2011 Ford Flex – A Champion All-Rounder

American style and presence

The 2011 Ford Flex is a stunning car. It embodies the American look with its square design and angled sweep of the front. The car is stunning to look at and we can assure you that nothing else on the road looks remotely close to this car. It feels like a blend of the best cars on the road. One glance and you can tell the car has taken cues from the Mini Cooper and Land Rover, and has remarkably improved on that. You get a car that looks like a mini-van, an SUV, and yet it parades as a crossover.

The horizontal design of the car is ever-present and even the grille is composed of three huge horizontal sections. The straight lines are only interrupted by a curve here and there. The design language of the 2011 Ford Flex is simply unique.

You can add charming elements to the car; a brushed metal tailgate, white mirrors and roof, and a chrome trim to make the car even more outstanding. The car is incredibly long and wide, you get a vehicle that will command respect and space on the roads in every single drive. The 20-inch wheels add good character to the car. The disposition and size, combined with the very American look and feel make the 2011 Ford Flex a muscle car-esque SUV, a very fitting persona.

Peak performance of a Ford

The 2011 Ford Flex does not skimp on performance by any standards. In fact, the SUV packs a punch when it comes to engine power. While the turbocharged option is tempting and if your pockets are deep enough, we definitely recommend you get it. The base V6 engine is naturally aspirated and provides plenty of firepower.

The 3.5-liter V6 engine produces a staunch 262 bhp coupled with a peak torque output of 248 lb-ft. The result is a car that does not feel laggy or slow, despite the proportions. The car can easily pull through at freeway speeds even with a cabin full of passengers.

A six-speed automatic transmission is standard and you can opt for an all-wheel-drive setup for a sturdier ride for bad weather conditions. The EcoBoost Flex is the turbocharged sibling of the base model 2011 Ford Flex. The same engine has been souped up to get you 355 bhp, which is more than the competition. The 2011 Ford Flex specs, especially with the EcoBoost engine are simply too good. They even rival a V8 engine!

You can feel the performance through the steering feedback and the immensely good ride quality. You will have no trouble getting the best out of the car, even on the base model. There is no struggle or push to get the engine up to the mark and we believe that as an SUV, the Flex sets a good standard for other cars.

Comfort in spades

The 2011 Ford Flex has a great engine and an even better design, so has the company faltered in some areas? We don’t think so. The Ford Flex’s interiors are remarkably comfortable. The car has put in space and passenger comfort as a priority. They have nailed the proportions of seating along with headroom and legroom.

The car can comfortably seat seven people without anyone feeling sore or tired. The Ford Flex sacrifices absolute space and maximum seating for comfort. The second row is so spacious that it puts other SUVs to shame. You do not get a lot of cargo space and that has been sacrificed for optimal seating arrangement.

Besides the space and comfort the trims such as the faux-wooden inlays, metallic inserts, and leather all play together to provide a very up-market feel to the cabin. The simplicity and the usage of these elements are so well done that you forget it is relatively a budget-friendly car. In fact, to get a better idea of the quality of materials the 2011 Ford Flex can be compared to a Land Rover. For those of you with a camper, you will be delighted to learn that the 2011 Ford Flex towing capacity sits at a hefty 4500 lbs.

The safest vehicle on the roads

Now another area where the 2011 Ford Flex shines brilliantly is safety. You thought the Ford Flex could not get any better? The car has too many aces up its sleeves. The safety aspect of the 2011 Ford Flex is so good that the NHSTA and the IIHS agree that you cannot find a safer vehicle than the Flex.

You get six airbags, stability control with anti-rollover tech, and ABS as standard. For optional tech, you get a rearview camera, traction control, cruise control, blind-spot warning system, and parking sensors come as options. Ford also added the MyKey system, which allows you to set the vehicle’s top speed, stereo controls, and enable stability and traction control. The overall build is also worth a mention as the government rating agency gives the cars five stars on both frontal and side impacts. 

Chock full of features

The car has a lot of features on offer. We have already discussed how it focuses on passenger comfort and it does so by entertaining. Even the base model comes loaded with features. The standard array of options is so good that the 2011 Ford Flex’s competition’s top-end trims cannot match it. Electronic windows, locks, mirrors, capless fuel filler, Ford’s MyKey, and a stereo system are available from the get-go.

A panoramic sunroof, leather interiors, the turbocharged engine, and all-wheel drive are available on more up-market variants such as the 2011 Ford Flex Limited. You can also add refrigerators, a DVD system, Sirius Travellink, 20-inch wheels, and a power tailgate are all additional options designed to take your SUV experience to the max.

The verdict

The 2011 Ford Flex is a nearly flawless car. The 2011 Ford Flex problems lie with fuel efficiency. The numbers are sub-par and is perhaps the only trade-off when it comes to buying the car. Despite this, you get a car that looks distinctly American, a great engine, plush and comfortable interiors, best-in-class safety, and a car stuffed to the brim with features. There isn’t much more you can ask for.

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