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Maserati Seats – Chic Practicality (Best Quick Guide)

A defining interior aspect of any automobile are the seats that have been fitted into the cabin and Maserati seats are the perfect example of this. As a child, our earliest memories of car travel include the seats that we sat on. The smell and the texture of the seat covers are very symbolic for us, with our fingers running over fabric, vinyl or leather. If the car was brand new, then the smell of the interior is dominated by the scent of the seats.

In recent years, the level of quality has only improved. Even in mass produced vehicles, the seats that are now installed, are of a much better quality. But, in the luxury brands, this level has grown exponentially. So, it’s not surprising that the Italian carmakers exemplify this design aspect.

Maserati Seats

To the same heights that Italian haute couture and interior design furnishings achieve, so does Maserati take their design tasks seriously too. In every model of their current fleet, you will find Maserati car seats that are perfectly proportioned for their purpose as well as a wide selection of textures of the highest quality.

Maserati uses the finest silk, faux suede and leather to ensure each of the Maserati seats is enveloped in the highest quality possible.

Top of the Line Materials

The three textures of choice, that are used for Maserati seats, are all of the highest specifications.

The artificial suede is supplied by Alcantara who provides this material for many automakers. This soft suede material is ideal for ventilation and heat dispersal. This fabric is mainly used in the sportier models of Maserati, where the driver’s pulse rate is at an elevated level and needs a cool seat.

House of Zegna

For their more luxurious fit outs, Maserati would go into partnership with one of Italy’s premier design houses to provide silk fabric.

Maserati Seats zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna exclusively produced silk cloth, something that could have been stitched into an elegant Italian suit, that would be used for the central panels of the seat and backrest of the chair. The intricate weave of the silk cloth is quite exquisite and exemplifies what Maserati is defined by.

World of Leather

For over two decades already, the Maserati leather seats have been provided by the leading name in leather furniture. The Italian company, Poltrona Frau, have been in existence longer than Maserati. Beginning in 1912, Renzo Frau began his furniture factory and shop as he tapped into the growing demand for high quality home furnishings. Within a couple of decades, Poltrona Frau (poltrona is Italian for armchair) had dominated the domestic market and their reputation had spread across Europe and was venturing into America.

Maserati Seats Old

Though it would not be until the early 1980’s when the furniture company turned their attention to automobiles. The Italian carmaker, Lancia, approached them to upholster their new luxury sedan, the Thelma. This was greeted very positively and soon other automotive companies approached them as well.

When Connelly, the major supplier of quality car leather went bust, Poltrona Frau realized the great business potential this had for them and took a more concerted effort to move into the industry. In the present day, every major luxury brand uses their cow hides and they have special partnerships with both Ferrari and Maserati to ensure they are the only carmakers to receive their most refined and exclusive leather. The company takes as much care in their product as Maserati does, with a vast array of tanning technics and palettes of color.


The Maserati GranTurismo seats were designed specifically for a grand tourer. Lightweight sport seats but still giving a lot of support and comfort. Upholstery options include a full leather covering or a contrast of Poltrona Frau and Alcantara suede for the central panels and head rest.

Maserati Seats Granturismo

The Maserati GranTurismo rear seats are surprisingly more spacious than most give them credit for. The two similar bucket-seat style seats in the rear can support two adults in the back (so long as they aren’t too tall) with a modicum of comfort.

Maserati Seats MC Stradale

However, if the buyer wished to make his GT more like a racer, then the GranTurismo MC Stradale offered fully stripped down carbon fiber race bucket seats with safety strapping. These suede clothed seats are very supportive but minimal in long term comfort.

More Refinement

The Maserati seats that would be used in their other cars were designed on a similar scale. A more refined car seat but still providing a lot of lateral support for the body while the rear seats offered more space and room.

The Maserati Ghibli seats were resplendent in multiple different hues of color leather with choices of suede or Zegna silk. For models in colder climates, the Maserati Ghibli heated seats were available. As a further option, the GranLusso editions, for the Ghibli or Quattroporte, offered ventilated leather for the central panels instead of the Alcantara.

The Maserati Levante 5 seats, that were on offer in their SUV, offered similar levels of quality. in leather, suede and silk. Though, as a further option, the Trofeo edition provided the seats’ central panel in a quilted leather finish.

Top of the Line

Their supercar would also get specific attention too, as the Maserati MC20 seats were bespoke and luxurious bucket seats.

Maserati Seats MC20

Plaid in Alcantara suede and carbon fiber accents, the stylish and modern Maserati seats look as spectacular as the car’s exterior. For the latest models, the Maserati seats have been given a deeply contrasting blue trim for the stitching, piping and the central panels.

Plush Predecessor

But a fine example of a plush and sumptuous leather interior, we need to look back at the Quattroporte III. Though disappointing to look at from the outside, the interior was awash in soft and comfortable leather.

Maserati Seats quattroporte iii

All of the Maserati seats were more akin to proper leather armchairs, as they were quite wide and not contoured. For a long drive, these were perfect to recline into but if going through corners at speed then you better hold on.

Maserati Seats quattroporte iii rear

Maserati seats are a key factor to the style and performance of their automobiles. No matter what model they produce, their seats provide chic practicality for every occasion.

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