How Much Does A 4l60e Weigh?

The 4l60e is a pretty solid part and something that many people have pursued in the hopes of swapping one into their car. Whether you are here because you already know you want a 4l60e and are in need of a little more information about what you can expect when you get one, or because you might be in the market for a 4l60e you are absolutely in the right place.

This short and sweet article is going to give you everything you need to know about what the 4l60e is, how much it weighs, how much it costs, and whether it is as good of a choice as many people say. Let’s get into it right here and now.

What Is A 4l60e?

So, what is the 4l60e and why are we all here? The 4l60e is an automatic transmission manufactured by General Motors from 1992 until 2013. Despite its age, even the older 4l60es are pretty in demand and have held up reasonably well. Which is why this article is necessary.

There is a common misconception, or misunderstanding, that the 4l60e and the 4l65e are the same when they certainly are not. There isn’t time to get into it in this article but for simplicities sake, the 4l65e has the same exterior but stronger internal components.

The 4l60e is a 4-speed longitudinal automatic transmission and was manufactured in Toledo Ohio and was originally designed for trucks, vans, and SUVs though it sees greater use today as it turned out to be quite versatile and was small enough for sedans in a pinch.

How Much Does A 4l60e Cost?

If you are trying to find a secondhand 4l60e then you are undoubtedly going to find a myriad of transmission units at a myriad of prices. That’s the nature of transmissions and it is important to make peace with the fact that you are still going to spend a good chunk of change. For a used 4l60e you should expect to pay between $800 to $1500 depending on mileage.

For $800 you are getting a transmission that is really on its way out so be wary of that. If you want a transmission to last for a good while you will absolutely need to spend far more. If you want a completely rebuilt/remanufactured 4l60e you can pick one up for about $1800 which is a great price. But, if you are willing to pay slightly more, you can buy a new (unused) 4l60e transmission for about $2200 and you can usually get a multi-year warranty on it. Not bad, right?

How Much Does A 4l60e Weigh?

The transmission is not exactly the lightest component on the car so you can expect to add some real weight to your vehicle with any transmission, including the 4l60e. It isn’t enough that you will need to trim weight in other places, but it is enough that you might want to consider bringing a buddy to help you carry it!

The 4l60e weighs about 146 pounds (66kg) meaning you probably can lift it yourself for a while but there is a real risk of completely throwing your back out. You will also find that you probably can’t install it by simply jacking your car up and laying on your back. Unless you have some kind of superhuman strength that just isn’t going to be possible. We will get into that a little later.

Is A 4l60e Transmission Good?

Yes, the 4l60e transmission is excellent and is well deserving of the coveted status that it enjoys. This terrific transmission can produce 360 lb-ft of torque as well as being perfectly compatible with small and big block engines.

And it is also suitable for anything from a V6 to a V8 engine making it pretty darn versatile for whatever use you find for it. It has an 8.4-quart fluid capacity and decent throughput as well as a 9.64-inch torque converter meaning it is pretty weight efficient as well as powerful. Which is always a good thing.

Can I Swap In A 4l60e Transmission On My Own?

So, it might be technically possible to swap the 4l60e transmission out on your own. If you have a car lift and all the tools needed to do so. However, the transmission weighs so much you are likely to overexert or injure yourself by trying to do too much on your own.

You will definitely want a battle buddy with you trying to swap out the old tranny for the new one. Weight aside, you will find it nearly impossible to bolt in the new transmission while simultaneously holding it up. Removing the old one is far easier than installing the new one, so if you want to do some of it on your own that is the weight to go.

How Much Does The Converter For A 4l60e Transmission Weigh?

If you are not solely purchasing the 4l60e and you actually need the converter too, which you likely do, then you are going to need to factor in an extra 50-60 pounds to the end weight (around 20kg).

The converter is a much-needed component that often gets overlooked when calculating the total all-in weight for parts such as the transmission. With the 4l60e transmission and the converter combined, it will weigh about 200 pounds which is clearly far more than one person can lift on their own!


Hopefully, you have found this article about the weight of the 4l60e transmission helpful and informative. The 4l60e is a great transmission that definitely pulls its weight, even all these years later, whether you are springing for a new unit or are going the secondhand route you won’t be disappointed.

While it is arguably possible to lift and install the 4l60e tranny on your own it is far better to do so with a friend, it really is very heavy and when you are on your back under your car trying to install it will feel even heavier. It is better to be safe than sorry is a cliche statement that fits perfectly here.

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