly, you won’t be streaming in HD. Bummer, I know, but you get what you pay for.

The standard plan is pretty much the same as the basic except for two minor things. You get to steam on two devices at any given time and you get high definition. See? Small things!

The premium plan is by far the most expensive plan which is why it’s called premium. With this plan, you get the option to stream in HD or Ultra HD and also get to watch movies or shows on up to four devices at once. Totally awesome, right?

Which Netflix Plan - Suits TV Show

Now, Which Netflix Plan Suits You

Quite honestly, I would not advise anyone to get the basic plan. I mean, you can’t even watch in high definition! That’s only my opinion though. In all seriousness, if you are someone that doesn’t watch much television, then the basic Netflix plan is all you really need. You don’t want to spend money on something you probably will only watch a couple times a week.

As for choosing which Netflix plan is best between standard and premium, I like to think about family so asking yourself questions such as how many members are there in your family? Do you have kids? If it’s just you and your significant other, go with the standard. You each get to have a profile where you can save things you like without having to see what the other is watching. If you have young kids and they have their own television, go for the premium plan. Everyone in the home is happy, and you get to monitor what your child can view on their profile. You don’t have to worry about them watching killer zombies and then climbing in bed with you because something might be under their beds.

Which Netflix Plan - Original Netflix Titles
No matter which Netflix plan you choose, you get to enjoy all the Netflix Original Content

No Matter Which Netflix Plan You Choose, You’ll Love It!

Netflix is a streaming service that everyone will be satisfied with. You can stream your favorite shows/movies and discover Netflix originals. The service adds new content monthly, and they even email you about things you may enjoy. You can even change plans if you discover you need more or fewer benefits and if you run into a hard time, you can cancel at any time.

There are three great plans to choose from therefore which Netflix plan suits you is really based on your personal needs. To check out Netflix and their latest plans to sign up for check out the Netflix website!


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