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Porsche’s Shark Blue GT4: Our Expert Opinion

Porsche comes out with a lot of colors. Some hit, and some definitely miss. In fact, you could say almost all of them hit.

But they aren’t perfect, they make mistakes, and from time to time, they come out with a color that is so vile and unusable that you have to really think about what the heck they were thinking. Luckily, that is absolutely not the case with the Shark Blue GT4. IT. IS. STUNNING. It’s amazing.

It’s vibrant and bright but not gaudy. It looks like a classic Porsche but is completely unique. And it comes on one of the nicest cars they have come out with in recent years. So, here is everything you need to know about the Shark Blue GT4.


  • The Shark Blue GT4 is a striking metallic blue color introduced by Porsche for the 2020 718 Cayman GT4.
  • It draws inspiration from Porsche’s iconic “Gulf Blue” racing livery from the 1960s and 1970s.
  • While I believe it was first featured on a 992 GT3, Shark Blue is now available as an option for most other Porsche models for an additional cost of $2,580 to $3,270.
  • If it’s not available as an option, you can usually select it from the paint-to-sample option for an additional $13,150. 

The Key Facts On Porsche’s Shark Blue

The Shark Blue GT4 is seen as a recent color variant of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. The Shark Blue color is a brilliant, metallic blue shade that was introduced in 2020 as a new option exclusively for the GT3 model.

While Shark Blue itself is indeed new, it isn’t exactly as if Porsche came up with it out of nowhere. It is heavily inspired by Porsche’s iconic Mexico and Miami blues as well as the iconic dark version of “Gulf Blue” used in the 1960s. 

These blues are about as quintessentially Porsche as any other color, and the new Shark Blue aims to replicate, and perhaps even improve, on it.

Shark Blue is actually LD5C (color code), and even though it has no relation to the color codes mentioned above, they haven’t exactly strayed far from a proven winner, have they?

Is The Shark Blue GT4 Color Exclusive To The GT4?

As is often the case with Porsche, this is a tricky question to answer, it was technically exclusive to the 992 GT3 until it was introduced to the rest of their range, as you can absolutely still get it on other models.

So the answer is no, the Shark Blue color was introduced intending to be used as an option for the Porsche GT4 based on the GT3. Though, it very quickly became apparent that it was not going to be not limited to the GT models.

shark blue gt4
Source / Rennlist Forums

It is also now available openly as an option for other Porsche models, such as the 911 and the Panamera, for an additional cost of $2,580 to $3,270 or, if it’s not a standard option, at a cost of $13,150 as a paint-to-sample color.

And it is not a trivial additional cost either. However, you might find that you can get Shark Blue on a variety of Porsches so long as you find a dealership willing to work with you a little.

How Rare Is A Shark Blue GT4?

No one knows (well, except Porsche) exactly how many Shark Blue GT4s were ever made and sold. However, the Shark Blue GT4 has only been released for only a short amount of time and, since then, has become available on the 991’s, Boxsters and Caymans from 2022-2023.

If you are looking for a rare Porsche color on your GT4, then Shark Blue is certainly going to meet those criteria.

Of course, you will find that there are other Porsches that use the Shark Blue color now. And even more that use an illegitimate duplicate color.

According to Rennbow, they give it 3/5 for rarity, so it’s not super rare, but you won’t typically see the color around.

How Expensive Is The Shark Blue GT4?

It is going to vary somewhat from place to place, country to country, etc. But, for the base model Shark Blue GT4, you could expect to pay about $100,000 USD on average.

If you wanted all the bells and whistles, that price could quickly jump. Now, though, prices will vary drastically.

For a brand new Shark Blue GT4 from the original set produced, you might expect to pay as much as 50% over the original asking price. For a secondhand Shark Blue GT4, you can still expect to pay close to a hundred thousand dollars.

What’s A Cheaper Alternative To A Shark Blue GT4?

If you want a genuine Porsche paint job similar in color and style but a little lighter on your wallet, you might want to consider Miami Blue if it’s available as a standard color in the configurator.

A vibrant, bright color, just like Shark Blue. But Miami Blue is a lot lighter. In simple terms, Shark Blue is dark blue, and Miami Blue is light blue.

If you don’t care about Porsche being the manufacturer of the paint, you could simply buy some of the same color code of paint from a third-party service. Or if you’re not that daring, you can just wrap it, there are plenty of color options similar to Shark Blue from the big wrap companies like 3M, Avery or Inozetek.

Can I Get The Shark Blue GT4 Color On A Different Porsche?

Yes, you can certainly request Shark Blue on a different Porsche model, such as the 911 and standard Boxster and Cayman.

Porsche offers a wide range of color options for its vehicles, including Shark Blue in some cases.

However, Porsche is unlikely to offer Shark Blue openly to any and all older models of Porsche. In this case, you can just use the Paint-To-Sample service (if it’s available).

Can You Get Shark Blue On Other Non-Porsche Cars?

You could, but it would have to be a non-Porsche paint job. Porsche is not in the habit of sharing its color designs with anybody.

Of course, using the color code we provided, you could go to a paint and body shop and see if they would be willing to mix and then paint your car for you.

Not every shop has the capability to do so, but most can get pretty damn close to Shark Blue. For a lot cheaper, too.

Verdict On The Shark Blue GT4

If you couldn’t tell, we are quite fond of the Shark Blue GT4. The color and the car are brilliant, so how could you not love them together?

While it isn’t super easy to get your hands on one, they are certainly out there if you are willing to track them down. Shark Blue is an awesome color, and while it looks good on just about anything, it looks best on the GT4 and GT3 models.

Along with some yellow PCCB calipers with black rims? Forget about it. What a work of art! As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the other great articles we have talking about all things Porsche. See you again soon. Cheers!

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