1993 Toyota Corolla – A Classy Approach

The looks of a Lexus

The small car segment in the 1990s was the hottest thing. Every manufacturer attempted to make their variants of the car and competition was rife. Honda and Saturn were the two market makers and Toyota was foraying into this segment. Their earlier Corolla could not compete with the likes of cars from Honda. In 1993, Toyota decided they had enough and did a complete overhaul of the Corolla.

The biggest change was the design. The 1993 Toyota Corolla looks more like a classy Lexus than a cheap Toyota. The design change was apparent. The boxy design from the 90s is perhaps the most remarkable takeaway in this car. Even after decades, it still looks very iconic. The grille is much bigger and flanks the car in a rather neat way! The lines are straight, jagged almost, but the design language is brilliant. You also got alloy wheels, a rarity at the time. The boxy nature combined with the elemental design meant that the 1993 Toyota Corolla was a car that was profoundly classier than its previous iterations.

Pure power

The competition was stiff at the time and Japanese carmakers were looking for ways to make cars that delivered on the road. The 1993 Toyota Corolla did just that. Toyota offered two engine variants. The base model was equipped with a 1.6-liter DOHC unit that was capable of delivering 105 bhp. The bigger engine, which was a 1.8-liter 16-valve four-cylinder unit, delivered 115 bhp. The latter was especially capable as it came straight out of the Lexus stables. The idling is quiet and uncanny, no affordable car feels this calm. Whether you are at a stoplight or just plain stalling, the quietness of the engine is comforting.

The 1993 Toyota Corolla engine is a capable one by all means. You get reliable quick acceleration at low speeds, good power in the mid-range, and it will make overtakes with ease. The five-speed manual transmission, which is standard does a fairly good job of going through the rev ranges. The upshifts are relatively okay, nothing too quick or too slow.

Well-engineered handling

A company like Toyota excels at making passenger cars. Here, their expertise shows in the form of the car’s excellent handling. The 1993 Toyota Corolla is easy to drive, so much so that your input is very little. The steering is precise, the power delivery is lag-free, and the chassis doesn’t roll too much. The only caveat would be the high amounts of understeer you sometimes get with the smaller tires. Especially on the 1993 Toyota Corolla DX, which should come with bigger tires to support the larger engine. The disparity causes the tires to squeal when you accelerate.

Given the 1993 Toyota Corolla specs are nothing too great, the performance you get out of it is still fairly better than the competition. The car feels sporty on the roads, courtesy of a tight and firm suspension. The car glosses over curves fairly easily, and minor bumps are unnoticeable. The biggest issue, in our opinion, is the lack of ABS as a standard. While the car’s brakes come with fairly good stopping power, the added benefit of ABS is a necessity these days. It shouldn’t be an option.

Interiors with a touch of class

We already alluded to the fact that the Toyota Corolla is a car that has seen relatively big upgrades. It has gone from a car that feels extra cheap to something that has a touch of class. The biggest area where you notice this change is the interiors. As soon as you take a seat, you will feel at ease. Something about the engineering of this car is ridiculously good. The car is sensible, in every way possible. It is easy to use, the seats fold down, the buttons are easy to access, the cupholders are a fresh touch, and you get an electric sunroof.

The lack of power windows and ABS might be disheartening, but the addition of cruise control is a first. The car despite its small size does not feel small. You get plenty of legroom and headroom. The seats feel really good in longer drives and the good visibility helps too. The cargo space is good too and with the folding seat option, you can maximize it further. The convenience and comfort of the 1993 Toyota Corolla elevate its standard. The car is now among the best options in the small car segment.

Features and safety

The car didn’t come with any airbags, ABS, or others as standard. That was the case with almost every car front the 90s. However, the 1993 Toyota Corolla is still plenty good with added options and the car’s main selling point is the fact that it is a convenient car and it is affordable.

The DX wagon variant

The 1993 Toyota Corolla wagon is only available in the DX variant. It comes with more space, a more family-friendly design, and a bigger engine. The 1993 Toyota Corolla DX, is the more nuanced car that you are looking for. The Corolla is a car that works well and the wagon DX variant is amazing. It is a little more nuanced than most options and the spaciousness of the car is great. The cargo hold is even bigger on this car and with the foldable seats, you can go on longer trips with loads of luggage.

The verdict

The 1993 Toyota Corolla, is an amazing car to drive, fun to lounge in, and most importantly exudes a classy feeling. Cars seldom make leaps from their original segment without changing a lot, this one feels like it does. There is nothing out of the box or anything new here, however, the 1993 Toyota Corolla feels like a whole new car, compared to its predecessor. The build quality is top-notch, it is a fun car to drive, and it doesn’t look half-bad. If you are looking for a car with a little nostalgic punch, this is it.

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