grigio telesto vs nardo grey

Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey On A Porsche

When we think of iconic Porsches, we tend to think of bright yellows or vibrant blues. Maybe even a deep rich black or a vivid red or green. What we don’t usually think about is grey. Boring old grey? If that is how you feel, you couldn’t be more wrong.

In this article, I compare two of the most absolutely incredible colors, these two gorgeous greys. Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey. I will give you a little bit of history on these two greys as well as compare them head-to-head to give you our thoughts on which is the superior shade.

Who needs bright and vibrant colors when you can roll with the understated class? That’s where grey comes into play. Let’s jump right into it.


  • Grigio Telesto and Nardo Grey are two iconic paint colors.
  • Grigio Telesto was originally created by Lamborghini and later adopted by Porsche, while Nardo Grey belonged to Audi before Porsche began using it.
  • Grigio Telesto is a medium-dark grey with hints of blue, purple, and brown, which appear brighter in direct sunlight.
  • Nardo Grey is a lighter medium grey with hints of silver and subtle traces of green.
  • In terms of rarity, Grigio Telesto is rarer in the overall automotive market due to Audi’s larger presence, but within the Porsche lineup, Nardo Grey is rarer as it has been available for a shorter time.
  • The preference between the two colors is subjective, with Grigio Telesto being darker and Nardo Grey being lighter and brighter.
  • Premium paint options like these can be more expensive.

Porsche Grigio Telesto

There is a little bit of contention about who came up with Grigio Telesto for the first time. Of course, we know it must have existed in some form somewhere in the world, but who was the first car manufacturer to mix it, paint it, and claim it as their own? Well, sorry to say, it wasn’t Porsche.

While they may have claimed at one time that they did, it was actually the invention of Lamborghini. Now, it is very hard to patent/trademark a color, so it wasn’t long until Porsche got their hands on it and started using it on their 911s and a variety of other models.

Grigio Telesto GT3
Grigio Telesto GT3

Grigio Telesto is a medium-dark grey that seems to drink in the sunlight. While it is certainly a dark-ish shade of grey, it stays remarkably bright when in direct sunlight. Small hints of blue, purple, and even brown within the Grigio Telesto grey help bring it to light.

Since Porsche Grigio Telesto is slightly different, it gives you a little more flexibility with the color. You could request hints of other shades in there, like silver or blue, that could lighten it and add a little depth to the grey that you might argue is missing.

Porsche Nardo Grey

Once again, we have a grey that didn’t initially belong to Porsche but has since been used, transformed, and made its own as they want. Nardo Grey first belonged to Audi before Porsche took it and started to use it for their own vehicles towards the end of the 2010s.

Nardo is a slightly lighter medium grey with hints of silver and very faint traces of green, which has led to it becoming incredibly popular. Especially for hybrid models that feature green calipers. Pretty nice, right?

nardo grey gt3
Nardo Grey GT3

Nardo grey has long been considered a boring, safe choice for your Porsche, but that isn’t really a fair assessment.

It’s nice and understated, but it is by no means boring. Assuming that just because you have a flashy car means you need to have a flashy paint job is a pitfall for many owners. Nardo Grey on a 2020 Cayman GTS? Forget about it, what’s better than that?

Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey – Which Is Rarer?

The answer to this question must be divided into two parts. Which is rarer in the world as a whole and which is rarer on Porsches. In terms of the greater automotive market, Grigio Telesto will certainly be rarer because there are many more Audi paint jobs out there than Lambo ones, surely?

However, in terms of rarity for Porsches, you will probably find that there are far fewer Nardo Grey Porsches than there are Grigio Telesto Porsches simply because Porsche has had the ability to manufacture Nardo Grey for about five years.

In contrast, they have been producing Grigio Telesto Porsches for decades now. Time = volume in this argument, so that has to be our metric for estimating. We could be wrong, of course, there isn’t really any way to know.

Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey – Which Is Nicer?

This is of course, a matter of personal preference. If you prefer a darker paint job, Grigio Telesto will be your favorite. However, if you prefer a lighter, brighter paint job, then you will almost certainly want to go with Nardo Grey.

If you are on the fence, the price might be a factor, but in all honesty, you can probably replicate either paint color for much less than Porsche charges if you don’t mind using a third-party body shop or even wrapping the car. Personally, I prefer the Grigio Telesto. Lamborghini does it better than most; and I like the fact that you won’t see Grigio Telesto on every second RS3 you see on the road with Nardo grey.

Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey – Which Is More Expensive?

In general, premium paint options can cost several thousand dollars more than standard paint colors, so it depends on what Porsche considers premium or not. We find that it varies from country to country, even dealership to dealership, so you might need to shop around.

However, you are probably going to find that Nardo Grey is easier to come by both from Porsche directly and when using a third party. The cost of custom mixing a paint job will vary from place to place, so you might want to test the market to see what options are out there.

Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey Snapshot

I know we’ve gone through a fair few things, but to sum everything up, I’ve put all of it into a neat, easy to read table here:

AttributePorsche Grigio TelestoPorsche Nardo Grey
OriginInitially an invention of Lamborghini. Used by Porsche on 911s and other models.Originally belonged to Audi. Used by Porsche towards the end of the 2010s.
DescriptionMedium-dark grey that drinks in sunlight. Hints of blue, purple, and brown. Offers flexibility; can be customized with hints of other shades like silver or blue.Slightly lighter medium grey with hints of silver and faint traces of green. Especially popular for hybrid models with green calipers. Considered understated yet not boring. Suitable for those wanting a more subtle appearance.
Popularity/Rarity (World)Rarer in the broader automotive market compared to Nardo Grey, mainly because of fewer Lamborghini paint jobs.More common in the broader automotive market due to the presence of many Audi paint jobs.
Popularity/Rarity (On Porsches)More common on Porsches due to being used for decades.Rarer on Porsches. Porsche has had the ability to manufacture Nardo Grey for about five years, making it less common in comparison to Grigio Telesto.
PreferenceDarker shade. Favored by those who appreciate a darker paint job and the fact that it’s not as commonly seen on other cars like the Nardo Grey.Lighter and brighter. Preferred by those who want a more vibrant look. Those unsure might consider price, but both colors can be replicated for less than what Porsche charges using third-party shops or wraps. Preferred by some for its unique elegance.
Cost & AvailabilityMight be more challenging to find compared to Nardo Grey. The price varies depending on region and dealership. Some might find third-party custom mixing to be a cost-effective option, although the exact cost can differ based on the location and service provider.Easier to come by both from Porsche directly and from third parties. The cost varies, and it might be cheaper to get a custom mix or wrap from third-party providers.
Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey

The Verdict On Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey

So, which is better, Grigio Telesto vs Nardo Grey? We don’t really have a definitive answer for you. At the end of the day, you will know which one you prefer, and everything else is just white noise.

All we can do is provide you with the history, context, and any other extra tidbits we can think of to help make your decision a little easier.

But when it comes down to paint jobs, as is the case when it comes down to cars in general, you like what you like and what you want. There is very little we can say to change that. Apart from this: Lambo’s and Audi’s use these colors. How could you go wrong with either?

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