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Maserati Gransport MC Victory – 1 of 180 Review

Introducing the Maserati Gransport MC Victory

Made in 2006 this gorgeous Maserati Gransport MC Victory is not your everyday Maserati, this specific one happens to be the first Maserati Gransport MC Victory to roll off the production line over in Modena, Italy.

2006 maserati gransport mc victory

At a limited production of just 180 Maserati Gransport MC Victory’s this rare find was created to pay homage to the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers Cup champion car, the Maserati MC12 racer via some unique styling cues. In my opinion the unique styling of this Italian beauty is timeless, with no doubt of it becoming a future classic.

maserati gransport

Setting the Maserati Gransport MC Victory Apart from the Gransport

Much like the standard 2006 Maserati Gransport, the MC Victory retains a lot from the original car such as the key styling attributes of the body, the same engine and key parts of the interior. It makes sense to not sway too far from the original car as it is brilliant. The changes start with subtle improvements to the aesthetics aspects of the car. Much like the MC12 race car, Maserati improved the aerodynamic capabilities by adding a front splitter and rear spoiler in blue carbon.

2006 maserati gransport mc victory

As all proud Italians do, the heritage of the product was made obvious with a bold Italian flag emblem placed on the front quarter panels.

2006 maserati gransport mc victory

With a focus on the aesthetics of the car, Maserati also updated the interior by adding a flavour of blue leather, alcantara and carbon throughout the dashboard, steering wheel, seats and door panels, which added together has produced a very tasteful cockpit for the driver to enjoy.

2006 maserati gransport mc victory interior

Although for me, the cherry on top would be the seats, which come directly out of the Maserati MC12. The driver and passenger seats are both carbon bucket seats which hug you with blue leather and alcantara.

2006 maserati gransport mc victory carbon seats

As race focused as a carbon bucket seat is, it’s unexpectedly quite comfortable to sit in for long periods at a time, with the exception being if you’ve got a larger body it could be a tight squeeze.

2006 maserati gransport mc victory carbon seats

Not only are there aesthetic upgrades, Maserati also enhanced the driveability of the 2006 Maserati Gransport MC Victory by upgrading the steering rack to improve the feel and agility of the car, with the added benefit being the stability at higher speeds is greatly improved compared to the original Maserati Gransport.

Performance of the Gransport MC Victory

On paper the 2006 Maserati Gransport MC Victory has exactly the same engine specifications as the standard 2006 Maserati Gransport specs although this specific car feels a lot faster than the specs suggest. With a V8 engine boasting a beefy 295KW/396HP and 452NM/333LB ft of torque this car is definitely not to be taken lightly.

2006 maserati gransport specs

With an 6 speed paddle shift, single clutch gearbox, these figures propel the car from 0 – 100km/h in a very respectable 4.8seconds which for 2007 was a very quick time, even in comparison to todays equivalent, the Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale makes it from 0 – 100km/h in 4.5 seconds which is only .3 of a second faster! Regardless, there’s other aspects which differentiate these two cars making them both special in their own right.

maserati gransport

A Tastefully Modified Gransport MC Victory

Now, it’s important to mention that the owner of this Gransport MC Victory has modified the exhaust with a full Larini exhaust minus the headers, including an x-pipe, 200 cell catalytic converter and rear mufflers. As with any exhaust this changed the feeling the car gives you significantly. Considering this is an exhaust on a Maserati V8 the experience is amplified dramatically adding to the drama and theater Italian cars are known for.

2006 maserati gransport

With the Larini installed the Maserati Gransport MC Victory became an orchestra of beautiful Italian V8 music that popped and crackled not only when you were driving in a spirited fashion but also when you were cruising at lower speeds, modulating the throttle to enjoy different exhaust notes. I found this quite addictive, adding to my enjoyment as certain parts of the rev range revealed unique and exciting exhaust notes.

maserati gransport mc victory

The other key modification installed by the owner was the Drive by Wire (F1 Enhancement Module) made by Formula Dynamics. Initially I drove the car with the module turned off and when it was turned on I could definitely notice an improvement in the shift pattern of the car. It became slightly sportier and generally felt better, it wasn’t a night and day modification but the fact that having this module installed improves shifting performance and also slows down clutch wear is a bonus from every angle in my book. I would prefer to prolong the need to replace a Maserati clutch as long as possible considering the premium price of parts that comes with the Ferrari/Maserati brand (although it’s completely justifiable as a car enthusiast).

The Championship Winning Feeling

The Maserati Gransport certainly does feel quite special compared to a normal point a to b car, but the Gransport MC Victory is a step beyond that. From the factory sitting inside the cockpit with the carbon bucket seats and various blue materials used throughout the cabin you immediately get a sense that you’re in something special.

2006 maserati gransport

I don’t know why but I also find that Maserati’s in general smell a certain way that’s different to other cars, maybe it’s the use of higher quality materials. Maserati’s aren’t well known for their interiors but this car comes from an era which is acceptable to just have the basics. From an enthusiasts perspective there’s nothing to complain about. There’s even a gorgeous analog clock in the middle of the dash that reminds you that Maserati is a brand all about class.

maserati gransport

Everything in this car contributes to the special feeling you get when you’re out on the road. This also includes the way the car drives, adjustments Maserati have made to the steering rack definitely make the car feel very agile and alive. It’s not a difficult car to drive and is something that inspires confidence if you want to put your foot down.

A Glorious Exhaust Note

When you’re driving along whether you’re going full throttle and letting that glorious V8 sing or cruising a normal speeds, the car changes it’s exhaust note depending on how you modulate the throttle. This is something that I personally have a lot of fun with and it allows me to enjoy the sound of the car at any speed. Not to mention, as you’re performing this wizardry with your right foot you’re attracting the attention of every single pedestrian, which is obviously thanks to the Larini exhaust that I mentioned earlier.

maserati gransport running costs

Maserati and the owner have chosen all of the right components to create a winning formula that makes you feel like you’re in a one of a kind machine giving you a small glimpse of what it would feel like to be in the championship winning MC12. Everything from the interior and exterior to the performance of the car will put a smile on your face every drive.

Concluding the Gransport with a Victory for Maserati

Without a doubt the Maserati Gransport MC Victory is a future classic, this is already evident as the prices of these cars are increasing year on year. It was a massive joy to have the opportunity to drive the final edition of the Maserati Gransport on multiple occasions and one that I will not forget anytime soon.

maserati gransport

The entire package has been put together phenomenally well. I believe even non-enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the MC Victory. If I ever get the chance to find one of these for sale at a reasonable price some day, I’ll be very tempted to pull the trigger and turn it into my weekend/daily driver.

The car has been put together quite well, I’ve been informed the Maserati Gransport running costs aren’t high, aside from the fuel consumption associated with a V8 engine and price of Maserati Gransport parts when servicing. Although no major/costly issues have been encountered over the past few years of ownership. If you’re in the market for a Maserati Gransport, it’s an excellent choice that you wont regret, especially if it’s an MC Victory!

If you’re looking for even more information on the 2006 Maserati Gransport pop over to the Maserati Gransport forum to find out more!

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