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2009 Jeep Liberty Review – An Acquired Taste

I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree on one thing, the 2009 Jeep Liberty is divisive. Some folks love it, while others, not so much. But why does this divisive little SUV have such a passionate following? In this review, I’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of the 2009 Jeep Liberty to see if I can help you decide if it’s the right vehicle for you.

The 2009 Jeep Liberty is an acquired taste. Built with off-road and on-road capabilities, this compact, sleek SUV is a desirable option compared to its competitors. Despite these features, the 2009 Jeep Liberty remains either loved or hated by consumers.

2009 jeep liberty

The 2009 Jeep Liberty is built with the rugged, classic Jeep look and iconic seven-slot grille. There are three Jeep Liberty trim levels, the Sport, the Limited, and the Rocky Mountain. However, the Rocky Mountain edition was offered as a value-added package, and other Jeep models like the Grand Cherokee and the Patriot released Rocky Mountain trims.

What Are The 2009 Jeep Liberty Specifications?

The different trim levels vary slightly, but the Liberty has many standard specs across all trim levels. The fuel consumption remains the same. The towing capacity remains mostly the same across the board, with the two-wheel-drive trims having slightly less towing capacity than their four-wheel-drive counterparts.

2009 jeep liberty

The 2009 Jeep Liberty comes in a four-speed automatic with a 3.7L motor. The Liberty comes in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Along with the addition of the sky slider, the Liberty also saw improvements to the chassis, allowing for improved handling and steering.

Among this second generation’s impressive improvements, other features include memory seats, express windows, remote start, and rain-sensing wipers.

The below table lists an overview of the specifications of the 2009 Jeep Liberty.

2009 Jeep LibertySpecifications
Engine3.7L V6
Fuel TypeGas
Fuel ConsumptionCombined MPG 17 mpg     City/Highway  15/21 mpg
Transmission4 Speed Automatic
Horsepower210 hp at 5200 pm
Torque235 ft-lbs at 4000 pm
 kW 157 kW
BodySport Utility
Seats5 Seater
Doors5 Doors
Towing Capacity2WD- 3500lbs    4WD-5000 lbs
WeightCurb Weight- 4290lbs Gross Weight-5675lbs
Tyre SizeLimited  235/65R17      235/60R18 Sport      225/75R16      235/70R16
Weight5600 lbs

The 2009 Jeep Liberty surpasses its competitors in off-roading and cargo space. Still, it fails to deliver on engine power, safety scores, quality materials, and comfortable driveability on highways and city roads. Another drawback to the 2009 Jeep Liberty is the lack of space for passengers in the back seats. The rear doors also make it difficult to enter and exit the vehicle.

The Interior And Exterior Design Of The 2009 Jeep Liberty

The 2009 Jeep Liberty’s exterior appearance is a boxier shape than the Jeep Cherokee, more than likely in an attempt to attract a wider consumer base. Created to tackle rough terrain, the Liberty is taller and bigger than the previous generation. The seven-slot grille is taller on the Liberty, and all Liberty models have a removable air dam to provide greater clearance for off-roading.

Optional roof rails and the sky slider sunroof make an interesting addition to this Jeep. The side view boasts big square windows for greater visual impact and enhanced viewing when off-roading. Big round headlights and bold fenders add to the sleek design of the Liberty.

2009 jeep liberty interior

The interior of the Liberty is basic but relatively spacious. The rear seats of this model fold down for additional cargo space. The controls are easy to navigate, and the plastic interior surfaces make it easy to clean after an off-roading trip.

2009 jeep liberty

There is a limitation on legroom in the back seats, but the cargo space makes up for this. The seats are lackluster and not built for comfort, a definite disadvantage when taking long trips. All Liberty models are fitted with a Jeep Command Trac system, designed for offroad use.

2009 jeep liberty

Other interior features include heated mirrors, a sound system, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio control buttons, and airbags.

2009 jeep liberty

The spare tire in this model is not mounted on the vehicle’s exterior; instead, it’s placed under the floor. The tailgate has a liftgate design and a separate rear glass opening door above the tailgate.

