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Ford Ka Review – A Little Zinger

The new generation: 2009

The re-introduction of the Ford Ka in 2009 marked a new start for Ford. After the success of the last generation, the new 2009 Ford Ka had big shoes to fill.

Ford Ka
The Original 1996 Ford Ka

Despite the challenges, it did so with grace. The new Ka came with a complete redesign, fresh interiors, an economical engine, and an increased appeal to the younger crowd.

Ford Ka
The Original 1996 Ford Ka

The Ford Ka retained the same aesthetic. It was a small hatchback, but this time it came with character. The new model looked peppy and had a zing about it that helped it stand apart from other cars in the segment. The Ford Ka is available in two variants, the Ambiente and Titanium.

The new generation is a natural evolution. The new car retains the same loveable design, zippy performance, and classy interiors in an affordable and compact size.

Restyled design

In the mid-2000s Ford had a new vision, to make cars that had a kinetic design language. The idea was to take the cues from the previous generation and make it appealing to the youth at the time. The result was a car that was bold and yet chunky, it was small yet managed to establish a road presence. The flowing design made the Ford Ka feel like it was sculpted and not made.

Ford Ka

The front had a bold grille, which formed the shape of a mouth. This feature was a new element in the kinetic design language that Ford had adopted. The large swept-back headlamps lent the car a peeled-back look. The front was simply iconic. Ford ensured that the same synergy was maintained at the rear. The same bold design was imparted to the brake lights, and the front bumper bore the look of the mouth. To add to the appeal, the car came in a wide range of color choices, which were bright and represented the youthfulness of the car.

An emphasis on the environment

The Ford Ka envisioned an idea. The car should be cheap to run and consume less energy. Nothing emphasizes this more than the two engine variants that are offered. A 1.2-liter Duratec Petrol engine and a 1.3-Liter Duratec TDCi turbo diesel engine were the choices.

Ford Ka

You get a car that factors in the environment with fuel consumption that is supposedly 21% lesser than the previous variant. The engines also run well under the required CO2 emission standards.

Fresh interiors

The Ford Ka’s interiors have been given a fresh touch. Ford has done exceptionally well to apply the same design philosophy on the inside. You get refined interiors that flow through the cabin. The cabin has a fun look, courtesy of the lines and design of the seats and dash. The car also gets several color options that lend it a neat look.

Ford Ka
2009 Ford Ka Interior

You get plenty of space for a small car. The Ford Ka can accommodate four reasonably sized adults with ease. You also get a higher seat position which gives you a good view of the road. You can see the design work Ford has put in this car. From the contrasting seat inserts to the bold dashboard elements. Nothing seems out of place while giving the car a fresh look. 

Ford Ka
The Original 1996 Ford Ka Interior

Make it your own

Despite the low price, the Ford Ka can be customized to a whole new level. When you are done with it, chances are you will probably get a car that is truly yours. To start, you get two models the Ambiente and the Titanium. The first is the more economical option. You get a sleek package of affordability and style in the Ambiente. ABS, 14-inch wheels, electric steering, electric immobilizer, body-colored bumpers, and side mirrors, along with a comprehensive instrument cluster.

On the Titanium, you get all of these and a distinguished door handle and side mirrors. You also get AC, remote locking, 15-inch wheels, higher-end instrument clusters, fog lamps, and power windows. You can also add on several options such as seat upgrades, Bluetooth kit, a music pack, exterior style packs, climate control, and even a glass sunroof.

Superb handling while being economical

The Ford Ka is a fun car to drive. The go-kart-like handling, the ease on the road, and responsive transmission make it an easy car to recommend. You get what we think is the best driving dynamics of any car in the segment. The suspension, chassis, and steering have all been fine-tuned to deliver a driving experience that is smooth like butter.

Ford Ka

The petrol engine gives you 68 bhp, while the diesel engine delivers a crisp 74 bhp. These numbers are plenty for the Ka’s size. You get a good range of torque in the car; you can zip through city traffic like a breeze. The throttle response is swift and the transmission works without gaps or delays. All of these combined make the Ford Ka a lovely car to drive.

Safety first

You get a newly designed anti-roll bar, added ABS on the brakes, you also get traction control and stability systems as standard. Buyers can also add on Ford’s ESP, Electronic Stability Program. There are other electronic aid options such as Hill Start assist, anti-slip regulation, and hydraulic brake assist. You also get front and side airbags. The build of the Ford Ka is enough. Despite the size, it does relatively well in crash tests. The Ford Ka gets a four-star rating on the Euro NCAP test, while the IIHTS and NHTSA numbers are not tested.

The New Ford Ka (2018 to Present)

The all new Ford Ka introduced in 2018 brings an even more welcome refresh from the previous generation. The exterior styling is once again, more refined and elegant, which has visually come a long way from the original production model released in 1996. The zippy little compact has a series of upgrades and a more luxurious and European feel than ever before.

Ford Ka

The facelift doesn’t just apply cosmetically to the exterior of the new 2018 Ford Ka, the interior has also gone under the scalpel. Refined interiors with almost luxury finishes make you feel you’re in a much more up market car than the price would suggest. You even get an infotainment screen smack bang in the center of the dashboard.

Ford Ka

I applaud Ford for evolving the car into its latest iteration and the progression shown from the beginning of this article till this point truly makes you appreciate their efforts.

Final thoughts

The Ford Ka is a car that is affordable but does not compromise anywhere else. You get a brilliant design that standouts well in a sea of small cars. The color options help bring up the zest of the car and the interiors do well to blend with the design language of the car. You get an engine that delivers the right mix of power and fuel efficiency.

The interiors are comfortable for a car in this price bracket. The safety features are among the best of any car in the segment. You also get a driving experience that feels smooth and responsive. Overall, the Ford Ka is a car that represents a vibrant and dynamic feeling, if you have such a personality, this car should be in your garage.

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