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Volkswagen Hatchback – A Tale As Old As Time

The Story of Volkswagen Hatchbacks

Perhaps it would only serve right if we mention the fact that one of the oldest production cars in the world happens to be a hatchback. While the economics of a hatchback may be far nuanced these days, back in the mid-20th century they were simply seen as cars. While there may be modern icons in the hatchback world, none can be as popular and loved as the Volkswagen Beetle, the quintessential car. The Beetle also happens to be one of the most sold cars in the world. Volkswagen has produced a record 21 million units of the Beetle throughout its history.

The Beetle is a proper Volkswagen hatchback and has stood the test of time rather firmly. Volkswagen is so adept at making hatchbacks that the name itself has been associated with the segment over the last few decades. While there have been some iconic cars, very few are cherished like Volkswagen hatchback models are.

The Volkswagen Beetle

What rolled out as the people’s car in 1938, has been around for more than half a century. In fact, the brand Volkswagen was incepted partly as a result of the demand for a car for the people. The Beetle has been an icon in the automotive industry and over the decades it has managed to stay endearing to the eyes of people. Even today, the Volkswagen Beetle is a loved car.

volkswagen hatchback

The Volkswagen Beetle hatchback has retained the same design philosophy from its early years. The iconic curved design and the round headlamps are still part of the fascia. However, the recent iterations have improved tremendously and are still capable of carrying the badge into the future of the company. It is comfortable, convenient, and economic. Nicknamed ‘The Bug’ the Volkswagen Beetle is a car that has forever been etched into history. You can get any of the models from the early 2000s till the latest one from 2020, and you will not be disappointed.

It is zippy on the roads, has all the modern creature comforts you want in a car, and most of all a modern take on an iconic design from which you can rarely take your eyes off.

The Volkswagen Golf

Another one of the iconic cars from the stables of the Volkswagen hatchback, the Golf has also been around for decades. The original car came around in 1974 and since then has catapulted into the most preferred choice for a hatchback. The Golf ranks among the three most sold cars in the world and Volkswagen has seen almost 30 million units roll off its manufacturing line.

volkswagen hatchback

The car has gone through numerous redesigns and in what happens to be the final year, the Volkswagen Golf hatchback comes loaded with features. For 2021, the car comes with terrific performance, loads of space, and handles like a dream. There is a good reason why this car is loved and Volkswagen has offered up a treat for the last version.

volkswagen hatchback

The interiors feel very clean and there is no overt comfort or discomfort in the cabin. Volkswagen makes you feel as though you are in the right place. There is plenty of space and it is airy for a compact car. The car is equipped with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine. You will never feel a lack of power when you are driving it and the budget experience goes out the window as soon as you step on the throttle. The car is smooth and responsive, great at turns, and easy to cruise in.

The Volkswagen Golf GTi

If you want something even better than this, the Volkswagen hatchback GTi should be your choice. While they share the same name, the GTI is far different from a regular Volkswagen Golf. The Golf GTi is a supreme offering from the German carmaker. It is a more expensive car and certainly does not try to hide its hot hatchback heritage. The car builds on the strengths of the traditional Golf hatchback, offering you much better transmission and performance.

volkswagen hatchback

Being more expensive you start getting the complete package from Volkswagen and for the 2021 car, the mid-level SE trim comes loaded with features. Leather interiors, a panoramic sunroof, and LED headlights come as standard. The dual-clutch automatic handles like a dream, however, the manual suits the car better. Under the hood, you get a 228-bhp turbocharged engine that is snappy and delivers an excellent range of power. Not many compact cars can even compete at the level of the Golf GTi. The drive is just different and it is something that can be felt and not described.

volkswagen hatchback

You will also get a comfortable cabin. Dual-zone climate control and power-adjustable leather seats come as luxury options. There is plenty of space for four adults and you will not feel cramped inside the car. The Golf GTi does the hot hatchback segment justice. It is economical and provides you with ample power on tap. There are very hatchbacks in the world, let alone Volkswagen hatchback cars that can compare to a Golf GTi.

The Volkswagen Hatchback Advantage

The quality of Volkswagen is well known. The German carmakers build cars that last, period. It is no surprise as to why both of their hatchback offerings, the Beetle and the Golf have been in production for so long. What’s more, the cars have not lost their charm! Despite being several generations old, the Volkswagen hatchback remains close to the hearts of many.

volkswagen hatchback

The sheer engineering brilliance at work in Volkswagen helps make the evolutionary process in a car’s life look like a breeze. You will get a car that does not feel the test of time.

Volkswagen Hatchback Verdict

There are hatchbacks and then there is a Volkswagen hatchback. The prime difference lies in the quality and the ageless charm. No carmaker in the world can even claim the status they have in this segment. If you choose any of the modern hatchbacks, choose a Volkswagen, you will not be disappointed.

volkswagen hatchback

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