2021 dodge durango interior

2021 Dodge Durango Interior – A Balanced Act

The Great SUV

The Dodge Durango is an excellent choice in the mid-sized SUV territory. The car comes with a superb V8 that blends a mix of power and performance. The highlight of the car, however, is the interiors. The 2021 Dodge Durango interior is a work of art.

2021 dodge durango interior

Dodge has pulled out all the stops here. The cabin of the Durango is classy, you can choose between leather, suede, and cloth as per your convenience, more on that later. You will also get a suite of features that give you true control over your car and your interiors. Among the mid-sized SUVs in the market, the Dodge Durango comes with the best interiors. What is so good about the insides of a car that it deserves such a special mention? Let’s find out.

A Driver First Approach

The most striking aspect of the 2021 Dodge Durango interior is the driver-centric approach. You get a cockpit that is eerily similar to the iconic Dodge Challenger. Dodge says the Durango was indeed inspired by the Challenger. This is very evident as it feels as though you are inside a muscle car than a family-friendly SUV.

2021 dodge durango interior

You get a dashboard that gives you access to various comfort controls. The new instrument panel is a great change from the previous one. You get legible digital dials and the instrumentation is directly in front of the driver.

A Steering Wheel Loaded with Features

Among the 2021 Dodge Durango interior specs, you will find that the steering wheel has been heavily upgraded. The dashboard in general feels a lot more refined and driver-friendly. The steering wheel in particular is a work of art. It is wrapped in textured leather and you get a good view of the seven-inch digital display. You get to see the audio, fuel economy, and a fair few warnings directly in front of you.

2021 dodge durango interior

You also get Dodge’s proprietary Uconnect voice command feature to help you with the electronics inside the car. There is also an option to get paddle shifters, which gives you ease on the gear shifts and excitement on tap. The comfort you get while using the steering wheel is courtesy of the padded leather. The plushness will surprise and delight you.

Tune Everything with your Fingertips

Another great hallmark of the 2021 Dodge Durango interior is the large 10.1-inch touchscreen that sits dab smack in the middle of the dashboard. The screen is also angled seven degrees towards the driver, a subtle shift that goes a long way in helping the driver get access to various electronics.

2021 dodge durango interior

You also get dedicated buttons for heating and cooling the seats. The center console also comes with wireless charging. Through the same touchscreen system, you can easily control the setup of your engine and suspension. Allowing you to set up the ride as per the condition and how you like the ride of your car.

2021 dodge durango interior

Apart from the convenience the design of the AC vents also helps spruce up the upmarket look and feel of the interiors. You can opt for the R/T trim to get an even more luxurious feel to the interiors. The car might look like a beefy family SUV on the outside, however, inside it is a completely different story.

A Closer Look at Uconnect

The Dodge Durango comes equipped with the Uconnect feature. With this, you get a Sirius XM Guardian that gives you access to roadside assistance, and a remote start feature no matter where you are in the United States. The Standard Sirius XM radio also allows you to play tunes, whenever and wherever. You also get access to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay depending on which platform you use. There is also a navigation feature that helps you get to your destination at the press of a button.

Yards of Space

2021 Dodge Durango interior dimensions are remarkable. You can arrange the inside of your car, in more than 50 different ways. You can change the configuration and layout of the car to fit the needs of the passengers and the cargo. You get three rows of seats, allowing you to accommodate as many as eight people! However, for maximum comfort, we recommend only fitting in seven people. The passenger seats are captain chairs, giving them maximum comfort.

2021 dodge durango interior

You also get an option for a 60/40 fold for the rear seats thus helping you maximize cargo space.

The sheer space inside the Durango is immense. You can rest assured that if it was space that was your priority you will get ample amounts of it. Few mid-sized SUVs can compete with the space of a Durango.

Seats for Every Style

The comfort factor of the 2021 Dodge Durango interior has been touched upon briefly in the earlier sections. That is in part due to the plush interiors that wrap the inside of the car. For the seats, you can choose from various options and colors. There are two separate leather options, a premium cloth-based upholstery, and even a neat suede liner for the seats. You can even customize it and opt for a blend between suede and leather or leather seats with suede liners. There are 15 options, and for any buyer, that should more than cover their needs.

2021 dodge durango interior

What’s more, the 2021 Dodge Durango interior colors are aplenty. You can option between deep reds and dark blacks, along with more subtle beige and brown colorways. You can also mix and match colors, the choice is yours. The seats also come with a heating and cooling option. This is also available for the captain seats in the back.

Why is the 2021 Dodge Durango Interior is Simply Brilliant?

If the aforementioned aspects of the Dodge Durango interiors are not enough to persuade you, you need to see this car in person. The car is great from the outside but Dodge has taken a special interest in tuning this car to the maximum on the inside. The 2021 Dodge Durango interior is in a category of its own. It is a borderline luxury car and you will be hard-pressed to find better interiors in any car in the segment.

2021 dodge durango interior

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