2015 Toyota Sequoia – The crossover between a truck and an SUV

The looks of a truck, the size of an SUV

The 2015 Toyota Sequoia is a car that is the Japanese carmaker’s first attempt at merging the looks of an SUV with the body of a truck. While it exactly does not have the footprint of a big truck, like its American counterpart. The car sure looks the part. Despite that statement, it will still dwarf most cars on the road with ease. Something about the boxy design gives the car a brutish feel.

There is a very masculine feel to the car’s design. The front is boxy and instead of curves, it uses lines to give the car some muscle. The front-end is an imposing one. From the big protruding bumper to the giant silver grille, it looks like it means business. It is far better looking than any of the minivan esque looks of modern SUVs. The car’s size is commanding. For those that want some genuine road presence, the 2015 Toyota Sequoia is the way to go.

The only complaint or part of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia problems is that the car does not have the most aesthetic design. It is nothing too radical, just easy.

Good handling combined with superb pulling power

The stables of Toyota are known for sharing their parts and the 2015 Toyota Sequoia borrows a lot of elements from the Tundra pick up. However, its ride quality and handling are far better than the Tundra. As for the 2015 Toyota Sequoia specs, the car has only one engine option. A big car needs a big engine and as a result, you get a 5.7-liter V8 that produces 381 bhp and 401 lb-ft of torque.

The numbers are substantial and it can pull a lot of weight. The engine can reach almost 90% of its peak torque output in just 2200rpm. It adds to the already good Tow/Haul mode and helps the car pull up to 7400 pounds. It is not just a weight slugger; the car is also incredibly fast. Without the burden of any additional weight, the Sequoia can do a 0-60 in 6.7 seconds, which is far better than what cars in this segment can do.

Now numbers aside, let’s talk about the drive of this car. We have already praised its handling, and it also comes with a rather small turning radius, when compared to other SUVs. The 2015 Toyota Sequoia comes with a four-wheel drive and a limited-slip differential for optimal power delivery. You also get an A-TRAC active traction control that helps get that little ounce of traction that you need in slippy areas.

Space and comfort aplenty

The car is huge, as we have already mentioned and it can easily seat 8 passengers. The interiors are upscale, there is leather everywhere. While it does not necessarily have the same size as larger counterparts, it does have ample room for heads and legs. The first two rows can accommodate passengers with ease and the second row is very easy to get in and out of.

If ultimate passenger comfort is what you are looking for, you can opt for the dual captain’s chairs at the back. You don’t get any kind of side support on the front seats, while we reckon you won’t miss them much. The third row is optimal for kids and young adults.

The build quality on the 2015 Toyota Sequoia is superb, as is expected from a Toyota. The Japanese know how to fit in quality. However, if we have any complaints, it would be that the switchgear could have been slightly higher-grade plastic.

The reason is that the Sequoia feels a little more upmarket and thus could do with better quality of materials. Heated seats, the tilt/slide moonroof, and steering controls are nice additions. The higher-end Platinum model uses a variable air suspension system for even more comfort. It may not be the most luxurious vehicle but there is certainly an added element of practicality.

Safety and features

The one thing that the 2015 Toyota Sequoia does not come with is crash-test scores. Neither the NHSTA nor the IIHS has tested the car. However, it does come with the usuals, ABS, traction and stability controls, and airbags. Knowing that it is a Toyota, we reckon it will protect you as best as it can.

The Limited

The 2015 Toyota Sequoia has three trims, the Limited lands in the middle with a plethora of added features. Parking sensors, power-folding third-row seats, 20-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth streaming, and a JBL sound system make the car feel more premium. The 2015 Toyota Sequoia limited adds a little more than the standard version.

The Platinum

At the top of the line is the 2015 Toyota Sequoia Platinum edition. You get everything that is offered in the Limited and much more. The Platinum trim adds a DVD touchscreen navigation system, Dynamic Laser Cruise Control, and a Blu-ray entertainment system with wireless headphones.

The driver seats are 12-way adjustable, and you get the AVS suspension system. You can also add on remote engine start, front skid-plate, and TRD brakes. The extensive feature set helps Platinum gain an edge over its rivals. In a 2015 Toyota Sequoia limited vs platinum showdown, Platinum is the clear-cut winner.

The problem

The biggest of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia problems is the fuel economy. The car is an absolute gas guzzler. Apart from the fact that the car’s huge engine and size make it already inefficient. You only get 13mpg in the city and 17mpg on the highway. But when you truly use the car’s full towing capabilities, it is not all that bad.

The verdict

The 2015 Toyota Sequoia is a great car. It offers plenty of size, performance, and road respect if that’s what you want. You also get acres of space and the comfort factor is brilliant. The fuel efficiency might be the only drawback. You can maximize the trim level to the Platinum, and turn the Sequoia into a proper luxury SUV. Either way, the Sequoia is a very capable car.

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