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The Porsche Pegasus Logo And Its History

The Porsche Pegasus logo is one of the brand’s most iconic moments and is surprisingly not something that many people are super aware of. Porsche has a very defined brand identity that they never really deviate from, and compared to many other “flashier” brands, they are not often ones to innovate in that sense.

Whether you are familiar with the story and are in search of a little more information or have simply never heard of the Porsche Pegasus logo until you began to read this article, you have come to the right place.

We are going to cover exactly what the Porsche Pegasus logo is, where it originated from, what it means, and why it is so iconic, and even explore a few other cool moments in Porsche’s history that complement the Porsche Pegasus. Let’s get into it right here and right now.


  • The Porsche Pegasus logo is iconic but not widely recognized by many people.
  • It is the same decal as the Mobil Oil Pegasus logo from the past.
  • The Porsche Pegasus logo is often found on Porsche 356 and some Porsche 911 models.
  • Porsche and Mobil Oil have a longstanding working relationship, which led to the logo’s use on Porsche cars.
  • James Dean’s association with the Porsche 356 helped popularize the Porsche Pegasus logo.
  • The logo was made available to Porsche customers for use on their cars.

What Is The Porsche Pegasus Logo?

The winged horse (also known as a pegasus, just in case you didn’t know) used to be a large part of the Mobil Oil logo way back in the day. If you are old enough to remember who they are.

Mobil Oil has since merged with a company called Exxon to create what we know them as today, ExxonMobil. The product is still publicly branded as Mobil, which is a logo we can all identify. But they aren’t likely to use the same Pegasus logo from decades gone by. The Porsche Pegasus logo is not only incredibly similar to the Mobil Oil Pegasus, it is actually the exact same decal.

If you are wondering why Porsche wasn’t sued for trademark infringement, we will get onto that later in the article.

The Pegasus, both used by Mobil Oil for their logo and Porsche for their Porsche Pegasus, evolved and changed over the years as styles and trends were adopted to the modern day, you are likely to find a wide variety of Porsche Pegasuses (Pegasi?) on a variety of Porsche vehicles.

However, you will most often find them on the Porsche 356 (well over 99% of them), with most of the rest found on old Porsche 911s. Despite this being the case, the Porsche 356 was not the first Porsche to feature the Mobil Oil Pegasus, nor would it be the last.

So, now you know what the Porsche Pegasus is and where it came from, it is time to dig into why it is there in the first place.

What Does The Mobil Oil Pegasus Have To Do With Porsche?

Mobil Oil has always had a working relationship with Porsche for several reasons. One, Porsche has regularly endorsed Mobil oil for their high-performance oils, which has given Mobil a bit of prestige.

Not to mention making them so much money off of all the oil they have sold. Additionally, Porsche decided a while back that all of their factory vehicles will leave the floor with Mobil 1 engine oil whether you choose to continue using it after or not.

This relationship works both ways, as Porsche has even factored in Mobil 1 engine oil’s viscosity and efficiency when designing their engines.

This isn’t an advert for Mobil 1 oil, so that’s probably enough information on how great it is, all you need to know is it is good enough to collaborate with Porsche at the highest level, and it is therefore unsurprising that Mobil Pegasus made its way in decal form onto the cars eventually!

Famously, the Mobil logo is known for featuring on race cars like the Porsche GT1 in big, bold signage across the front of the car.

James Dean, The Porsche 356, And The Porsche Pegasus

James Dean has managed to cement himself in the iconic imagery of Porsche, whether Porsche likes it or not. We all think of his classic 550 Spyder or his stylish 356 speedster. The 356 in question is the first recorded/photographed example of a Porsche with the Mobil Pegasus on it.

pegasus logo

There is a rumor that the first vehicle to use the decal is the old Carrera Panamericana 550, though no concrete evidence exists that it preceded James Dean. Is it possible? Of course. Is it cooler if the legend starts with James Dean? Absolutely.

Why Is The Porsche Pegasus On Some Porsche 911s?

If the Porsche Pegasus was designed for the 356 after James Dean popularized it, why does it also appear on some 911s? Firstly, Porsche started to sell and market decals to its customers who owned 356s, and some of them happened to own 911s, so they made the executive decision to utilize them there instead.

Additionally, since James Dean was pretty famous for his speedster, it is not inconceivable that some people would have simply tried to beat the trend and use the Porsche Pegasus decal on their new 911.

You will find the Porsche Pegasus on all kinds of Porsches. Even today, there are those that stick with the Pegasus as a symbol of their love for Porsches and their knowledge of the brand’s history.

Why Is The Porsche Pegasus Seen As Controversial?

The Porsche Pegasus has some controversy around it that honestly shouldn’t surprise any of us. This is the world of motor vehicles, where people will find controversy in every possible statement.

We petrolheads love to argue and discuss cars, so there is not a hope in hell that some people don’t argue about sticking a flying horse decal on a high-performance sports car.

Some people dislike the Pegasus altogether, some think that only the 356 should be allowed to fly this pony. Others think that the 911 should be included with the 356 in the short list of suitable cars.

And some of us don’t give a damn what anyone else does. We just find the history of the Porsche Pegasus interesting.


Hopefully, you found this article about the Porsche Pegasus interesting and enjoyable to read. There are a ton of cool little tidbits and snippets of legend and lore in the motoring world that make this hobby, interest, and even lifestyle so enjoyable.

Whether you are brave enough to stick the Porsche Pegasus on your car or not, thank you for reading, and be sure to check out the other great articles found on our website. Cheers!

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