How Much is a Mclaren 570s

How Much is a McLaren 570s? (Answered)

McLaren is known for its sleek, pretty supercars. So much so that they’ve managed to make sleek and fast into their own F1 team. The 570S is no different, it is the front runner of the McLaren Sports Series, a family of breathtaking cars that take all of the excitement of the fast-paced, powerful supercar and turn it into a car that you can use every day.

Other cars in this range include the 540C, 570GT, 600LT, and the convertible Spider, but the 570S was the first car to come out of McLaren Sports Series and has remained the mentor for all McLaren Sports Series since its release in 2015. 

The unveiling of the 570S created a 3 tier range of McLaren, with cars such as the 570S, the 540C, etc. coming under the Sport series, a group of simpler sporty cars that can be given a lesser price tag. The above that you have the Super series, a more expensive group of cars that house names such as the 650 and 675. Then at the top of the range, we have McLaren’s big (and expensive) supercars the P1 and the P1 GTR that make up the Ultimate series.

The 570S Engine and Statistics

The 570S uses the same famous twin-turbo V8 that most McLaren’s are fitted with, even the P1 GTR that is valued at around 2 and a half million dollars. This 3.8 liter V8 can produce the 570S a whopping 562 hp allowing the car to reach a top speed of 204 mph (328 kph).

The 570S also has an acceleration speed that matches the McLaren f1 car of 2008, and because of this, it can go from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds. This makes it comfortably faster than cars along with the caliber of the Audi R8 V10 and the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Because the 570S is the entry-level car in the Sport series, it isn’t fitted with the expensive technology and suspension that the Super and Ultimate ranges would have, however a lot of the weight-saving techniques that are present in the Ultimate and Super ranges are used here. Such as the carbon fiber casing of the engine used in the P1 and the chassis similar to the 650S. This means that the 570S is a light car only weighing around 3,200 pounds. Making it agile, and most importantly, fun around those corners.

The chassis, which as stated is similar to the 650S holds the main difference between the Sports and Super series cars. The 570S has in place a conventional anti-roll bar that is seen on most production cars.

However, the super and ultimate ranges of the McLaren house a complex ProActive Chassis Control system that, although helps the top range McLaren’s around the corners, is very expensive. This cost-effectiveness is also used in aerodynamics, where the 570S goes without active aerodynamic components that the higher ranges use. However, the bodywork of the 570S has all been carefully designed to reduce drag and create downforce. 

The 570S Engine and Statistics
McLaren MP4-12C

How much is a McLaren 570S?

Thanks to its compromises on technology and features that McLarens such as the 650 and P1 would have, the 570S comes with a smaller price tag. However, this will depend on the year that your McLaren 570S has been manufactured. Here is a helpful table that shows the year of the 570S model and the pricing. 

YearBase Price

However, the 570S does come with multiple add-on options that could bring up your price significantly. For instance, the only paintwork that comes as standard is blue and silver. If you want some customization in your 570S with any other of the 35 color choices listed, you’ll have to spend anywhere from $2000 up to around $13,000.

McLaren also offers a few quality of life addons such as parking sensors and rearview camera, as well as more sporty additions such as its carbon-fiber packages which will replace certain materials in your car’s exterior and interior with the lighter carbon fiber to help with weight and therefore performance. This will add around $20,000 to the bottom line, however. 

Other 570 McLaren models

If you’re looking to let your hair down and go for a convertible option, the McLaren 570S Spider is the top-down version of the 570S. The Spider option does raise the price tag however, depending on what year model, the 570S Spider will cost you anywhere from around $220,000 up to around $435,750.

If you’re more of a person of comfort and want a McLaren that is more practical as well as comfortable, then you could go for the 570GT Coupe. The added comfort doesn’t take away from the breathtaking power and drive of the 570 series, with the 570GT having a 0-60 of only 0.1 seconds less than the 570S. The McLaren 570GT has an original market price of $202,950. 

Alternative McLaren models

McLaren has a fantastic range of cars that vary in price. If you want to go for something a little cheaper than the McLaren 570 then the McLaren 540C is a perfect alternative. It houses the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 as the 570S and shares most of its bodywork and design with the 570S as well.

The 540C has a top speed a little lower than the 570S at just shy of 120 mph (193 kph) but the turbocharged engine can still launch the 540C from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. The biggest difference in the engine is that the 570S can produce 562 bhp (brake horsepower) while the 540C produces only around 532 bhp. Other than that the only real difference between the two cars is the price. With the 540C only costing $165,000. 

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