Maserati Extended Warranty – Don’t get Caught Short

Imagine, you have just made the most passionate decision in your life and walked into your local Maserati dealership and bought yourself a brand new or CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) Trident with a Maserati Extended Warranty. You are all smiles and raised heartbeats as you grip the electronic ignition in your hand.

You have eagerly opened the driver’s door and sat in the plush leather interior and pressed the start button to ignite the powerful engine under the hood. You are just about to hit the gas and roar out of the lot when the car dealer walks back over with a pamphlet in his hand with the word, ‘warranty’ printed on it.

Inwardly you roll your eyes. You know, for the most part, warranties are a superfluous scheme from the manufacturer. Whether it is your cell phone, TV or laptop, everyone offers you this package to cover malfunctions and defects which never arise. These products are super reliable and never breakdown so do you need to fork out extra for a warranty?

If you were buying a Ford or a Toyota you probably still wouldn’t be interested in this extra cover either. These car makers make cheap and reliable vehicles and their parts are readily available anywhere. So, to buy a warranty for them doesn’t make much sense.

So, you wave him away and shake your head and drive off without it. This is the second biggest decision you have made in your life – but it is the wrong one!

Maserati Extended Warranty

Maserati’s are not like your average high street runaround. Whereas automobiles from the big global manufacturers, built on automated production lines, are highly reliable and cheap to maintain, Italian exotic sports cars are a different breed – meaning temperamental and expensive to repair. So, purchasing a Maserati extended warranty is an essential part of the deal.

The warranty is broken down into two distinct packages. A New Car Limited Warranty, that can be utilized from two to four years, or a Maserati Extended Warranty, which is also available for CPO models, that cover a further year after the new car coverage plan. While the Limited Maserati Extended Warranty provides further coverage, up to the 7th year of the car. These warranties are offered on all their current models (Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, GranTurismo & GranCabrio).

Let’s take a look at what these warranties cover (or not?!) and how much they will cost you.

Maserati New Car Limited Warranty Coverage

For every purchase of a Maserati, each vehicle comes with its own warranty cover that lasts for four years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first). This also covers a powertrain warranty and corrosion protection. This warranty is intricately linked to the vehicle, so if you sell it during this time the warranty coverage transfers to the new owner, as well.

Roadside Assistance is generally available for European buyers though, reading some of the latest news on American Maserati dealerships, it would seem that this is now being offered on brand new models. Depending on the breakdown, Maserati will come out and collect your vehicle, perform overnight repairs and may even provide some reimbursement for a rental. But very defined terms and conditions are laid out for this.

But it needs to be understood that this warranty only covers defective parts that have been installed at the Modena factory. If mechanical parts have worn out through normal wear and tear than this is routine maintenance and that’s coming out of your own pocket. So don’t expect oil changes and brake inspections to be covered here.

Maserati Extended Warranty Coverage

The first package covers the next two years of the car’s lifespan which continues the contractual warranty and covers all “bumper to bumper” issues (though these might be less than you think and it’s best to check this with the dealer). While it states there is no mileage cap on these warranties, your vehicle must be below a certain mileage ceiling (which seems to differ between dealerships so check with them on these details).

The second package is the Limited Maserati Extended Warranty which covers the 6th and 7th year of your car (from its registration) and only covers transmission, gearbox and engine for unlimited mileage (providing it’s under the required ceiling).

This warranty is available for their CPO models and covers a variety of parts including: Engine, Transmission, Differential, Driveshaft, Suspension and steering, Brake system, Cooling system, Electrical components, Fuel system, Climate control system.

But Maserati will only honor the warranty so long as your vehicle has been well maintained and looked after. If it has been used for racing or involved in an accident then this will break the terms. Likewise, if repairs have been conducted by non-approved garages or modifications have been installed previously then this will also break the warranty.

Maserati Extended Warranty USA Cost

For owners of brand new Maserati’s, they have an option of whether to have a 24 month, 36 month or 48 month warranty. Whether the vehicle is the sedan (Ghibli & Quattroporte) or the SUV (Levante) the cost is the same. For the first two years of service, it will cost US$1,450. To increase the coverage to 36 months the price for all models will be $2,400. If you purchase the full 48 month warranty then the cost will be $3,300.

It is not readily apparent what the cost of the Extended & Limited Extended Warranties cost, as the Maserati website will only invite you to contact them directly for a quote. However, on some forums it can be seen that some Ghibli owners have been charged US$3,700 for the coverage. it seems fair to assume that other models would see a similar charge for the cover.

Though routine repairs will not be covered here, it is worth remembering that the ‘temperamental’ behavior of the Maserati (and the exorbitant cost of replacing those parts) will be covered in these warranties. Some of these “left of field” repairs can run up to five figures and will cost you a small fortune if you don’t invest in a Maserati extended warranty plan.

Though it might not be complete (or as extensive as other luxury brands) it is still essential.

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