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Turbo Options To Get Your Integra Boosted (DC5)

Figuring out all of the options to getting your Integra Boosted can be confusing. As it stands the Honda Integra DC5 (called RSX in the United States) is a pretty impressive car that is well-known for being quick off the line and pretty darn reliable. But there is definitely a feeling of wanting more than a standard Integra leaves you with.

You have seen what it can do so far and now you want to push the limits of what is possible. The only real answer is a turbo kit. So, what turbo options to get your Integra Boosted are there? There are quite a few but we are only going to cover the best ones.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Integra Boosted?

Everyone has heard of a boosted engine, turbo kit, or turbocharger. They make the car go faster! Well, at least that is about the extent of most people’s knowledge. And while that is true that is not all they do. And, let’s be honest, the “how” is just as important as the “what” in this situation. And for those of you that aren’t familiar with the term boosted, it simply refers to boosting (increasing) power in a car by using a turbo.

Integra Boosted

So, how does a turbo work? Basically, a turbo forces air and fuel into the engine at the exact same time and in a strictly controlled ratio. It is an excellent bit of technology that can massively improve performance and runs off of excess exhaust fumes that would otherwise go to waste. Does that make a turbo environmentally friendly? Almost, perhaps! Here are the benefits of getting your Integra boosted:

  • Increased performance – An Integra boosted will have better-driving performance in almost every measurable way. Whether you are measuring speed off the line or how well your car handles sitting at 7000RPM blasting down the freeway!
  • Increased acceleration sensitivity – A turbo works by forcing more fuel and oxygen into the combustion chamber. You will notice this the most when you really put your foot down.
  • Increased Break Horse Power – A standard Integra has about 190-200 HP at the flywheel. A good quality stage 1 turbo kit could increase that to 350-370 HP.
  • Increased Torque – Increased torque reduces energy consumption and is actually a more efficient way of driving. More torque means more acceleration!
  • It’s fun as hell to drive! – No one needs a turbo. You just don’t. However, they are incredibly fun and can make the whole driving experience so much better!

Can You Install A Turbo Kit Yourself At Home?

Technically, you could install a turbo kit. Yourself. At home. The real question is, should you? And the real answer is: Absolutely NOT. Unless you are a very talented mechanic that has installed many turbo kits at work before you are getting in way over your head here. There are so many complex components that make up a full turbo kit that you are opening yourself up to all kinds of risks by insisting on doing the job yourself. The risks are physical and financial.

Integra Boosted

Some complete turbo kits can cost about $10k and it only takes one small mistake to completely ruin large portions of it. Is it worth the risk? If you want to be able to say you did it yourself you are better off paying a professional and just telling people you did it yourself regardless of whether or not it is true.

Turbo Options To Get Your Integra Boosted

Honda is not a small brand by any means. Which, thankfully, in this situation means there are going to be tons of awesome options on the market. Some that are manufactured/designed by Honda themself and some which have been created by a third-party manufacturer.

To get the most bang for your buck you are probably going to want to go with an aftermarket turbo kit. Honda does good work but they are also pretty expensive to the extent that they price themselves out of many people’s budgets. Here are two of the best turbo options to get your Integra boosted.

Tuning Developments Drive In Drive Out Turbo Kit

The Honda K20 Turbo Kit is the top of the line in the aftermarket Honda turbo market. It is exceptional. It comes with everything you could need and every piece is of the highest quality. This kit is suitable for a few Honda models but the Integra is where it really shines. It can effectively increase your horsepower by 50% with just the stage 1 kit. Stage 2 could get you to 500 break horsepower easily. Which, given where you started, is pretty insane.

Integra Boosted

This kit was made in the U.K though it is suitable for US models too. The Tuning Developments K20 kit boasts better handling and better fuel economy as well as more speed. There is no feeling that you are experiencing any kind of turbo lag since the kit makes 7psi of boost pressure almost instantaneously. A boost control aftermarket upgrade is available that can adjust the drive train also making this as complete of a kit as you could hope for.

Price-wise, you are going to end up spending about $7500 for this kit. – Link Here

CXRacing Turbo Intercooler Kit For Integra

CX Racing has an alternative turbo intercooler kit for the Integra that is a little more dialed back. But not too much. This full-stage 1 Intercooler turbo kit has a 450 break horsepower limit which means it exceeds the Tuning Development stage 1.

But, is not quite on the level of stage 2. This is fine because the kit isn’t meant to be so extreme pushing the limits of the car to the max. There are a few design choices that are available to you with this kit. Whether you want the silicon to be in blue or black. And whether or not you want the turbo wastegate or not. Or the dual-bearing turbo upgrade.

The CXRacing Intercooler Kit for Integra is going to cost about $2400 ($1500 without turbo wastegate, etc.) – Link Here

All Smiles With An Integra Boosted

Whether you decide you prefer to get your Integra boosted with the more affordable, but less impressive CXRacing Turbo Kit or the costly but powerful Tuning Developments kit, chances are you would quite happily fit a turbo if it is within the budget. It is such a cool aftermarket feature for the Integra turning what is already a great car into an absolute beast.

Is it worth the cost to you? It all depends on how much you value a fun driving experience. For some people, the question is silly. Remember, if you do decide to pull the trigger on a turbo kit – Do Not Install It Yourself – It simply isn’t worth the hassle. Good luck!

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