honda civic 2021 interior

Honda Civic 2021 Interior – Luxury on a Budget

An Award-Winning Cabin

Honda Civic 2021 interior is praiseworthy. The sleekness of the cabin coupled with the soothing color options give the interiors of the car a very neo-noir look and feel. So much so that it has won various awards for the classy interiors. Hondas are not known for their interior design and certainly not for the comfort they provide. You will be hard-pressed to find great interiors in the price range of a Honda Civic. However, the Honda Civic 2021 interior is a completely different story.

honda civic 2021 interior

There is a radical change in the philosophy of Honda’s cars. The Honda Civic is at the forefront of this change. The car’s interiors are simply breathtaking. You get a clean look and feel, with nothing jumping out at you. You can get a trim that gives you a two-tone look to your interiors. The inserts on the center console and the doors give a superb contrast to the rest of the cabin. The electronics and the backlight are very soothing to look at. There is a reason why this car has won a few awards and let’s take a deeper look into why it did so.

The Honda Civic 2021 Interior Design

The Honda Civic 2021 interior is inspired by the earlier Honda vehicles and the human approach the company took towards the design. The idea was to make the vehicles as easy and as human’ as possible. In a modern context, the company has managed to do it in a fantastic fashion. The all-new Honda Civic’s interiors are minimal and have been designed in a way that eliminates any kind of complexity. The user experience has been enhanced by using thoughtful elements.

honda civic 2021 interior

Honda has diverted the design to the core philosophy of “Man Maximum/Machine Minimum”. This allows the car to contain the mechanical components of the car in a tiny space. The result is a much better leg and headroom. The newer design is an eerily similar reminder of the older cabins but with a much sleeker look. The philosophy helps the Civic get a cabin that features superb ergonomics, maximum space for passengers, and great visibility. You also get technology that is driver-oriented, thus helping you get the best out of the interiors even when you are on the road.

The Vast Array of Options

The car is swathed in black and if you do not like that aesthetic, you can select the best one from an array of options. However, we reckon that you will love the clean black look of the car. The options for the cabin are what will persuade buyers. Our choice is the top-of-the-line Civic Touring model.

The car gets the most striking feature, which is a very beautiful honeycomb trim piece that covers the length of the car. The piece rests on the dash and hides all kinds of vents. It is constructed entirely out of aluminum and comes with a brushed finish, adding a touch of class. The striking design element of the honeycomb piece does very well to contrast against the smooth black finishes of the car. It is a totally different look from the standard piano black and metallic trim that are commonly found on Hondas.

honda civic 2021 interior

The Honda Civic 2021 interior feels extremely upmarket despite the price. You get faux leather that covers the seats. The seat design itself is stunning to look at. You get a perforated seat with a vertical stripe pattern. The startling difference in design is evident even on the circular knit headliners that also cover the visors. The same knit is visible on the hard plastic pillars of the car. The attempt to keep the classiness is uniform and Honda has certainly learned that the consumer wants the best in a budget.

honda civic 2021 interior

The attention to detail is apparent even in the knobs and the buttons of the car. Despite the 2021 Honda Civic is a budget offering you will not find any cheap materials or finish on the car. You get good grab handles and the armrest is at the perfect height. The sheer brilliance of the fit and finish earn an A-plus for the Honda Civic.

honda civic 2021 interior

If black is not your thing, you can choose from plenty of options. There are grey and ivory cloth options, and you can get the same colors for the leather options. There is also no lack of technological features for the car. You get the latest in driver safety aid, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come as standard.

Comparing the Two Honda Civic Models

The car comes in a sedan and a hatchback variant, and the most important thing to note here is the fact that both cars have their own advantages. The sedan comes with acres of space and the comfort inside is simply brilliant. The hatchback on the other hand offers more customizable features.

Honda Civic 2021 Interior – Sedan

You get a rearview camera, Bluetooth-hands-free link, and audio streaming capability. There is also a 160-watt audio system that comes with four speakers. To help you control the entertainment, you get a 5-inch LCD screen. For space, you have the option of a fold-down seat for the rear.

Honda Civic 2021 Interior – Hatchback

You get the same rearview camera, Bluetooth capabilities, and speaker setup. You also get brake assist and backlit controls that are mounted on the steering wheel. For space, the car offers a 60/40 split option for the rear seats.

Honda Civic Interior Dimension’s

Depending on the type of space that you want in the car, you can choose one that fits the bill. The 2021 Honda Civic interior is so well placed that you get ample amounts space. If you only want space, you can get the hatchback that helps free up a lot of space thanks to the 60/40 layout. You get 15.1 cubic feet of cargo in the sedan and 25.7 / 46.2 cubic feet in the hatchback.

honda civic 2021 interior

Final Thoughts

The 2021 Honda Civic interior is amazing. The ergonomics is the real star of the show. The design elements used in the car are vastly different, however, inside the cabin, it looks well put together. We find that this car comes with the best interiors in the category and there are barely any flaws. For those that want a car that offers an optimal combination between performance and class, you will not find a better option.

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