How to Buy a Lamborghini

How to Buy a Lamborghini – Full Guide

So, your dream is to own your very own Lamborghini. You’ve been thinking about it for years, but only in the abstract. After all, you have to have millions in the bank to afford a Lamborghini, right? 

Well, not necessarily. Lamborghini may be one of the most expensive car brands worldwide, but if you want that car badly enough, there are smart ways to go about buying one.

This article is a brief but comprehensive guide to purchasing a Lamborghini, including tips for financing and key factors to consider before you buy. 

Buying a Lamborghini: Step by Step

  1. Take out a Loan 

You may not necessarily need to be a millionaire to buy a Lamborghini, but if you’re not in a particularly lucrative financial situation, your best bet is probably to take out a car loan. 

We understand that debt of any kind is probably something you wanted to avoid when buying your Lamborghini, but the reality with this brand is that a loan is often needed to cover the payment. 

If you want to take out a loan to buy a Lamborghini, you should first ensure that your credit score is in good shape. A good credit score will open up the doors to more significant loans at lower interest rates, making your new Lambo more affordable in the long run. 

Unfortunately, a low credit score doesn’t bode well for your ability to take out a loan. If your score isn’t looking too good right now, you may not be able to get a loan, and it may not be the best decision for you in any case. 

This means that you may need to rely more heavily on the other tips in this guide to secure a Lamborghini for a more affordable price. 

  1. Consider Different Models 

Whether you’ve been able to take out a loan or not, one of the best ways to get a Lamborghini at a price you can afford is to consider the different available models. 

The first and most obvious way to save money on a Lamborghini is to invest in an old model. 

Take the Gallardo, for instance. This Lamborghini model has been on the market for quite a while now, resulting in its current retail value of less than $90,000. 

The Gallardo Spyder is another good money-saving model, selling for under $105,000. 

One of the biggest indicators that a Lamborghini will save you money in the long run is its clutch system. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to choose a Lamborghini with a 6-speed clutch. 

The reason 6-speed clutches are desirable in this case is that Egear clutches require a lot of maintenance, which can quickly add up from a financial perspective. This isn’t so much of an issue with 6-speed models. 

Alternatively, a newer clutch with a reading of more than 70% will also probably save you money in terms of maintenance, so depending on your financial situation, this might be your best option. 

Buying a Lamborghini: Step by Step
  1. Think about the Color 

Aesthetics make up a significant part of the selection process when it comes to buying a Lamborghini. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the color of a Lamborghini will play into your decision whether or not to buy it. 

But did you know that your Lamborghini’s color can have financial implications beyond aesthetic value? 

A Lamborghini is a big investment, so you’ll want to think about its potential future retail value as well as your own enjoyment of the vehicle. You might be surprised at the impact the color of your Lamborghini could have on your ability to sell it for a good price later on. 

As it stands, green Lamborghinis seem to be the most desirable, followed by orange and white. Yellow and silver come in fourth and fifth place, with gray and blue in fifth and sixth. Black Lamborghinis are the seventh most desirable in terms of color. 

  1. Inspect for Wear 

Conducting an inspection of a prospective Lamborghini before you finalize your purchase isn’t just to ensure its aesthetic value. 

Checking the car for wear and tear beforehand will allow you to assess future maintenance costs as well as retail value down the line, allowing you to make smarter financial decisions regarding your Lamborghini. 

For safety reasons, you should always examine the brakes and tires. Be sure to check the tires for dry rot as well as general wear. Tires are more expensive than you might think, at roughly $1,500 for a new, high-quality set. Meanwhile, a brake system can cost $5,000 to replace. 

Remember to check the interior of the car, noting any plastic areas which may be more susceptible to damage. It’s also important to take a look at the underside of a Lamborghini to check for scrapes and leaks. 

  1. Look at Financing Options 

You may not know this, but there are other financing options available to you besides putting down a hefty sum upfront. 

If you can’t afford to pay a sizable portion of the car’s value upfront, why not put $0 down initially and pay the cost of the car in monthly installments? 

Technically, this would mean that you wouldn’t really own the car (it would be more akin to hiring it out) but you’ll probably find the payments more manageable overall. 

Say you’re trying to finance a $100,000 Lamborghini which is no longer likely to depreciate in value over time. Paying roughly $1,100 per month for a total of 84 months will allow you to make a profit when you eventually sell the car in several years’ time without putting yourself significantly out of pocket. 

With that being said, you’ll only be able to do this if your credit score is good enough, so this is not an alternative to a loan for drivers with low credit scores. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to buy a Lamborghini without sinking yourself into debt, you’ll need a good credit score (either for a loan or a long-term payment plan) and knowledge of how to manage your maintenance costs. 

Our recommendation is to choose an older model with a 6-speed clutch, ideally in a color that will appeal to future buyers. 

Remember to inspect your new Lamborghini for wear and tear before you go through with the purchase if you don’t want any surprise bills later down the line. 

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