Subaru BRZ interior: What has changed?

Evolutionary interior

The 2022 Subaru BRZ interior is a fresh and evolved design from the previous one. It is not a big change from the old model. The change looks like the right evolution in design language. The car gets a friendlier look and feel. It is far more modern than its predecessor. The rectangular design is very eye-catching. This design is more apparent on the dash than anywhere else.

The passenger side of the vehicle is very clean. There are almost no buttons and no clutter. It is so rectangular in design that it lacks the older version’s organic insertions. The infotainment system used to sit flush but now it sticks out. It is not necessarily a bad thing. The electronics are angled towards the driver, which is good for operability.

In the center, the A/C’s arching shape is now gone. The rectangular approach is evident here as well. The theme of rectangles is predominant in the Subaru BRZ interior. The flushness of the controls and gadgets is now gone.

The layout is retained, however, and adds a touch of familiarity. There is a distinct lack of buttons and knobs, a lot have been turned electronic and you can find it inside the infotainment system. You can still add a whole lot of Subaru BRZ interior accessories to make it your own.

In addition to the removal of most buttons and knobs, the remaining switchgear looks far more modern. The gear shifter, control unit, and handbrake are placed very neatly in the center.

A focus on the driver

The Subaru BRZ interior is very driver-oriented. They have learned their mistakes from the past and have answered criticism. The steering wheel is almost the same as the last version. The round center section and the three-spoke design are all retained. You also get the same set of controls on the side. The thickness might be slightly thicker, we think that only increases the grip on the steering. The A/C vents on the side are rather round. They are also substantially larger. It is trendier, the vent system looks like it belongs in this car.

The paneling on the inside also lends a racier feel. The car feels much more like a sports car than ever before. This is in stark comparison to the earlier iteration, the 2020 one which made it feel very domesticated. There are also very subtle changes in the positioning, which drastically improves the ergonomics. The large handles are lower by a few inches and you still get the same sized storage bins.

The Subaru BRZ interior back seat is beefier than before. This gives you more support laterally. It is the same for the driver’s seat. You will have no problems getting the best out of this car. You get wider shoulder areas and the headrests also provide the right cushioning. The stitching is horizontal and is designed to give the BRZ a race-inspired look. The design language follows suit in the rear. Overall, the change to a sportier nature on the car is more apparent.

Technological additions

Going into 2022 cars should come loaded with technological features. This is the minimum requirement for a car. Thankfully for the 2022 version, Subaru has updated the BRZ thoroughly. The Subaru BRZ interior automatic features are long. The biggest change is the departure from the analog instrument cluster to a digital one.

The eight-inch display isn’t the biggest in the class, however, it is very usable. You can also fully customize it making it easier to read. The rev counter and speedo are placed on better angles than before. The programmable meter can show a lot of important information. This includes g-meter and water temperature among other things. The car’s focus on sport and racing is also highlighted in a special display for the Track setup. The rev counter turns into a linear graph, very Ferrari-esque. It has a color projector, that helps you time your gear changes, very video game-like.

Feature focus: the infotainment screen

The infotainment screen is the center of attention, the touchscreen is high-res and is bigger. The higher trims from the 2020 car did get a 7-inch version but this update is good for the car. The eight-inch trim for this year is great for a sports car of this size. This year, you also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Bluetooth, a rear-vis camera, and a Sirius XM radio service are standard. The car gets SiriusXM’s Starlink multimedia system as well. When compared to the Toyota 86 vs Subaru BRZ interior, the latter blows it out of the water. The Subaru system is far improved this year and it is noticeable in the functionality.

For a more feature-rich experience, you get extras like telematics and EyeSight Driver Assist tech. To get the latter, your transmission needs to be automatic.

Space and comfort

There is no exact data for space and dimensions. However, we can say that there is a marginal improvement in space. As models get refreshed more often, the spacing increases. The front seats are much better. We have already touched on the improved seating dynamics. The design is updated and looks much fresher. The rear seats, however, lack a little spacing and adults will feel cramped. Even children might feel cramped. The legroom in the rear is far lesser than the front. The sliding front seats might feel like a good respite but it isn’t. Then again, this is a sports car. You are not buying this car for the passenger seating.

The cargo is also mediocre at best but the foldable rear seats do help you create more space. A small cargo can be expanded to the rear seats allowing you to store longer and larger items. How much bigger? According to Subaru, you can haul four tires for a track day experience, a mountain bike, and even golf clubs. The trunk by itself doesn’t exceed seven cubic feet, so be ready to fold the seats if you want more space.

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