average income of porsche owner

What’s The Average Income Of Porsche Owners?

As a brand and individual vehicle, Porsche is a sign of wealth, status, and power. We have mentioned that many times because it often factors into a ton of our content. That being said, it probably factors into this blog post more than any other.

There is a bit of a grey area when it comes to talking about income, wealth, etc. But when we are talking about Porsche, there is an implied level of financial security and success that almost normalizes it.

This blog post will discuss the average income of Porsche owners, explore the demographic of Porsche owners, and explore what kind of people “should” be buying a Porsche based on their financial situation and net worth.

None of this is based on our own personal opinions. It is based on facts and statistics that are inarguable and quantifiable data points. Let’s jump right into it with all of that out of the way.


  • The article discusses the average income of Porsche owners, the demographic of Porsche owners, and who can afford to buy a Porsche.
  • The average income of Porsche owners is estimated to be around $511,000 for their household (adjusted for each country).
  • Porsche owners are typically wealthy individuals with high-paying jobs or successful businesses, often male and aged between 35-55.
  • Porsche ownership is more common in Western countries, with the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe being prominent markets.
  • Porsche has transitioned from producing reasonably affordable sports cars to luxury sports cars over time, making them less accessible to lower-income individuals.
  • While Porsches are generally expensive, some models, like the Porsche Macan, are more affordable and accessible to a broader range of buyers.
  • Recommendations suggest having several hundred thousand dollars saved before considering the purchase of a new Porsche, based on income proportions.
  • In comparison to Mercedes owners, Porsche owners tend to have a higher average income, with Mercedes owners having an average income of around $250,000 in their household.

What’s The Average Income of Porsche Owners?

It’s hard to assign an exact figure and confidently say that this number right here is the average income of Porsche owners.

There are too many variables, and the data just isn’t really out there. That being said, there have been some studies done on exactly this question, so we have a decent idea.

According to some studies, the average income of Porsche owners is about $511,000 for their household (adjusted for each country partaking in the study).

This means Porsche owners are at the very top of income earnings worldwide, which isn’t surprising. But the fact that it’s a cool half a million a year is much higher than many might expect.

Who’s Buying Porsche’s?

Trying to assign a demographic to Porsche owners is an interesting way to compare the average income data and really get a good look at who is actually buying Porsches.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the majority of Porsche owners are wealthy men and between the ages of 35-55.

Porsche owners tend to be wealthy individuals with high-power, high-paying jobs or successful businesses they founded and/or own.

Porsche buyers tend to be from the West, with most buyers being from the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

Are Porsches Only For The Wealthy?

Anyone can own a Porsche. Porsche doesn’t background check their customers unless they are buying on finance, so long as you have the cash to buy a Porsche, you are more than welcome to purchase one.

However, since the nature of Porsche ownership requires you to fork over a whole lot of cash, it does mean that most Porsche owners are quite wealthy.

However, older or secondhand Porsches can be found at a huge discount a lot of the time, which makes them far more accessible to people who might not consider themselves wealthy, so long as they are happy going with a secondhand model rather than brand new and made to spec one.

Have Porsches Always Been For High Income Earners?

You might be interested to know that Porsche has not always been a manufacturer for the wealthy and powerful. Originally, the early Porsches were designed to be reasonably affordable sports cars that you didn’t need to be obscenely wealthy to own.

Over time, Porsche has leaned into the luxury sports car market, which has seen significantly greater increases in price over the decades. Unsurprisingly, Porsches are no longer sports cars for the average man. But their other non-sports car and lower entry-level models are more reasonably priced, such as the Macan, Cayenne, or 718 Boxster/Cayman.

What Are The More Affordable Porsches?

Finding a Porsche that could be considered “cheap” is rare. But there are certainly some models that are more affordable than others.

A great example of this would be the Porsche Macan. You can pick up a used Macan with relatively low mileage for probably about $40k.

This isn’t necessarily a cheap car, but it’s certainly more affordable for most people than something like a 718 GT4, which might cost three times that four with all the extra toys included.

How Much Money Should You Have Prior To Buying A Porsche?

Most people argue that you should have a few hundred thousand squirreled away before you consider investing in a brand-new Porsche.

Proportionally, this makes sense. If you were to spend $15k on a car, you would expect to have close to $50k saved away for other expenses, so this kind of guideline, when extrapolated out, makes a lot of sense.

average income of porsche owner

As we saw in the data above, an average salary of a cool half a million is the average income of Porsche owners. In the examples we just discussed, that would be the equivalent of having a half-year’s salary saved away before splurging on a new Porsche. Again, safe, secure, and reasonable rules of thumb.

Comparing Income Between Porsche and Mercedes?

While Porsche owners, on average, have an income of about $500k USD, Mercedes owners have about half of that ($250k).

There are a few reasons this could be. First, there are far more lower price range Mercs than there are lower price Porsches.

You will also find that Mercedes are driven a lot more in Europe and the UK, where salaries are often a lot lower than in the United States.

Verdict On The Average Income Of Porsche Owners

In conclusion, the average income of Porsche owners is about $500k a year, which is twice as much as Mercedes owners. Most owners come from the United States and Western Europe and are, more often than not, powerful businessmen aged 35-55.

While there will obviously be outliers, as a rule of thumb, most Porsche owners are far above the average earners of their relative communities/countries.

And that is not surprising in the slightest, as Porsche has always been used as a sign of status, power, wealth, and security.

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