Camaro SUV – A Future Herald for Chevy

Chevrolet’s Camaro SUV Plans

Chevrolet’s SUVs are grand and brilliant, in literally every way shape, and form. They have been in the business for a long time and understand what the people want. Naturally, any strong move from the company would turn heads and the rumor mills have been circling. The Chevrolet Camaro SUV has been an idea that has been in the works for a few years.

camaro suv
GM Design Proposal for the Camaro SUV

The nomenclature of cars is important. The right one can become an identity and even trump the car maker’s name. The Chevrolet Camaro is one of those cars. You can immediately picture the kind of car the Camaro is just through the name alone. However, the car is slowly becoming ancient, and despite the many facelifts and changes it has undergone, the Camaro is a sports car, and in a world where SUVs have become the new object of affection, the car does not have the same appeal it once did.

Chevrolet has long been planning to make the transition to electric and the idea behind the Camaro SUV seems closer to reality than it ever did before.

The Camaro SUV Design & Features

While there is no official news from Chevrolet regarding the design or the release of the Camaro SUV, we suspect that they will use the EV platform that they already have for a couple of vehicles. There is already a Cadillac SUV on the way and you will also find that the beautiful Trailblazer they launched recently is a car that looks awfully like a Camaro on wheels.

camaro suv
Concept Render by @carfrontswaps

You can expect the car to come with a huge grille like that of the original Camaro. You can also expect the slit headlight design that gives the car a very intimidating look. The car will look more like a sporty SUV crossover than an original SUV. You are most likely to get a very tall high-riding SUV. You will also get a sloping roof, which is now something that a lot of cars have. The design gives the car a sportier look, which will be perfect for the Camaro SUV. You can also reasonably expect Chevy to put in the same curved back and the iconic rear window slit as design elements for the SUV.

camaro suv
Concept by @tuningcar_ps

While the powertrain that Chevy will use might be in question, we believe that it will match the one used in its rival, the Mustang Mach-E. The base model for the Chevy Camaro SUV should at least give an output of 250 bhp and the higher models should push the output to 450 bhp, which would be in line with the Mach E-GT. 

The Competition – Mustang Mach E

The Camaro SUV’s latest bid to become a reality is spurred by the significant sales of the Ford Mustang Mach E. The electric SUV was built on the Mustang name, albeit with significant changes both internally and externally. The SUV is fully electric, you get a car that only carries certain design cues from the sportier Mustangs. The crossover-esque design is admirable, to say the least. The car looks glorious and the full shift to electric without compromising on performance is what draws buyers. The car is also plenty comfortable.

The result of all these factors means that the Mach E SUV has rapidly risen to the top of sales charts. The result is a lot of big players wanting to enter the electric SUV game.

Why They Want a Camaro SUV to Enter the Game

There are several reasons why Chevrolet wants to enter a Camaro SUV into the game. The first would be that the company’s sales are going down on an annual basis. They have some models that carry the bulk of sales and help Chevrolet maintain their position as one of the biggest carmakers in the world. However, as more brands shift towards electric vehicles and competitors from across the world bring in new vehicles, Chevy knows that they have to get back in the game.

There is also the matter of the slow sales of the Chevy Camaro. In this day and age, the Camaro has lost its appeal. The car is also lackluster at best and Chevy needs to do something radically different. The idea behind the Camaro SUV is bold but it is more than likely to work out.

The success that Ford has seen with its Mustang Mach-E was unexpected. Car enthusiasts were in a riot when they heard that the brand was introducing a car with the Mustang name and an SUV body. However, since the actual launch of the vehicle, the reception has been stellar.

The Chevy Camaro SUV will perhaps be the car that will help reignite sales for the company.

Electric Vehicles and the Future

There is also the matter of a rise in electric mobility. As the future moves towards a greener outlook companies will have to change their stance. GM has been at the forefront of this and Chevrolet is expected to follow suit. The importance of staying in the game cannot be understated. A lot of car brands have perished throughout the years because they are unable to adapt.

Chevrolet needs to adapt. They do have a few electric vehicles on the roster and their platform can be used by virtually any name. Apart from adoption, they need to make a car whose name resonates with the public. The Chevy Camaro SUV sounds like a winner on paper already, the car just has to deliver in real life.

In Conclusion

The Camaro SUV price also needs to be on par with other vehicles in the same segment. As the demand for electric cars increases pricing them wrong can be catastrophic for companies. The Camaro name holds a lot of weight in the heart of American consumers. Chevrolet needs to work as per the consumer demands and deliver on them. The Camaro SUV might have just started as a rumor, however, it needs to gain traction and become a reality. Chevy needs to roll out the car as soon as possible and give buyers more choice to gush over.

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