G550 vs G63 – Differences And Which One To Get

If you are lucky enough to be deciding between the Mercedes G550 vs G63 for your next car, or perhaps you are just curious how the two stack up against each other, you have come to the right place. This short but to-the-point blog post will cover everything you need to know about performance, price, driver experience, and value for money as well as some quick and easy-to-digest summaries of these two vehicles.

Which is best, which one should you get, well – let’s find out together. With all the facts in front of you, you will be more than ready to make your own well-informed decision.

Summary Of The Mercedes G550

The Mercedes G550 which was based on the incredibly successful G class 500 hit the American markets in 2009 and ran until this year, 2022 when it was discontinued. The G550 was priced at $200,000 for the basic model with add-ons and upgrades easily adding an extra fifty grand to the price tag if you have the stomach and the wallet for it.

The G550 is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 (turbocharged, of course) and comes with enough torque to launch yourself off the starting line alongside pretty much anything but a supercar or a Tesla.

Summary Of The Mercedes G63

The Mercedes G63 has seen many variants over the years and in 2013 they actually even came out with a 6-wheeled version. Which is a nice gimmick but in terms of actual usability the 6 wheels didn’t add much. The G63 is a newer SUV than the G550 and used many of the G550 building blocks as the framework for what the G63 is trying to achieve.

The G63 is powered by twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 engines which means the G63 is faster than just about anything else on the market. SUV or not. It’s almost unsettling how quick it is compared to most sports cars. The Mercedes G63 costs about $160k for the basic stock model and will get closer to $200k if you want all the bells and whistles.

The Mercedes G550 vs G63 – Brake Horsepower And Torque

Both of these luxury SUVs have pretty serious engines so it’s no surprise that their brake horsepower and torque are exceptionally high. The Mercedes G550 has 416 brake horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Remember when we said it was fast off the line? We weren’t joking.

The Mercedes G63 on the other hand has a ridiculous 563 brake horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. Is the Mercedes G63 closer to a military tank than a consumer SUV? Almost. The Mercedes G63 clearly wins out in a head-to-head of power and torque.

The Mercedes G550 vs G63 – Which Is Nicer To Drive?

These are both pretty nice cars, obviously as they are literally luxury SUVs, when it comes to speed and performance, they are both very similar but the G63 just edges its way into first place. When it comes to the actual driving experience, though, there are other things to take into consideration.

Both come with big seats, seat warmers, built-in charging ports, and all the little extras that you could possibly want. So how do you compare them and decide on a winner? The only logical explanation is to go with which of those extras is more likely to be better.

The G550 cost a lot more when it came out as new and that was in part because they went all out with the standard optional extras being not so optional. The G63 was originally a fair bit cheaper but that doesn’t actually mean the luxuries included are any “worse”.

The fact is if you are comparing the handling and amenities that a newer G63 provides compared with a G550 that the G63 is naturally going to be nicer to drive. There is more room in the back for family/friends and things like phone chargers and TVs are included. Which isn’t necessarily the case with the G550.

The Mercedes G550 vs G63 – Which Is Rarer?

The G550 came out a fair while ago and has seen many different variations over the years. They are pretty common nowadays in one form or another so it is not as special as seeing something like a Ferrari California. But, compared to other SUVs on the market, they aren’t all that common.

However, the G63 has been out for far less time and there are far fewer of them on the road. There are some pretty unique paint jobs and optional extras available on the G63 (like China Blue paint for example) which means the G63 is more likely to turn heads and attract attention. Whether you want to blend in or stand out probably defines which of the two you would prefer. Though the G63 is undoubtedly less common.

The Mercedes G550 vs G63 – Cost And Value For Money

We have already discussed the cost of a new G550 vs G63. But those numbers aren’t really fair to compare because realistically you aren’t going to be buying a new G550 whereas you would likely buy a new G63. In terms of value for money, you could absolutely make the case for the G550 being the better option.

You can pick one of these up for a huge discount compared to their new price and certainly less than a G63. However, if you want more out of your car the G63 naturally comes out in front. Whether or not the premium price is worth paying is up to you.


So, now you have a pretty clear comparison of the G550 vs G63 when stacked up against one another. Do you prefer the newer more advanced G63 despite the hefty price tag or are you in the corner of the G550 and potentially want the most bang for your buck?

Whatever you decide, we hope you found this blog post handy and to the point. The G550 and the G63 are both phenomenal cars. But you do hear buyer’s remorse from time to time when it comes to picking the G550 over the G63. There might be a lesson to learn from that.

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