2007 Toyota Matrix XR Overview

The 2007 Toyota Matrix XR is a car that blends solid interiors and is more compact. Almost on part with an SUV in terms of size, the Matrix XR can still give you a steady and comfortable driving experience.

The exteriors of the Toyota Matrix feature a sleek and stylish design. The fascia has an angular facade, with the frame and lights complementing the shape. In contrast with the Corolla, the Matrix has a more distinct S-shaped line that runs through the sides.

Despite being compact, the Matrix is a tall car. The spacious cabin allows passengers to feel comfortable. Those who worry about its carrying capacity can feel better knowing that the vehicle has a durable floor equipped with tracks and tie-downs. The rear and front passenger seats can also fold, making for additional transport space.

The Matrix XR features conventional power locks and windows. The car has a keyless entry and has a 115-volt power outlet. In addition, rear wipers are functional and dependable too. Trim levels vary, with a 16 or 17-inch option for aluminum alloy wheels. As for the sound system, it comes with JBL speakers and a CD changer.

All-weather packages also come with the car.

2007 Toyota Matrix Problems

Despite all the benefits, no car is perfect. The 2007 Toyota Matrix has its fair share of problems. First among these is the Takata airbags that come with most units. The airbag used in many Toyota cars from the 2000s were the subject of scrutiny due to the force they use upon activation. The strength caused the inflators to disintegrate and go towards passengers.

If you end up getting your hands on this car, check the airbag and replace it if it is a Takata model.

Another problem involves the oil consumption of the car. The piston rings that come with the Matrix can be defective over time, causing problems related to oil. For instance, some drivers complained about burning oil overnight. Some even report a quart of oil only lasting 1,200 miles.

And as with many Toyota cars, there are also complaints related to the heating and ventilation. Specialists have linked the HVAC systems to mold growth. Make sure to take steps to prevent any harmful growth inside the car.

And while the cars use a soy-coated wire for sustainability, this can cause their fair share of problems. The soy material may attract rodents, luring them into the car. Besides the pesky rats inside the vehicle, they can also bite into the wiring. The resulting damage can put you in harm’s way and cause road accidents.

All of these problems may result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Make sure to check for them before purchasing the car. The best thing you can do is protect your investment in a vehicle.

2007 Toyota Matrix Life Expectancy

The Matrix is known for being as durable as other Toyota cars, such as the similarly modeled Corolla. It can last up to 250,000-300,000 miles if well-maintained. Some may even last longer if parts remain up-to-date and owners prioritize routine repairs.

2007 Toyota Matrix Specs


The 2007 Toyota Matrix comes equipped with a 1.8-liter engine. This four-cylinder beast can provide 126 horsepower and 122 pound-feet torque. Also, the standard manual transmission provides five-speed, with a four-speed automatic setting. The car’s manual fuel economy is 30 for cities and 26 for highways.

As for the automatic setting, the car usually goes for 29 when in the city and 34 on the highway.


The anti-lock brake system is optional for the Matrix wagons. The Matrix features four-wheel disc brakes on the M-Theory Speedway Blue edition. Still, the conventional Matrix comes with dependable rear drums. Airbags come mounted on the seats for front passengers.

For the side, drivers can install full-length curtain airbags across the lines. As for stability control, passengers can activate them when in automatic transmission.

During crash testing, the Matrix garnered a five-star rating for driver protection. This metric shows that the driver is safe from impacts. The car also received a four-star rating for front and rear passenger protection.


With all those impressive feats in mind, how exactly does the Matrix feel during driving? The car is a solid and stable car on the road. Although it only features average acceleration, the manual transmission is impressive for its age. As for the handling, it does the job well enough for those in suburban areas. Do not expect it to perform like a sports car, though.

Overall, driving the car is a very comfortable experience. Those who want to use it for going to work or short-term road trips will find it a handy vehicle.

Interior Design

The 2007 Toyota Matrix may not be a modern-day model, but it still has the feel of a premium car. The interior design is simple but attractive, and the build is very dependable. The fit and finish are miles above the most recent budget cars.

Those stingy with driving positions may find a lot to be desired, as the position can be awkward for taller people. The rear seats, however, are very spacious and comfortable. The car can also carry considerable cargo, comparable to an SUV. The hard plastic makes it much easier to clean up when not in use.

The car also has a cargo-floor track that comes with tie-down hooks. You can adjust these based on what you want to carry. The rear seats may be folded flat to accommodate more items for cargo. The same thing goes for the front passenger seat. You can also fold it forward to carry more items for transport.

Generally speaking, the 2007 Toyota Matrix should hit all the usual benchmarks for people. Onboard, it feels very comfortable. There’s room for many passengers despite its compact size. And while it is not as fashionable or modern as more recent models, it is still one of the best budget cars you can purchase. The build quality and features can still go toe-to-toe on the road today. With proper maintenance, it can last you a long time.

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