porsche guards red vs carmine red

Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red

Porsche has always been eager to innovate with their choices. Engine, body shape, electric vs petrol, you name it. Another way that they have always been willing to innovate is by the simple act of exploring new colors, new styles, new ideas, and aesthetics.

We’re going to weave through the similarities and differences between Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red.

We have the old vs the new (ish) in a way that we don’t often get to see. You can tell a lot about the evolution of Porsche through the little details, like the colors they choose to use and the colors they choose to retire.

Luckily for us, Guards Red has been around long enough by now, we can feel safe and secure knowing it won’t be retiring anytime soon! Let’s dive right into it!


  • Porsche Guards Red is a classic, deep, and iconic red color associated with Porsche for over 60 years.
  • Porsche Carmine Red, introduced in 2017, is a brighter, vibrant red with orange and yellow undertones, giving it a more modern and sporty appearance.
  • Guards Red has a timeless quality and is versatile for various paint types, while Carmine Red is more eye-catching and suits newer Porsche models.
  • The rarity of each color can vary; Guards Red may be considered rarer due to its long history, while Carmine Red is newer and less common.
  • Choosing between the two colors depends on personal preference and the Porsche model you’re considering.
  • Other popular Porsche red colors include Racing Red, Indian Red, Chianti Red, Ruby Red, Salsa Red, and Amaranth Red.

The History of Porsche Guards Red

Porsche Guard Red is a bright, bold, and iconic red that has been associated with Porsche for an incredibly long time. And it’s not just because it is a deep, rich shade of red that works for both classic and modern cars that make it a popular choice for Porsche enthusiasts.

It is largely popular because it has such a close-knit history with Porsche. Porsche Guard Red dates back to the 1960s when it was first introduced as an option for the newer and updated Porsche 356.

This means Porsche Guards Red has now existed for about 65 years. Not too shabby, right? Over the years, the color has been used on a variety of models as it has such a close connection with Porsche.

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Source / Rennbow – Guards Red

It has indisputably become one of the most recognizable colors associated with Porsche as a brand. In terms of color composition, Porsche Guard Red is a deep, rich red shade often described as being close to a “true red”.

Basically, it’s about as “red as red can be”. It has a strong, bold hue that is not too bright or too dark, making it a versatile color for matte, pearlescent, gloss, and metallic paint types.

The History of Porsche Carmine Red

On the other hand, we have Porsche Carmine Red, which doesn’t quite have the same history as it is a more recent addition to the Porsche color wheel.

It was first introduced in 2017 and is a brighter, vibrant red shade with hues of orange and yellow. It has a slightly warm orange undertone, giving it a happy and sunny appearance.

The color composition of Porsche Carmine Red is a brighter, more intense shade of red than Guards Red. It has a higher saturation level, which gives it a more eye-catching appearance.

You get the feeling that Carmine Red has been engineered to be appealing, whereas Guards Red was a stroke of genius/luck. It is a modern and sporty color that looks great on newer Porsche models, like the GT4 and Taycan.

Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red – Which Is Rarer?

This is a really interesting question because the answer here varies slightly more than it might in similar scenarios.

So, assuming that Guards Red isn’t used all that often despite its age and because of how dated it can sometimes feel compared to newer reds, you could argue that it’s quite a rare color despite being wildly popular.

The sample size of cars we are talking about is 60 years’ worth of vehicles! On the other hand, since Carmine Red is quite new (relatively speaking), you will therefore find that it’s not around as much simply because it hasn’t had the opportunity to be.

The answer to which color is rarest would probably have to be Carmine Red.

Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red – What’s Best For You?

Both colors are pretty easy to get a hold of if you are buying a new Porsche on spec. You can most likely get either color for nearly the same price on your car, so let’s take price out of the equation for a minute.

You will probably find that Carmine Red looks better on newer, modern Porsches because it feels more in line with the modernity of the cars.

porsche carmine red
Source / Rennbow – Carmine Red

On the other hand, you might want to go for Porsche Guards Red because it just has a little more about it, some history, some style, especially if you are getting a respray on an older car or a custom Porsche built from a brand like Singer Designs.

Personally, we are old school, and there is something special about an original Porsche color, no matter which color it is, that has a little more going for it than these newer re-colors. Even if they are arguably better in some regards, Porsches are timeless classics; why wouldn’t you, therefore, go with a timeless color?

Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red – What Other Reds Does Porsche Have?

There are a ton of other great reds that you might be interested in if neither Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red is exactly what you are looking for.

You might like Porsche Racing Red, which is brighter and bolder. Or perhaps Porsche Indian Red which is rich, deep, and almost chocolatey. There is also: Chianti Red, Ruby Red, Salsa Red, And Amaranth Red.

The Verdict On Porsche Guards Red vs Carmine Red

Whichever red you decide is right for you will look great on just about any Porsche! Porsche has perfected the styling and bodywork of their cars to get them to the point where the color of the paint job just highlights the incredible craftsmanship that has gone into each car.

It doesn’t steal the show as many colors do for other brands. Like Ford Blue, for example, seems to make every Ford transform into the exact same amorphous blob of a vehicle.

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