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The PCS Light – What It Is And How To Fix It

Whenever we purchase a car, the first thing that we think of is the safety aspect. Sometimes these systems fail due to a multitude of reasons and notify you by things like the PCS light. It can be concerning as when you are going to be driving a vehicle, you want to feel as safe as you possibly can.

To that end, we often choose cars that are equipped with the most amount of safety features. Lots of airbags, seatbelts, good safety ratings, etc. are just some of the parameters we set when choosing a car.

These days, electronic assistance in cars is a common theme. We live in an era where almost every analogue part has been digitized. There are plenty of benefits that come from this seismic shift. We now have an array of warnings that can help evade danger.

Safety ratings have gone up over time and cars have instrument clusters that can save your life in the event of danger. But here is also the matter of their failure, being digital instruments, the issues can be cumbersome to resolve.

Toyota is a brand that stands out and while they may have some of the safest cars with an incredibly high safety rating, they aren’t perfect. In this article, we will discuss why people choose Toyotas, what is a PCS, and what are the issues that come with it.

And how you can mitigate those issues. Through the opinions of real users, we have addressed the primary issue surrounding the PCS, the light blinking and beeping issue. 

Why Toyota? And what is so special about it?

Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in Japan and for good reason. Their cars are reliable and the quality is simply the best. That’s a good reason why you see so many Toyotas on the road. They can last for a very long time. Decades even. That is a good reason why you should take care of your Toyota. What’s more the superb build quality combined with the technological features mean that Toyotas are far safer than many other cars on the road.

They have an advanced array of electronics that help make your car safer than other competitors. In the array is something called a PCS.

What is PCS?

The PCS light, otherwise known as the Pre-Collision System light is a set of sensors that relay information to the car and allows the electronics to take evasive action, in case it senses danger. Almost all modern-day Toyota’s come equipped with it and it makes the car far safer than anything else on the road. PCS is part of the array of instruments that are designed to help driving feel smooth and relaxed. This also includes radar cruise control.

For those of you familiar with Toyota PCS, you are here because you want to know why it is blinking and how to stop it.

With the help of review and crowdsourcing solutions from Toyota owners, we have found your answer and this guide will help you kiss the PCS light blinking issues goodbye.

Why is your Toyota’s PCS light blinking?

The primary issue that causes your PCS light to blink is because of issues with service. As per several users, the issue is a serious one. In fact, chances are if you already see the light blinking and despite you warming the car up, it still persists, there is a big issue already. It will also make a strange beeping noise. It might go away momentarily, once you start driving and once everything else is in order. However, the issue at hand might be a much bigger one.

After several readthroughs, it looks as though the issue is due to either

  • Faulty code: When running diagnostics at service centers, they will see if every system is fully operational, including the PCS. While rare, there is a chance the code for the systems might get corrupted. That means the PCS itself might malfunction and stop working. The blinking PCS light could be an indication of this problem.
  • Faulty wiring: Electronics are rather complex and when you give your cars for repairs and services, chances are if the technician isn’t skilled enough the wiring might get damaged. Or worse yet, it might not be plugged in properly. If so, the PCS light will blink and make a beeping noise. 

There is also the matter of installing your own electronics or tampering with the codes. Either way, you should know that doing those without the supervision of an expert might result in an issue with your safety electronics.

What can you do about it?

The first thing you need to know is that once the light start blinking, it means that the entire safety system of your car is compromised. Just one thing out of place can send the electronics haywire. While it is a rare issue, once you see it, you should get it to the service center immediately.

While they may not initially be able to diagnose the issue and fix it, you must persist. Chances are they can dismiss it entirely but you as a responsible car driver need to be adamant until the issue is fixed. It is an incredibly complex diagnostic, so be careful of the amount of time you might have to invest in fixing this issue.

How to mitigate the issue in the future?

By taking it to only authorized dealerships and bringing the issue to the forefront. If it has happened once, why take the risk again? Inform the technician or the expert mechanic about it and if they have a good understanding of the PCS light blinking issue, they will make sure that does not happen again.


So, there you have it, our entire know-how on the PCS light blinking issue. We hope that this guide has answered your queries thoroughly. While the issue might seem like a minor one on the surface, it is far from it.

Remember, you are driving your Toyota because of its high safety standards, if the safety is compromised your life might be at greater risk. Especially if the issue has something to do with the PCS.

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