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Is The Hush Performance Hydro Swap Better Than Stock?

One of the most definitely impactful changes you can make to your car is swapping out the stock transmission. Especially if you are working on a rebuild project or are simply trying to breathe some new life into a secondhand ride that needs a little love.

The hydro transmission from Hush Performance is a great option for Honda owners, yet many people know little about it (if they have even heard of it at all). This quick blog post will cover everything you need to know about hydro transmissions, the Hush Performance Hydro Swap, and how it stands up to the stock options on the market.

What Is A Hydro Transmission?

A hydro transmission, which is often shortened to hydro tranny or H-Tranny, is a manual transmission that uses hydraulic fluid and a motor rather than a gearbox. Typically, a transmission uses a cable between the clutch and the actuator arm/rotary shaft.

When you engage the clutch the cable stretches and adjusts the actuator arm on the rotary shafts, and you are then able to change gears. With a hydro transmission, this is replaced with a hydraulic component that performs the same function.

If that sounds a little complicated, don’t worry. Hydraulics have always played a part in your car and you actually use a hydraulic pedal every single time you drive. Your brakes are hydraulic and work in the same way that your clutch will (assuming that you have a hydro transmission). It will also feel much the same, a little spongey rather than mechanical.

Many people find that the standard cable clutch is a little more unreliable as cable stretching leads to varying levels of clutch engagement. Hydro transmissions feel smooth and springy in comparison.

What Makes The Hush Performance Hydro Transmission Special?

The Hush Performance hydro transmission is a top-of-the-line aftermarket upgrade that is highly sought after for a few key reasons. First, it is far more reliable than other hydro transmissions, even ones that are in slightly higher price brackets. It is definitely more reliable than any cable transmission on the market, stock or not.

The Hush Performance hydro transmission is incredibly smooth and springy giving you high levels of tactile feedback and allowing you to be extremely accurate with your clutch use. If you start to feel like your hydro transmission clutch is spongey and soft you will need more clutch fluid. Hush Performance has made this super easy to fix compared to swapping out an entire clutch cable!

Is The Hush Performance Hydro Swap Better Than Stock?

Many people choose to swap out their stock transmission for a hydro one, and if that’s the route you are going then Hush Performance is likely the way to go. Whether or not it is better is a little subjective, as many things are when it comes to cars, as there is no straight-up stat that can be easily compared between the two.

However, if you prefer a more responsive ride and more efficient maintenance then the Hush Performance Hydro swap is likely the right choice for you. There is a popular feeling among Honda owners that a hydro swap is the best thing you can do, which may be true. But again, it comes down to preference. It’s not as impactful as turbocharging your engine but if a more enjoyable deriving experience is something you value, then go for it.

Is The Hush Performance Hydro Transmission Reliable?

The Hush Performance hydro transmission is extremely reliable, especially compared to its stock alternatives. But what exactly does that mean to you as the driver? Well, hydro transmission in general is far more reliable and far less prone to breaking. Clutch cables stretch, wear out, and need replacing.

They can literally snap completely and leave you without a way to engage any gears. Which is pretty stressful and potentially very dangerous. With Hush Performances hydraulic transmission, the only thing you need to worry about is replacing the hydraulic fluid, and even then, it’s low effort and infrequent.

Is Cable Stretching An Issue With The Clutch On The Hush Performance Hydro Transmission?

Cable stretching is a super common issue with stock clutches as the clutch cable sees more and more wear and tear, Over time, it becomes slightly longer and therefore adjusts the engage/bite point which can eventually make it almost unusable.

Naturally, this is not something we want to happen. Given the Hush Performance, the hydro transmission does not use a cable connector and instead uses a hydraulic connector this is not an issue. Hydraulic connectors to the actuator cannot stretch and only run low on hydraulic fluid.

How Much Does A Hush Performance Hydro Swap Transmission Cost?

Luckily, if you want to give the hydro transmission from Hush Performance a try it is only going to cost you about $130 bucks if you plan to install it yourself. If you elect to have a pro do it, you are looking at more like $200. It takes a little time, but it is not overly difficult and you can likely do it yourself.

If you only want the Hydro line kit it’s even less and is about $99. Many people, when self-installing, choose to swap out the clutch pedal for a newer one. Occasionally this is because the original pedal breaks when trying to perform the hydro swap. Just something to bear in mind.


If you like the idea of performing a hydro swap then Hush Performance is probably the way to go. They are extremely good quality and you don’t have to break the bank to pick one up. It’s a little more costly to have it swapped in by a professional, but you also remove the risk of your clutch disengaging due to mechanical failure.

Know your own limitations in terms of mechanical prowess and you’ll be perfectly fine. Thanks for reading and remember, a hydro transmission is about as cheap of a “luxury” item as you can get for older Honda models. If you like that sort of thing.

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