The China Blue G63 AMG – Glorious And Understated

The China Blue G63 AMG is an incredible car that has somehow managed to stay underrated and subtle despite there being hardly any of them and them looking absolutely phenomenal. Even ignoring the fact that they are as powerful as they are quick with a luxurious interior that stacks up well against the best of them, the G63 AMG looks pretty slick from the outside and has done the brand proud.

You don’t see enough G63s on the street. But perhaps that just adds to their allure. When you are selecting the color of your new G63 AMG you have a ton of options. But only one objectively right option. China Blue G63. The Glorious and understated color transforms the G63 AMG from a solid 10 out of 10 to an 11. Let’s get into it.

What Is China Blue?

China Blue is a subtle and understated light/pale blue that Mercedes has started to roll out on some of its more select vehicle lines. The G63 AMG is one of them. China blue has a hexadecimal, RGB, or HSL color code of 365194. China Blue is an incredibly uncommon color that Mercedes doesn’t exactly own, but no one else uses it.

You can’t own a color technically but Mercedes is about as close as you can get. China Blue is a pastel pale blue that has a surprising amount of depth and brightness to it considering it’s actually a pale and subtle color. It is not glaring, it is not gaudy, and it has the feel of luxury and wealth that accompanies Royal Blue. But at the other end of the blue spectrum.

What Goes Well With China Blue?

China Blue goes super well with pale colors such as white or cream OR strong bold colors like navy blue or lilac. Now, you are probably not going to want to have a China Blue G63 AMG with a lilac interior or even a navy blue interior. But cream?

That sounds excellent and actually white or cream are some of the most popular stock interior options for the G63 regardless of whether or not you have chosen to go with the China Blue exterior paint job.

Is China Blue A Stock Option On The G63 AMG?

China Blue is super uncommon and in fact, Mercedes hardly use it at all it is exclusive to the AMG line. Not just the G63. So yeah, you can get China Blue as a stock option on the G63 AMG. Here’s the kicker though. You can only get it when it is available and it just isn’t always.

If you happen to order a China Blue G63 AMG there is a small chance that your dealership will give you a call and ask if you’d be willing to switch to a “similar” color. Now, it’s completely your prerogative whether or not you want to hold out for China Blue or are happy to go with something else.

What Other Colors Are Popular For The G63 AMG?

There are a ton of awesome colors available when you order a brand-new Mercedes G63 AMG. While China Blue is arguably the best you can be forgiven for exploring your options. There are 9 color options though, to be honest, most are nothing to write home about. However, you might be surprised to hear that black and white are the most popular external color coat choices. Shock, we know.

The actual colors are called Obsidian Black and Opalis White. If you want a flashy blue or red then of course the options are there for you but nothing holds a candle to China Blue. It’s pretty odd to only offer a very limited number of paint choices given Mercedes are normally pretty good about providing plenty of options. But, when it comes to luxury cars, it’s not exactly unheard of. You can get whatever color you want after the fact.

Just don’t expect Mercedes to spray it for you. If you fancy something that’s different from black or white and aren’t sure that China Blue is right for you the Emeraldite green is pretty snazzy. Just as China Blue is mild and understated being pale and subtle the Emerald green is dark and powerful but still quite subtle and not at all in your face as some Mercedes greens tend to be.

Is A China Blue G63 AMG Rare?

Rare is an understatement. Not only is China Blue a super uncommon color that isn’t used anywhere else by Mercedes (except in other select AMG lines) it has only been available for a few months. Meaning there are hardly any on order and there were none beforehand on the streets.

The chances of you seeing another China Blue G63 AMG, if that’s the direction you chose to go when you ordered yours, is slim to none. If you yourself aren’t planning on buying a China Blue G63 then unfortunately the odds of you never seeing one in person are far higher than seeing one. This sucks for most of us but you could argue that it makes seeing one all the more special.

China Blue vs Meissen Blue

If you are familiar with Porsche and especially Porsche racing then you will have likely found yourself admiring their Meissen Blue before. Porsche does blue well and it’s no surprise that comparisons have been drawn up between China Blue and Meissen Blue. Which is better? That’s up to you to decide.

China Blue is a lot softer and a little duller, that’s not to say it’s a dull color, but it’s definitely not as bright as Porsches Meissen Blue. If you want something a little brighter and flashier then Porsche will be the winner. If you want something a little more subtle and sophisticated then China Blue would come out on top.


Hopefully, you now feel like you have all the information you could want about China Blue G63 AMGs. These are real statement cars and getting your hand on a China Blue one is a statement on top of a statement. If you want a car that turns heads, and leaves sports cars in your dust, all while providing the benefits of an SUV with the luxury of an executive sedan, then the G63 AMG is precisely what you need. And if you’re going to get one, why not get it in China Blue?

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