Maserati Tail Lights – Shining A Light On What You Need To Know

On the surface, this might not seem the most important article to pay attention to but, if you are an owner of a Maserati automobile, this next piece of writing could, be very crucial to you.

A part of any car that is the least thought about until something goes wrong. Tail lights are ever reliable and forgotten, for the most part, until you realize you need a new one for replacement or to upgrade the existing installation.

Whether you have one of the latest Maserati models: the SUV, Maserati Levante, either of the Maserati Ghibli or Maserati Quattroporte luxury sedans, the MC12 or MC20 supercars or the grand tourer, Maserati GranTurismo. Perhaps you are lucky enough to own one of the vintage classic models from the heyday of Modena.

But when you discover that the rear light casing is cracked or broken, or simply is no longer working, then this propels this part of your vehicle to the top of your priorities.

Your nearest Maserati dealership should be your first choice to visit as they will have access to all of the current models’ spare parts and a full range of Maserati tail lights. But if your vehicle is no longer under warranty or your location prohibits this option then you might need to look at other opportunities to source these parts.

Here we take a quick look and overview at what is out there on the web when it comes to finding these small specific items.

Scuderia Car Parts

This UK based company began in 2002 and, as the name would suggest, were singly focused on Ferrari. The company is situated next to the world’s largest Ferrari dealership, in Egham, Surrey. Over the years, as they grew more successful, they expanded their products to incorporate all the major Italian and English luxury brands. These now include: Ferrari; Lamborghini; Aston Martin; Bentley; Rolls Royce and Maserati.

They also distribute the luxury enhancement brands like Brembo, Capistro, Brabus and Novitec. So Scuderia Car Parts can offer luxury car owners a more complete package for vehicle repairs and fit outs.

Their selection of Maserati parts range from the 3200 upwards. So whether you are looking for Maserati Ghibli tail lights or Maserati Quattroporte tail lights or even those, much loved, Maserati Boomerang tail lights of the 3200, they can all be found here.

ATD Sportscars

This luxury parts company hails from Germany and they specialize in all things Italian. So for all things Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini, they offer the full gamut of spare parts depending on availability. Checking their site, currently, they are out of stock for Maserati tail lights but do offer a lot in headlights.


This is one of the oldest luxury spare part companies around and have been operating out of the UK since 1985. As well as the three main Italian brands, they also focus on Porsche and offer an extensive range of parts. This is, by far, the best company for sourcing spare parts as every model these four manufacturers have produced are available.

Looking at the Maserati range and they have every car since the 3500. Their attention to detail is second to none and nothing is missed out. Taking their Maserati GranTurismo tail lights as an example and they have every model covered with a full range of itemized parts linked to the rear cluster.  Currently, they are offering a 29% discount on most parts.


If thinking about putting some “bling” onto your Maserati and enhancing the light clusters, then this American company is for you. Blinglights offer a selection of tinted overlays for all models. Here is the chance to install Maserati GranTurismo custom tail lights with just a simple addition of some tinted strips.

These tinted overlays provide any car with a certain “street-cred” and gives it a more “edgy” feel. Not only do you ramp up the ‘bling’ on your car but these tinted strips also serve to protect the tail light from UV rays and weather erosion.

Considering these retail for just under US$50 they are well worth the value.

Hids R Us

For owners of older Maserati models, you might be considering to upgrade the Maserati tail lights to LED. For only US$60 you can now have Maserati GranTurismo LED tail lights. The package, from this American company, includes all the bulbs required for the rear cluster (brake, reverse, rear turn & park lights) and by changing to LED it reduces the amount of power required and puts less stress on the electrical system.

From the above, you can see there is a large variety of choices available to shop for Maserati tail lights. So, whether you need spare parts for the latest model or require something for a classic Maserati, there is something for everyone here.

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