How Much is an Oil Change for a Lamborghini? (Answered)

“If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” 

Ah yes, an old phrase I’m sure we’ve all heard somewhere before, and in this case, it could be right! There’s a lot of wildly differing answers floating around the internet about how much it really costs to get the oil changed in your Lamborghini. From a couple of hundred dollars to $30,000.

Sometimes it can be hard to filter the truth from the exaggeration, so whether you’re just curious about the realities of owning your dream car, or you’re on your way to the Lamborghini garage as we speak (from the passenger seat, of course), here is a definitive guide to how much an oil change is going to set you back, and the reasons it’s not so simple. 

Why the Special Treatment?

As with any luxury sports car, a Lamborghini needs particular attention. In order to service a car like this, you need to have specialized training and the right equipment in order to properly care for a Lamborghini. There is always an added cost involved in any situation that involves anything that’s ‘specialized’, and supercars are no exception. 

Regardless of model, with a Lamborghini, you will be expected to take it to be serviced annually, which can run up to $5,000, before the mechanic lets you know that you need new tires. You see, Lamborghini tires are made with a super-soft compound that gives them excellent grip, but also only lasts for about 6,000 miles, compared to your average tire’s 40,000 miles.  

Anything else found to be wrong during the service should be under the warranty, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be out of pocket for the labor and diagnostics. But luckily you can get it covered by the insurance, for which you can probably expect to be paying close to $1,000 a month. 

Now don’t us wrong – no one goes into buying something like a Lamborghini expecting to only pay the upfront cost and then nothing else, and the price of upkeep for a car like this is negligible compared to the street cred and joy you can get out of owning and driving a supercar, it’s just interesting to see what the long-term expenses might look like. And obviously, if you’re in the position to drop $200,000 on a car, another $5,000 every year probably isn’t going to leave you too much out of pocket. 

What About an Oil Change

Okay we hear you – you came here with one question in mind, and now we’re going to answer it. How much does it actually cost to get an oil change for your Lamborghini? Well truthfully, it does depend on where you go. It’s also possible to do the change yourself, though most experts wouldn’t recommend it as it requires a trained mechanic to perform the task usually as Lamborghini parts can be quite particular about how they get done.

There are several different models of Lamborghini, and they’re all going to cost something different. For example, an oil change for a Lamborghini Gallardo is going to cost around $2,000, if you go to the official garage – but you’ll also get a free car wash, so that’s something. Whereas a Lamborghini Gallardo is somewhat more reasonable, costing just $400 for the oil change. On average, an oil change is going to run you up about $1000, mostly for the cost of labour rather than the parts. This is obviously a lot more than you’d pay for your trusty Sedan but is definitely worth it to keep your supercar running smoothly, whether you drive it everywhere, or just on weekends when you’re going somewhere nice.

If you were going to do it yourself, experts be damned, then there are a multitude of parts that you would need to buy, and many steps involved in the process. All this to potentially not even do it right. It would still cost you around $200 for the parts. It’s not completely undoable, and there are plenty of guides online to follow, but it is definitely not something to attempt unless you know what you’re doing. The alternative is to go to an independent garage and hope that they can do the job as well at the official licensed mechanics.

Most of the time this isn’t an issue, however we recommend that you keep your paperwork, as the next time that you go to a Lamborghini garage they may tell you that the work wasn’t performed properly, and that your warranty is void. Probably not, but something to bear in mind.

Final Thoughts

The long and short of it is that there is no set answer to how much isn’t going to cost to get an oil change for a Lamborghini. The best we can say is that it’s going to cost more than you would usually pay for a non-sports car’s oil change, but that’s just a price that comes with owning an elite car.

If you want the vehicle to run as perfectly smooth as it did when you first bought it, then you want to get it changed regularly, and for the best result, you want to take it to an official mechanic. Failing that you can take it to an independent mechanic and save some money, but miss out on the premium expertise. If so, make sure to check with the garage about how much the task is going to cost before you book in. 

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