The Striking Nitro Yellow Supra Color

The Toyota Supra is one of the most iconic cars ever made for most of us. Whether or not you feel Toyota has stayed true to its roots with the modern-day Supras no one can take away everything they have achieved with the timeless classics over the past few decades. One thing that Toyota likes to do, which somehow manages to upset members of the community, is to release new and exciting colors generationally, such as the Nitro Yellow Supra color.

What this means is that while there are plenty of colors that roll over from generation to generation there are also colors that get released with only limited circulation. They may only be available for a couple of years at most before they became something akin to legend. One such color that they have recently released is the Nitro Yellow Supra color. Here is everything you need to know about that color and how it has been received in the community.

A bit about the Nitro Yellow Color

The Nitro yellow color made so popular by the Supra has risen to fame, or in some cases, infamy, within the Toyota community as Supra owners and admirers alike have very mixed feelings about whether or not the Nitro yellow is nice or perhaps should never have even existed in the first place.

Some people are even up in arms about whether or not Nitro yellow is evenly technically yellow. It has been years guys, I think we should all be able to agree that Nitro yellow is yellow. Its color code is DO6 so you can check it out yourself with as much scrutiny as you please.

What Year Did The Nitro Yellow Supra Come Out?

The Nitro yellow Supra technically came out in 2019, as that is when the first promo pictures of the new Supra appeared. But, you will find that it didn’t really become “mainstream” until about mid-2020 when the Supra started to really gain traction.

Given what we said above about Toyota running certain colors for only a short amount of time you can be forgiven for worrying that you may have missed the boat with this one. We will get into the details of that later including whether there is still a chance for you to pick up a new nitro yellow Supra for yourself one day.

Is The Nitro Yellow Supra Popular?

Despite the controversy mentioned above there is no denying that the nitro-yellow Supra is popular. You have very likely seen one out and about, even if you perhaps didn’t notice it at the time as being the nitro-yellow model. The Nitro yellow color is bright and attention-grabbing and most people tend to turn and look at it when it drives by.

This isn’t an ordinary yellow and most people find the shades of orange hidden within the yellow hue to be captivating. As we mentioned earlier or in the article, Supra tends to bring colors in and out of production to create some variety in its vehicles and to generate hype about its new models. When it comes to nitro-yellow Supras it seems as if they are popular enough for Toyota to run them for multiple years and in fact, it has already been 3 years since the nitro-yellow option was made available. Would they offer it if people didn’t want it?

Another reason that Toyota phases colors out of production is that if they simply aren’t selling and people don’t seem to like them why would they keep using them? The customer is always right and often gets mistakenly used to mean that the customer should be coddled like a baby no matter what they are whining about. What it actually means is that you should sell the customer what they want not what you think they want. And customers want nitro-yellow Supras!

Will They Keep Offering Nitro Yellow Supras In The Future?

Despite what we just said in the past paragraph it is unlikely that Toyota will run the nitro yellow supra forever as they rarely commit a color to immortality. However, it seems as if (for now) Toyota intends to keep allowing you to order nitro-yellow Supras. That could change at any moment though so if you are on the fence about buying a nitro yellow Supra you may want to pull the trigger on one before it’s too late!

Can I Get Nitro Yellow On Other Toyota Vehicles?

Now, nitro yellow was designed specifically for the Toyota Supra so you theoretically cannot get it on other Toyota vehicles. However, you can always ask. And by ask, we might mean grease some palms, or we might not. Seriously though, while the general policy is that nitro yellow is for Supras and Supras only if a mechanic, dealership, or body shop has access to nitro yellow paint you could theoretically get your car resprayed.

Can I Get Nitro Yellow On Other Car Manufacturer’s Vehicles?

So, we just mentioned that there might be some workarounds for Toyota owners to get their hands on the nitro yellow paint. But what if you don’t own a Toyota? Well, there remains one final option before you. You could go to a body shop and present them with the nitro yellow color code (DO6) and a color palette swab of the nitro yellow Supra.

You could even show them colors online and they could try to find the specific hexacode for the color that they can then use to mix their own version. It may not be technically the same unless they are incredibly good at their job. But it will be pretty darn close. Close enough that no one but you will know!


The Nitro Yellow Supra is one of the coolest things Toyota has brought out over the past few years and it is clear why they have kept nitro yellow in their Supra circulation for a few years already. Hopefully, they continue to do so. Owning a nitro-yellow Supra isn’t a reality for most of us but we can still take immense amounts of joy from seeing them from time to time. And who knows, maybe one day! Thanks for reading and goodbye for now.

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