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Porsche GT3 RS Wing Delete: How It’s Done

While not something that everybody will be interested in, a Porsche GT3 RS wing delete is definitely on the minds of some.

If you aren’t sure what a wing delete actually is or means, don’t worry, it’s not complicated, and we will get to it in just a moment.

This blog post will cover why the GT3 RS has a wing in the first place, as well as the benefits of removing it.

And, of course, we will teach you how to do so if you do decide that a Porsche GT3 RS wing delete is something you would be genuinely interested in for some reason. Let’s jump right into the Porsche GT3 RS wing delete, what it is, and how to do it.


  • A Porsche GT3 RS wing delete involves removing the wing from the car.
  • The wing on a GT3 RS serves multiple purposes, including generating downforce, reducing drag, and enhancing aerodynamics.
  • Reasons for considering a wing delete include weight reduction, which can slightly improve acceleration and handling, and aesthetic preferences.
  • Removing the wing for aesthetic reasons may alter the car’s appearance but should be carefully considered, as the wing is a signature feature of the GT3 RS.
  • However, removing the wing can negatively impact the car’s handling and stability, especially at high speeds and during cornering.
  • Porsche has cautioned against removing the wing, as it can make the car unstable at high speeds.
  • To perform a Porsche GT3 RS wing delete, you need to access the wing mounts, remove the bolts holding the brackets in place, lift the wing out evenly (with assistance), and install a wing cover to maintain rear-end stability.
  • It’s essential to exercise caution and consider the potential downsides before deciding to delete the wing from a GT3 RS.

What Is A GT3 RS Wing Delete?

First, just to clarify, in case you didn’t already know or hadn’t already guessed, deleting the wing is just another way of saying removing or uninstalling the wing.

They are exactly the same process, just with a slightly different name. It sounds a little odd sometimes because we tend to think of deleting things as something we do with technology, like files on our computers or pictures on our phones, for example.

But delete is just another way of saying remove, and that’s exactly what you are doing to the GT3 RS wing. It really doesn’t matter which term you use, in the car world, you can delete or remove a whole bunch of components from cars, for example, a rear seat delete, to save weight.

Why Is There A Wing On The Porsche GT3 RS?

Let’s get something straight. The Porsche GT3 RS is an incredibly quick and powerful car, which makes it tend to try and leave the road when it starts to build up some real speed.

So, firstly, the wing generates downforce, which helps to keep the car planted to the ground at high speeds, providing better stability and grip.

gt3 rs wing delete finish

This downforce is particularly important for a high-performance car like the GT3 RS, which is designed to also be suitable for use on the track.

Downforce is even more important for raceway conditions. Secondly, the wing helps improve the car’s overall aerodynamics, contributing to better performance and handling. And thirdly, it looks cool on the road, even though you’re not getting anywhere near the speeds to feel the benefits of it.

It truly gives the GT3 RS that race car for the road vibe everyone talks about.

Why Even Consider A GT3 RS Wing Delete?

If it looks so cool and greatly benefits the car’s overall handling and driving experience, why on earth would you want/try to delete the wing? One reason is weight reduction, as removing the wing can reduce the overall weight of the car slightly.

This can improve acceleration, especially when top speed is priority; the lack of downforce will reduce your traction but help gain in raw acceleration as there’s less resistance as you reach higher speeds.

However, the weight savings from removing the wing will probably be pretty small compared to the car’s overall weight. Therefore, the benefit of the reduced weight will be almost unnoticeable.

Another reason (and the only reason that makes any real sense) is that someone might consider a wing delete purely for aesthetic purposes.

gt3 rs wing delete end plate

Some people may prefer the look of the GT3 RS without the wing, which can give the car a sleeker and more refined appearance. In a sense, it also turns the car into more of a GT3 Touring, as this is essentially what a touring is, a wingless GT3. So what you’d essentially be achieving is a GT3 RS Touring.

However, you must remember that the wing is a signature feature of the GT3 RS and an important part of the car’s design, so removing it may not be the best idea.

But each to their own. Although we should warn you, some risks are associated with performing a Porsche GT3 RS wing delete, so you may want to think it over before committing fully.

Is Porsche GT3 RS Wing Delete Worth It?

In terms of whether it’s worth it, you need to consider some serious downsides to doing a GT3 RS wing delete that can negatively impact the car’s handling and performance, especially at high speeds.

The wing is such a vital part of the car’s aerodynamic design and helps to generate that highly important downforce that we discussed earlier, which in turn improves stability and grip.

Removing the wing can make the car more difficult to handle and less stable, especially in high-speed corners and on the track, which is what the GT3 was designed to do.

Porsche has even warned about removing the wing from the Porsche GT3 RS because it can become wildly unstable at high speeds.

GT3 RS Wing Delete – Pros & Cons

I’ve summarized some of the pros and cons of performing a GT3 RS Wing Delete, so you can easily determine if it’s the right thing for you and your own RS:

1. Weight Reduction: Removing the wing can slightly reduce the overall weight of the car.1. Loss of Downforce: The wing generates crucial downforce which helps keep the car stable at high speeds. Without it, the car could become unstable.
2. Aesthetic Appeal: For some, the GT3 RS might look sleeker without the wing.2. Impacted Aerodynamics: The wing improves the car’s overall aerodynamics which can affect performance and handling.
3. Achieve GT3 RS Touring look: It gives the appearance of a GT3 Touring, a wingless GT3.3. Less Grip: Downforce also contributes to grip, especially during high-speed corners.
4. Warnings from Porsche: The manufacturer has warned about potential instability when the wing is removed, especially at high speeds.
5. Potential Damage During Removal: Lifting out the wing unevenly can lead to damages to the wing and other parts of the car.

How To Perform A Porsche GT3 RS Wing Delete?

Just to clarify, once again, we do not think you should remove your GT3 RS wing. But if you insist, here’s what you need to do. First, remove or open the rear engine cover to access the car’s wing mounts.

When you can access them, you can remove the bolts holding the brackets in place on either side with an Allen or Torque wrench.

You will likely need a friend or helper because once you have to loosen each bolt, you will need to lift the wing out. And since the wing is so bulky, lifting it out evenly can be hard.

If you don’t, you risk sending bolts and brackets cascading into your engine bay, and you will likely scrape your wing and scuff it up quite a bit.

Once you have done so, you can clean up the rear engine cover, and if you’ve got some end caps, now is the perfect time to put them on each end of where the wing was previously mounted.

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