Honda EK vs EG Hatch – What’s The Difference?

The Honda EK vs EG hatch is quite a common discussion and let me start by saying are both phenomenal hatchbacks that both deserve respect and a seat at the table. However, there can only be one car that comes out on top and we are here to find out which it should be.

Both of these hatchbacks are nippy, surprisingly roomy, and have stood the test of time rather well considering they are a couple of decades old. There are actually some good points for both of these great hatchbacks so you will likely find that which one is best is whichever one better suits your wants/needs for a small and compact vehicle.

Luckily for you, that is exactly what this short and sweet article has in store for you, here is everything you need to know about the EK vs EG hatchback including differences and similarities. Let’s get into it right here and now.

A Summary Of The Honda EG

The Honda EG is a fifth-series hatchback that debuted in 1992 and was the pride and joy of Honda for a considerable amount of time. The EG was the culmination of an effort focused on enhanced dimensions and vastly improved aerodynamic bodywork.

The EG civic to this day is a solid workhorse of a car and provided an excellent level of style and comfort in a compact vehicle which, even at the time, was priced incredibly reasonably.

A Summary Of The Honda EK

The Honda EK is a sixth-series hatchback that didn’t debut until 1996 and naturally intended to build on the framework of past generations, the Honda EG in particular, and most people would argue it did so incredibly well.

The EG provided a far better, and far more modern, framework for people to mod and tune their car which is why you are more likely to see a “tricked-out” EK than an EG. Even today. The EK additionally had a far more aerodynamic design and was much more accommodating for hydraulic modifications that allowed the EK to be lowered significantly and was even far more adept at being turbocharged.

Honda EK vs EG Hatch – What’s The Difference?

So, we have a great idea about the history of these two great hatchbacks but we still don’t really know how they differ. Sure, there are stylistic choices that may even be functionality based such as the EK being far more aerodynamic. And of course, the EK has the potential to be upgraded beyond recognition. But, as stock models, how are they really noticeably different?

Well, the EK is newer and that of course comes with modern design choices, but there are also some practical differences that that entails. For example, the sturdiness and rigidity of the chassis itself make the EK better-looking and safer.

As well as sturdier and less prone to little bumps and bruises. Furthermore, the longer wheelbase allows for a smoother ride without affecting ride height and clearance negatively. The utilization of a hollow steering column on the EK means that even little things such as reduced vibration from engine idle are possible.

However, there are some areas that it feels like Toyota may have cut back. The EG headlights are glass and far better in terms of fogging and clarity in low-light conditions. The EG also came with double airbags (if you wanted them) which might matter to some people. It doesn’t really factor into the equation unless you are considering how well you would survive a high-speed collision. But it could be of importance, so it felt right we mentioned it.

Honda EK vs EG Hatch – Which Is The Best Value For Money?

The EG is the predecessor to the EK which would naturally lead you to assume that it would be cheaper to purchase. And you would be right. Now, that can sometimes mean that it is the best value-for-money option, however, in this case, we don’t think that it is.

The EK is far more powerful and looks so much better that even if you remove the added benefit of it being highly customizable from the equation, the EK is a far better choice. The difference in cost is probably going to be $500 at most. Chances are you can find a great low-mileage EK for similar prices to a heavily used EG. The EK is better value for money for sure.

Honda EK vs EG Hatch – Which Is Best Looking?

Looks are always going to be subjective but we think most people would agree that the newer shape and style of the EK are far superior. It looks better, the body and chassis are both sleeker and more streamlined, and the EK looks less plasticky and a lot sturdier which naturally adds to its aesthetics. Additionally, the EK can be lowered significantly which means there is potential to make it look pretty damn cool with a little work.

Honda EK vs EG Hatch – Which Is Best?

As you have likely guessed, the opinion here is that the Honda EK is far better. However, there is always going to be room for other opinions. Some people prefer the older look and find that the different headlights and extra airbags make a big difference to the general appeal of the car. Most people don’t value such things and naturally will feel more inclined to be in support of the EK as we are.


To wrap things up, the EK is newer than the EG and comes with all the logical benefits that entail. If you are in the market for a hatchback and it has come down to the EK and EG then you are heading in the right direction.

Hopefully, this article has helped nudge you in the right direction. Whichever direction that happens to be. Even though we all know it’s undoubtedly got to be the EK there are of course going to be people who prefer the EG. Even if they are wrong. Subjectively, of course, but still wrong. Thanks for sticking with us and goodbye for now. Cheers.

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