2002 Honda Accord Modifications

What Are The Best 2002 Honda Accord Modifications?

Part of the fun of owning an older car, even if it is still in great condition, is that there is a little bit more freedom to mix things up a bit. Modifying your ride doesn’t require a programming degree and actually, a ton of the stuff you want to do can be done by you. Which is what makes it fun.

You are very unlikely to turn your 2002 Honda Accord into a 2022-like speed demon. But you can transform it into a beast in its own right. So, what are the best 2002 Honda Accord modifications? What are the cheapest 2002 Honda Accord modifications? And most importantly, what are the most fun! We get into all that and more in this snappy blog post, just stick with us!

Why Should I Be Interested in 2002 Honda Accord Modifications?

The Honda Accord is one of the best cars for modifying from the early 2000s for a few reasons. First, it provides a solid skeleton for some pretty major work if you felt so inclined. Honda has always been renowned for creating cars that you can pretty much make your own if you felt so inclined.

And secondly because regardless of what you feel like doing if you manage to find an Accord in pretty good condition it is generally a pretty reliable vehicle. Even if it is 20 years later. Being able to double your horsepower and give a slightly dated Honda Accord some new life is certainly within reach and you likely won’t even have to break the bank.

What Are The Best 2002 Honda Accord Modifications?

If you had to choose three Honda Accord modifications, and for some reason, you were only allowed three, then here is what you would want to do. First, ditch the cambers and pick up a camber kit. You can probably get a decent one for about $100-$150 and it makes a huge difference.

You are naturally going to feel the difference more coming out of corners rather than ragging it down the freeway. When it comes to suspension you may want to upgrade to something a little on the pricy side but well worth the hole in your wallet, some AGX shocks.

For $300 you can change the feel of your ride from an early 2000s banger to a modern sports car. Almost. And thirdly, an underdrive pulley might be something you like the sound of. It’s a good way to increase your horsepower without having to break the bank. It will be about 200 bucks for a good one.

What Are The Best Value 2002 Honda Accord Modifications?

In terms of value for money, there are a few really great modifications you might want to make. First and foremost. Change the oil, and give your vehicle a full checkup. It is not cool or sexy but it makes a huge difference and you will negate any of the cool and sexy modifications you do go for by giving them a worn-out junker to work with! Next, a K&N drop-in air filter.

This will cost like twenty to thirty bucks and your engine will finally be able to breathe properly. It is a small upgrade but it makes a decent difference to your fuel consumption as well prolongs the life of your engine.

Considering your car is from 2002 prolonging its life should be a primary concern. Additionally, machining your heads (even if it’s something you do yourself as a bit of a cowboy job, is a great way to improve engine efficiency and buy yourself an extra 15-50 bhp. This can cost a few hundred bucks though from a professional which is probably the route you will want to take.

What Are The Coolest 2002 Honda Accord Modifications?

One of the coolest Honda Accord modifications you can make is turbocharging the engine, but we will get into that in the next section. Instead, let’s talk about visual modifications you can make. If you have managed to effectively double your brake horsepower it’s time to justify a cool as-hell spoiler.

The Accord usually, but not always, comes with some kind of spoiler as stock so you can be thankful the framework is in place for you to make the switch to a better one. This can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks to a couple thousand depending on which spoiler you want. Or what kind of budget you are working with. A black carbon fiber (or faux-carbon) spoiler alongside some freshly sprayed rims is as good a starting point as any.

2002 Honda Accord Modifications – Turbocharging and Supercharging

You will be pleased to know that the last member of our list of Honda Accord modifications is to turbocharger it. Not supercharge as that isn’t quite as suitable. Turbocharging requires a low engine compression ratio and thankfully the Honda Accord’s engine compression ratio is 8.8:1 – 9.3:1.

That means if you have $1500 bucks for a turbo kit then you can transform the mellow 134 brake horsepower stock 2002 Accord into something nearer 250 (if you have included the other modifications listed above in this blog post). Not bad for an early 2000s junker, right? Turbocharging isn’t something you will want to do yourself unless you have both the tools and know-how.

If you are trying to learn a 2002 Accord is probably the right environment, to be honest, but your wallet might not thank you if you don’t get it right pretty quickly. If you decide to go the turbocharging route then you might want to revisit the almost joking modification suggestion of changing the oil. It’s nothing but premium oil from now on, sorry wallet.


So, hopefully, you found this guide to the best 2002 Honda Accord modifications as fun to read as it was to research. The 2002 Accord is a great base vehicle to work off of and really make into your own. It is a super accessible price point and is actually quite forgiving compared to not only modern vehicles but alternatives from the early naughties. Good luck with your Honda Accord modifications and goodbye for now.

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