How Much Are Rims?

How Much Are Rims? (Answered)

If you’re looking to upgrade your current rims in order to improve the style of your car or you need to make a purchase due to damages, then you’ll need to know how much they typically cost.

A new set of rims for your vehicle can be as inexpensive as £90 but if you are looking for a specific design and stronger materials that require custom manufacturing, then they can cost as much as $1000. However, by doing extensive research before you buy, you’ll be able to find reconditioned rims that will reduce this price by a significant amount.

You should always bear in mind that you will need to purchase new tires as well as rims. In order to achieve the right feel for your vehicle, make sure that you consult with a variety of companies prior to making your purchase. You should also always buy your rims from a well-recommended dealer to avoid any hassle at a later date.

Rims can be considerably expensive and there are numerous factors that determine their overall price. The cost of installation is also something that you should consider when making your purchase.

Why can rims be expensive? 

Even if you’re not looking to fit a custom hydro dip to your vehicle or use a custom-design, standard rims are still pretty expensive at $100 per wheel. The age of your car can also play a significant factor when purchasing new rims. If they need to be customized because your car is a vintage model, then they will cost more than you would otherwise have expected.

Craftsmanship also adds to the cost as you will be paying for the hours of labor that are involved in making these rims from scratch. The construction of alloy rims, for instance, can either be a single piece process or multi-piece process and the latter will cost more as it will require the merging together of two to three pieces of material. The size of your rims will also up the cost and it is worth bearing in mind that the more metal that is used, the more the rims will cost.

If you are buying your rims directly from a manufacturer, they will usually cost more than if you were purchasing from a friend or via virtual means. These rims will cost far more as they are safety tested thoroughly and regulated rigorously by these manufacturers prior to purchase.

Can I upgrade the size of my rims? 

If you are seeking to change your rims to flashier styles then this will also upgrade the price of your vehicle. However, you should proceed with caution as it is essential that the larger rims do not compromise the overall engineering of the vehicle itself as this will inevitably cause you more hassle than the aesthetics are worth.

The vast majority of cars are able to be upgraded without any issue or concern but it is recommended that your rims are not increased by more than two inches when compared to the original size of the wheel as any rims that are larger will have a detrimental effect on the suspension.

Bigger rims also mean smaller tires and your tire height will also be reduced which can be hazardous. You should bear this in mind if you usually drive on rougher roads as the thinner the tire, the more likely it is to blow on uneven terrain and larger rims will reduce the thickness of the tire by proxy. 

Do I need alignment after purchasing new rims?

Do I need alignment after purchasing new rims?

Whilst alignment is not technically a necessity, it is a good idea to do it. This is because alignment will ensure that your tires are positioned at the correct angle which is necessary in order to prevent any tearing on your vehicle.

Alignment is ultimately beneficial in the longer term as it will ensure that you are able to get more miles out of your tires and will therefore be worthy of the cost.

Best place to purchase rims?  

You can either purchase rims directly from the manufacturer or from an online marketplace. Purchasing directly has far more guarantees with regards to safety measures but these rims are often priced far higher than if you were to purchase your rims via an online marketplace.

Purchasing aftermarket or from an online source (that is reputable) will offer you far greater discounts and a variety of customizations to select from. However, you should try to avoid purchasing rims directly from a car dealership as salespeople are trained to convince you to purchase upgraded rims and you’ll be able to purchase these for a far cheaper price at an aftermarket or from the manufacturer themselves.

Is it safe to buy rims online?

Buying rims online is perfectly safe providing that you do extensive research into the provider prior to making your purchase. You should look at the company’s reviews and source different prices from differing companies so that you are able to guarantee a good price.

If you are buying reconditioned or used rims then make sure that you are seeing a photograph of the specific rims that you are purchasing as opposed to a googled example! This will prove that you are purchasing rims that are not severely damaged and to check that any damages are merely cosmetic. As with all things related to the online world, research is key prior to making any hasty purchases.

But if you ensure that you take a cautious approach, you are guaranteed to find yourself rims that are both inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing whilst increasing the overall price of your vehicle if you are looking to re-sell it. 

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