Dodge Journey Interior – The value for money

The design that defies its price

The first thing you need to know about the Dodge Journey is that it is a budget car. It may not look like it, however, you will be surprised, shocked almost, when you learn its price. The car’s driving dynamics are okay, you get decent amounts of power, and most of all you get the Dodge Journey interiors that shine through.

Looking at the statements above, you might think that the car would look ordinary or sub-par even; you would be dead wrong. The most contrasting thing about the budget-friendly Dodge Journey is the fact that the car looks great. It has been the same design for a few years and minor updates to the fascia are what keep the Journey going. It is big, even for a crossover. The car’s big bold grille, the even bigger and wider bumper stand out. You won’t be able to tell that the car’s price undercuts its competition by a huge margin, and that is telling something.

Troublesome powertrain

The biggest caveat we have with this car is that the powertrain is simply too small. Yes, the four-cylinder 172 bhp engine is powerful enough, however, for a car of this size, you would want a car that can deliver more. The lack of a V6 option is frustrating enough. Despite our errant desire for a V6, we have to settle with the 2.4-liter four-cylinder. The engine trudges along quite well and the four-speed automatic does well to maneuver in traffic. The front-wheel-drive does not help as much as you would want it to. You can clearly feel the lack of four-wheel drive.

This statement is true for the 2020 model and if you are looking at something suaver, the previous iterations have the V6 and all-wheel drive as standard. However, the biggest selling point is the Dodge Journey interior and we will address that later.

Priced in driving

Now the biggest caveat apart from the engine has to be the driving. We would expect Dodge to offer a more precise drive, however, those are only wishes. The car’s lack of power is evident when you try to push it past its limits. The ride is still gentle somewhat and the superb Dodge Journey interior helps in giving passengers a comfortable journey, no pun intended. Despite the cushioned ride, you will still find some problems when you turn the car. The SUV feels hard to steer and there is a lot of body lean.

The issues are not only with the chassis and there is a lack of precision in the steering wheel. You will be correcting it quite frequently and the lack of all-wheel drive makes you miss the grip. The erroneous drive could be down to the fact that this is indeed a three-row crossover. There are not many of that and the Journey suffers. There is one superb advantage here, it is that the car’s soft ride gives you the most comfortable ride you can get on a freeway.

Dodge Journey Interior A Class Above

Now, the main attraction, the Dodge Journey interior is simply too good at its price. You cannot expect the quality and features in this budget and through this aspect alone, the Dodge Journey’s appeal increases drastically. Despite our gushing love for the interior, we must admit that it is not upscale.

The controls on the dash are very user-friendly, and you can configure the Dodge Journey interior which is what shines through here. The third row is fully foldable and the second row also gives you a 60-40 split. The storage is ample, and you can maximize it in more ways than one. You can also opt for leather upholstery, adjustable driver’s seats, heated steering wheel, and heating and cooling on the front seats.

The infotainment system on the car is decent. The car features far less connected tech and other options when compared to other cars in the Dodge stable. The lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is notable and a single USB port feels a little too lackluster for a car of this quality.

In a car whose main selling point is the price, the Dodge Journey interior feels like it can bolster the appeal. The plasticky nature might deter you but do not forget that the price you are paying for this giant seven-seater crossover is far less than what you would even pay for a regular sedan.

The appeal

When speaking of the appeal, the price comes to mind. The Dodge Journey is by no means the class leader. In fact, it might just well be a class creator. The car’s absurd price makes it a very good buying option. You will be able to save a couple of hundred dollars if not a few thousand, and that is saying a lot. You get tons of space, which also increases its utility, and if you are on a budget, this makes the most sense.

Mediocre safety

Another gripe would be the fact that the safety feature on this car is far behind its competitors. Getting only rear parking assists as a safety feature in 2020 sounds uninspired. The NHSTA rates the car four out of five, which is not bad. However, consider the fact that this car is designed to carry around a group of seven. While at first glance you may think four out of five stars is pretty good, we are with you, it is pretty good. However, the problem is that almost every single car in the segment is rated five out of five. When that happens, you have to be cautious of the only car with a four out of five.

The verdict

The Dodge Journey is a very interesting car. In the budget, you cannot get anything remotely close to this car. It carves out a segment of its own, a budget crossover of sorts. The performance is sub-par but the star of the show is the Dodge Journey interior. It is comfortable and gives you a ride where you will forget about its drawbacks. For those that are running a tight ship at home and yet want a car that can haul a family, this is the way to go.

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