Supra MKV Engine

The Supra MKV Engine – Everything You Need to Know

The Toyota Supra MKV Engine is an incredible piece of Japanese motor engineering that has managed to breathe new life into an already wildly popular and historically famous vehicle. Every kid has dreamed of owning a Supra at one point in their life, whether they grew up dreaming about the original 1978 Supra or the most recent 2019. What many people don’t know about, though, is what Toyota has been up to in the past two years. Luckily for you, this handy blog post about the new Supra MKV Engine and everything it entails can bring you up to speed.

What Is The Supra MKV Engine?

You would be forgiven for thinking that the new Supra MKV Engine is a clever design by Toyota in an effort to bring their beloved Supra into the forefront of people’s minds. What Toyota has actually done is go to the fine designers at BMW and acquire two of their B48 2.0-liter engines and strapped them together.

It’s a little more complicated than that but that’s the gist of it. The MKV is made up of two turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-fours. Or, if you feel that there isn’t enough power off the bank of that you could choose to run with two turbocharged B58 3.0-liter inline-sixes. So, in essence, the Supra MKV Engine is performance-based German Engineering times two. Perfect for making a sports car that feels like a supercar.

What Models Of Supra Make Use Of A MKV Engine?

The Toyota MKV Supra’s have been around for a couple of years now. The first gen of these new models was released in 2020 with the second coming out in 2021. While there is no 2022 model you will likely see something in the next two years that takes the new Supra MKV Engine to a whole other level. The Supra MKV Engines marks the coming of the 5th generation of Supra’s which now, albeit disjointedly, has spanned from 1978 until 2021. Which is a pretty good run for a car that isn’t an everyday driver. For most people, at least.

Is The 2021 Supra MKV Engine Better Than The 2020 Supra MKV Engine?

While there is always a degree of subjectivity when comparing two cars after all everybody’s taste is different. While one person might like Range Rovers, someone else may prefer to drive a car that doesn’t break down constantly. See? Everyone is allowed an opinion. When it comes to comparing the 2020 Supra MKV Engine to that of the “new and improved” 2021 Supra MKV Engine there isn’t as much ambiguity about which is better.

The 2021 Supra MKV Engine is faster, more powerful, quicker off the line, and even more reliable. In the sense that you can squeeze a little more distance out of her over her entire life. You could argue that the 2021 is more expensive so the 2020 may be the better choice. But if you can afford a brand new Supra MKV Engine then you can likely afford the couple extra percent to spring for the newer and better model.

Is The Supra MKV Engine Good For Everyday Use?

Yes and no. If you like the Supra MKV Engine enough that you don’t want to go a day without it, then yeah you could say the MKV is suitable for everyday use. Think of all the time you could save by getting to and from the office slightly faster.

But, if you are someone who is keen on being cost-effective with your everyday driver, the Supra MKV Engine isn’t really the right car for you. While you may be able to cruise at a, not so efficient, 30mpg while traveling on the highway in the slow lane that’s about as good as it is going to get. Speeding around country roads, really letting those dual engines work, you will find the Supra MKV Engine is incredibly thirsty.

Can I Turbocharge Or Supercharge My Supra MKV Engine?

Both of the two engines, regardless of whether you go for the two-liter or three-liter models, already come turbocharged as standard. While it is technically possible to undo the marvelous work those German engineers have performed, followed by some exceptional Japanese innovation, you are going to be making your vehicle ostensibly worse. Two turbocharged engines are enough for anyone. If you are in need of further power, you will likely want to find it elsewhere. Machined engine heads, revamped ECU, etc.

Is There A JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) Of The Supra MKV Engine?

You will often find that with Japanese car brands there are domestic models that are not required to conform to American environmental or vehicular standards. Sometimes this leads to better American versions, sometimes it is the other way around. When it comes to the Supra MKV Engine, you will actually find that the US models are far superior. And here’s why.

The MKV was actually available before 2020 domestically in Japan, in large parts of East Asia, and even in Europe. But following the 2020 model, all new innovations of the Supra MKV Engine have been found within the US market. Sure, you can get the newer Supra’s in Japan and Europe, but they are no better.

Is The Supra MKV Engine Worth The Money

For such an incredibly beautiful car with the power and punch to match its looks, you may end up only spending 50 grand to pick one up. The premium 6-liter versions or even the limited edition GR Supra will only go so far as $55k-$56k before you are bringing in all the bells and whistles. In terms of value for money at that price range, the Supra MKV Engine is definitely at the tip-top of what’s currently available on the market.


The Supra MKV Engine is awesome. There is no better word for it. Sure, maybe it could be considered cheating to strap two already amazing 3.0-liter engines together and call it a day. But who cares? Let them “cheat” if it is going to result in something as spectacular as the new Supra MKV Engines. It is an incredible car. And if you get the opportunity to test drive one, heck even look at one in person, you should go for it. Thanks for reading and goodbye for now!

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