Where Can You Find The Cheapest Toyota Parts OEM? (Answered)

If you are trying to extend the life of your Toyota by making some upgrades and changes from time to time chances are you have fallen straight into the age-old conundrum. What parts do I buy and where should I get them from? Is it best to go the OEM route and potentially save yourself a few headaches? Or is it better to go the aftermarket route, potentially save some money, and maybe even get some better parts?

This comprehensive article is going to cover where you can find the cheapest Toyota parts OEM as well as why you might want to go the OEM route, what the heck OEM means, and much more.

What Does OEM Mean?

The term OEM is something that comes up in the car parts market frequently but not everyone is super sure what it means so before we get into the best place to find them here’s a little context. The term OEM means “original equipment manufacturer” so when we refer to OEM parts, we are talking about parts that were made by the manufacturers. For example, if you drive a Honda Civic and you are looking for a new oil filter instead of finding a standard oil filter you instead purchase the exact same oil filter that Honda produced for your Civic originally.

You would be surprised how many spare parts are kicking about even 10, 15, or 20 years after the fact. This is especially common if a brand has outsourced production of certain parts (which is common) in which case you will find them far more easily. Honda is excellent in this regard as they are so mainstream and international that brand-new OEM parts will crop up all over the place with very little digging.

Why Is OEM Important To Some People?

There is a certain level of safety to going with OEM parts. You always have the risk that other aftermarket parts will not fit or not work quite as intended. Obviously, there is a limit to how sure you can be when purchasing aftermarket parts because you can’t always be certain they will fit until you have already brought them.

That’s a wordy way of saying OEM parts are essentially guaranteed to fit and work correctly taking some of the risks out of the equation. You also know for sure that the parts are of a “good” quality (note – not “high” quality) as there will always be much dispute about how good-quality car manufacturer parts will be. Even with huge brands such as Toyota. Especially with huge brands such as Toyota.

Where Can You Find The Cheapest Toyota Parts OEM?

There are plenty of great places to find cheap Toyota parts OEM so certainly, feel free to shop around. However, there are some marketplaces that stand out above the rest.

For example, http://www.toyotaoemparts.com/ is an excellent marketplace that naturally prioritizes OEM Toyota parts and components from electrical devices to body parts. They sell anything and everything and the prices are pretty good as they regularly acquire parts wholesale and that therefore allows them to reduce the prices for you, the consumer.

As well as the above-mentioned link, which is almost global, there is also a huge amount of small-stream markets that can provide pretty much anything you could possibly need. Now, the following links to different marketplaces should be approached with caution.

Not that the websites are less than reputable in any sense, but that the parts they carry are not necessarily as high quality as http://www.toyotaoemparts.com/. You must use your common sense and look into each OEM manufacturer listed before you decide to pull the trigger. Not all parts are created equal (even when it comes to OEM). Here are some alternative cheap Toyota parts OEM markets:

Are OEM Toyota Parts Cheaper Than Other Aftermarket Parts?

You will find that there tends to be a mix of OEM Toyota parts that are more expensive than other aftermarket brands and less expensive. How can that be? Well, it depends on what you are trying to achieve with an aftermarket part.

If you want a Toyota OEM air filter for your engine then you will find them pretty cheap and easily from any of the above marketplaces. But what if you want a higher quality air filter that is designed to improve airflow to the engine and might potentially cost more? Well, then obviously aftermarket will be more expensive than OEM. But if you simply want a standard air filter, nothing special, then an OEM Toyota air filter will likely be cheaper or at least equitable to other manufacturers.

Is There Anything Wrong With Aftermarket Rather Than OEM Toyota Parts?

If you decide that you would rather go with aftermarket parts rather than OEM Toyota parts then that is your prerogative. There is nothing wrong with aftermarket and actually, you will find that the options on the market are so vast that you will experience a sense of flexibility that you wouldn’t otherwise. There are so many great options out there that may perform the job better than OEM parts and you may even find that some of them will be cheaper. However, you also run the risk that they don’t fit/work properly and you have wasted your money.

Does Cheapest Toyota Parts OEM Mean Better?

Toyota OEM parts don’t limit you to one or two choices per component (always). There are often many different options from varying manufacturers that would all qualify as OEM parts. And, they will also vary greatly in price on occasion. In such an event the idea that the cheapest option is always best isn’t necessarily true as while they might all be “backed” by Toyota they will be of varying quality. It is best to delve into the online reviews before committing to any part you aren’t sure of.


Now you know exactly where to find the cheapest Toyota parts OEM and whether or not they might be the right direction for you and your car. Remember, it’s important to test the water of the market before committing to something.

There are so many options out there when it comes to goliath brands like Toyota so definitely shop around a little. But, as a rule, http://www.toyotaoemparts.com/ is your safest bet. Thanks for reading, goodbye for now, and be sure to check back in later for more tips and tricks. Cheers.

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