2021 ford escape interior

2021 Ford Escape Interior Review – Immersive and Affordable

The Cabin’s Look and Feel

The first thing you need to know about Ford’s SUVs is the fact that you get acres of space. From the early years of the Explorers to the modern Broncos and Raptors, you will get a car that is abundant in space. The interiors feel cozy and look comfortable. There is an airiness about the 2021 Ford Escape interior that makes you feel at home.

2021 ford escape interior

The premium materials used on the cars shine through. You can immediately notice the leather-wrapped gearshift knobs, and seats. You get a 10-way adjustment setting on the seats, which is not just for a better driving experience but also to get maximum comfort. The convenience factor of the interiors is just another great reason for you to buy the Ford Escape. There are plans to discontinue the model and we suspect this gives buyers a chance to pick up a great offering that may not be available in the future.

2021 ford escape interior

The sunroof only adds to the sophistication and luxury feel of the car. Natural light does a tremendously good job of bringing out the colors of the cabin. There is an expansive forward panel to help let in the fresh air if you are out driving in the woods. The rear also gets a skylight to give passengers a clear view of the outside world.

2021 Ford Escape Interior Features

The features of the 2021 Ford Escape interior are simply astounding. For the price, you get an insane amount of tech upgrades and it is great to see a company putting consumer first features. The main priority has been given to the entertainment features. Ford has fitted a SYNC3 display on the center console. You can link it to your phone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The display also features a voice-assisted navigation system. The audio capabilities of the car are excellent. You get a 10-speaker system from Bang and Olufsen, giving you an immersive hearing experience.

2021 ford escape interior

You can also control various features on your car using the FordPass Connect application. It can help you locate your car, lock your doors from a remote area, and even turn on the AC. You can also create a Wi-Fi hotspot from the car, allowing you to stay connected anywhere you go.

In the cargo department, you get plenty of space, but more on that later. You get plenty of accessories, considering it is an SUV, we think Ford has done a good job here. You get a cargo security shade, area protector, organizer, a floor mount cargo net, and a padded cooler.

Other Features

You also get space for cup holders, storage, and bins through a rotary shift dial. While these aforementioned features are standard on the entry-level 2021 Ford Escape interior specs, you can upgrade them and there are plenty of other options to add on.

2021 ford escape interior

You can get dual-zone climate control, intelligent push start, heated seats, second-row 60/40 split seats, and active park assist. You can also add a heads-up display that projects information on the windscreen.

As for the 2021 Ford Escape interior colors, you get to choose from ebony, dark earth, and sandstone.

2021 Ford Escape Interior Dimensions

Apart from the loaded tech in the car, you get a brilliant cabin with huge dimensions. Ford knows that the car was intended for a family. For families, cabin space is of utmost importance. You want to have a comfortable ride when you are with kids or with a larger group.

You get a front headroom of 40 inches, the front legroom is 42.4 inches and, on the rear, you get a headroom of 39.3 inches and legroom of 40.7 inches. These figures are generous for an SUV of this size.

2021 ford escape interior

The cargo dimensions are even better. These figures are class-leading and you get 33.5 cubic feet and it can be expanded to 60/40 split-fold that allow up to 65.4 cubic feet. The sheer figures mean that you can accommodate anything from a cooler to a bicycle.

Space and Seating

So, the question remains how many people can the Ford Escape seat? Five, the Escape can comfortably seat five people. The Ford is not the biggest car in terms of passenger space in this segment. You can, however, create plenty of legroom for the passengers by sliding the rear seats. Conversely, you can slide them forward for more cargo room.

2021 ford escape interior

You also get two sets of LATCH connectors in the rear of the car. The rear middle seat also has a tether anchor. The LATCH system on the Ford Escape has been rated Good+ by the IIHS, giving your children plenty of security as well as giving you ease of usage.

2021 Ford Escape Interior Safety

For safety, the 2021 Ford Escape interior gets a Co-pilot 360 assist which helps in navigation and toggling between the various driver aids. Speaking of driving aids, you get pre-collision assist, lane-keep assist, emergency braking, traffic alerts, and blind-spot monitoring.

2021 ford escape interior

If you opt for the Titanium trim on the Escape you will get adaptive cruise control that works in a stop-go-traffic condition. This works thanks to the brand-new traffic light recognition feature. You also get a lane-centering assist and a new Evasive Steering Assist that helps avoid obstacles.


The overall feel of the car is simply brilliant. The interiors help hide a lot of the shortcomings, including some within the materials used. You can point out the faux exposed-grain wood, which upon a closer inspection looks tacky. There is also the lower dash and the hard plastic on the doors, which lend a cheap feel once you start noticing the details.

2021 ford escape interior

Besides this, the car has almost no flaws, especially on the inside. You get comfortable leather seats. The ergonomics are very good. The seat’s adjustability, space, and the features such as the sunroof help the car’s appeal as a family vehicle.

The real star of the show is the infotainment system and Ford has put their heart and soul into it. The good news is that it is stellar. You will not feel bugs or lags in the system and it will help elevate your entertainment experience inside the car.

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