The 2009 Jeep Liberty Value And Life Expectancy

The Current Value of the 2009 Jeep Liberty ranges from $2109.00 to $6897.00 depending on mileage and the condition of the Liberty. The average trade-in price is $2587.00, and if sold privately, this increases to $4060.00. A 2009 Jeep Liberty in outstanding condition, sold privately, can expect to be sold for $5212,00.

2009 jeep liberty

The average lifespan of the 2009 Liberty is between ten and fifteen years. Some Liberty owners have only had their Jeep for 50,000 miles, while others have seen over 300,000 miles. This lifespan is strictly for the second generation models (2009-2012), as the first generation was a huge disappointment.

The second-generation Jeep Liberty was a great improvement compared to the first generation, with many complaints about electrical and mechanical issues on the first generation models (2002-2008), which could barely reach the ten-year mark.

What Are Off-Road Capabilities Of The 2009 Jeep Liberty?

The 2009 Jeep Liberty is well equipped to handle different terrains in offroad conditions. The low-ranging gearing from the 4×4 models allows for easy crawling over rocks and other obstacles. The Jeep Liberty proves to have great traction, and the smooth shifting of the automatic transmission makes any off-roading experience seamless.

2009 jeep liberty

Despite the excellent off-roading ability of the 2009 Jeep Liberty, it could do with some ground clearance. The optional skid plate protects the underside of the Jeep in rougher terrains but is often scraped by rocks.

Ideally, a suspension lift would further enhance the ground clearance of the Liberty. It is not recommended to lift the suspension more than 4”, and most 2009 Jeep Liberty owners don’t go more than 2.5”; even with the 2.5″ lift, minimal trimming is required.

2009 jeep liberty

The reliability of this vehicle off-roading does not disappoint and is suited for hills, rock crawling, snow, mud, and sand. The rough road detection system senses when off-roading and adjusts the anti-Lock Brake system accordingly. Additional features like the Hill Start Assist and the Hill Descent Control impressively control the speed in challenging conditions.

Lift Kit And Tire Sizes For The 2009 Jeep Liberty

A lift kit on the 2009 Liberty may be necessary for extreme off-road adventurers. The Liberty does not come standard with a skid plate, and this is a premium add-on offering some protection from rocks when off-roading, and this too can get damaged due to the lack of ground clearance on the 2009 Jeep Liberty.

The ground clearance on the Liberty is sufficient for everyday driving and some scenic trails but could use a lift kit for riskier off-roading adventures.

2009 jeep liberty

The suspension kit is the most popular choice with options ranging from a 2.5-inch lift, 3-inch lift, and 3.5-inch lift, and you may even want to do a 4-inch lift, although this is not recommended. Most Liberty owners lean more towards the 2.5″ lift which offers increased ground clearance and levels the Jeep from the front to the rear.

The Jeep Liberty Sport has a rim size of 16 inches with tire sizes of 225-75-16 and 235-70-16. The Limited Edition has either 17 inch and 18-inch rims with tires sizes of 235-65-17 and 235-60-18.

Common Problems And Complaints With The 2009 Jeep Liberty

The most common complaints amongst 2009 Jeep Liberty owners are oil leaks, noises from the timing chain tensioner, and the automatic transmission slipping out of gear. Other less common issues include cracked manifolds, a leaky power steering hose, and faulty fuel injectors.

2009 jeep liberty

The sky slider sunroof is also known to fail. The sunroof issues include getting stuck, being noisy, and being prone to water leakage. There have also been reported issues in power locking in all generations of the Liberty.

The first generation of the Liberty’s seemed to have many more issues than the second generation. Despite the above common complaints, many consumers state the pros outweigh the cons with the 2009 Jeep Liberty.

Our Verdict on the 2009 Jeep Liberty

The 2009 Jeep Liberty is practical, functional, and a great all-around SUV. Equipped with a bit more than the basics and cheaper than its competitors in this range, the second generation 2009 Jeep Liberty is a great choice for small families, off-road enthusiasts, and the Jeep Lovers.

2009 jeep liberty

The premium upgrades allow for even greater usage in challenging terrains. The ample cargo space is ideal for camping, long trips, and adventuring. The 2009 Jeep Liberty may not be for everyone, but the balance between off-road functionality and on-road driveability makes this model an attractive purchase in the SUV market.

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