Lifted Atlas – Pictures, Parts, and Questions Answered

The Volkswagen Atlas is a phenomenal car that already impressed fresh off the production line. So, why change it? Well, there are a few really cool things you can do to the VW Atlas to improve its looks, style, and even performance.

One of the most popular aftermarket alterations to make is to get it lifted. But what does it mean to get a car lifted, how does it apply to the Atlas, and what are the benefits of having a lifted Atlas? We are going to get into all of that and more in this quick but complete guide to the lifted Atlas.

What Does It Mean To Lift A Car and Can You Lift An Atlas?

Lifting a car refers to a physical change to the vehicle’s ride height. Just as lowriders have their ride height lowered lifted vehicles have theirs, sometimes quite substantially, raised.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

This is often done with either larger tires to increase ground clearance, with the use of less tightly compressed coil spring spacers and suspension, or a body lift kit. You can normally get anywhere from 3-12 extra inches of lift in total. And yes, you can absolutely get your Atlas lifted.

Does A Lifted Atlas Look Good?

One of the biggest reasons people like to own a lifted Atlas is that they look pretty great. Many people think the extra few inches of ride height give the car a more defined look. And for many car owners, looks trump everything else.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

Using the lowrider example again, does that serve a genuine purpose other than looking cool? Not really. Additionally, if you tried to offroad in an un-lifted Atlas it may not look quite right.

What Are The Benefits of a Lifted Atlas?

There are a ton of great benefits of having a lifted Atlas versus the standard factory model. There are cosmetic/non-tangible benefits such as the fact it looks pretty darn good. Additionally, the view from inside the car is far better as you are raised above most traffic and the added height can improve the distances you can see.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

This is great as a driver as you are more aware of any upcoming hazards, and better as a passenger because enjoying the view just got a little better.

Additionally, by lifting your Atlas you can get bigger tires and easily access the underside of the vehicle. Most importantly, when it comes to driving off the beaten track you will find that having a lifted vehicle vastly improves the comfortability of the drive and actually even enables you to go places you otherwise wouldn’t.

Large rocks and branches can become tricky when you are dealing with 8 inches of clearance rather than 20 inches (the standard vs the potential lifted clearance)

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Lift Parts?

There are almost endless lift options out there ranging from VW’s own lift components to lesser-known after-market brands. When it comes to the lifted Atlas, many people choose to go with the Forge Lift. Forge has experience lifting a ton of different vehicles but actually tends to focus on Volkswagen and Audi which makes them perfect for lifting the Atlas.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

Another option is H&R who are not quite as prevalent on the scene but still do a pretty darn good job. Both lift kits are often combined with wheel/tire swaps. The 18×8.5 Voxx wheels are some of the most popular and look awesome in black.

Do I Need To Recalibrate The ACC On A Lifted Atlas?

Many people assume that lifting the car will affect the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) sensors given that the vehicle is now in a totally different place than the sensors are expecting. This would be frustrating because getting them recalibrated and potentially even moved could cost around $800.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

Luckily, unless you are doing a pretty extreme lift this is NOT going to be necessary. If you are getting your lift done with a mechanic that would also be able to recalibrate the ACC ask them whether they think it would need to be calibrated.

Is The Handling Better In A Lifted Atlas?

Many people assume that the handling in a lifted Atlas will be better and this is simply not true. Lifting your car reduces handling and sensitivity to your steering ever so slightly. It doesn’t make the car difficult to drive by any means but the slight change in handling is something you should anticipate before you pull the trigger on getting your Atlas lifted.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

And definitely, something that should be considered before you get behind the wheel for the first time. However, when it comes to off-roading then actually having a lifted Atlas will provide better handling because your suspension will, naturally be a little lighter. The ride should be somewhat smoother. Well, as smooth as off-roading can be!

Can I Use My Lifted Atlas Off-road?

Yes! You can absolutely use a lifted Atlas off-road. In fact, many people might argue that unless you were planning to do so there wasn’t much point in having a lifted Atlas in the first place! A lifted Atlas is tailor-made (literally) to be used off-road.

Lifted Atlas
Source / VW Vortex Forum

The extra clearance, adjusted suspension, and better field of view will give you all the tools you need to be out there and competing with the best of them. While it is technically possible to use the Atlas off-road without getting it lifted first the experience is just not comparable. A lifted Atlas is the best Atlas.


Hopefully, you now have a great idea about the benefits of having a lifted Atlas as well as had all of your questions answered. While there are some considerations that cannot be avoided when deciding if a lifted Atlas is for you, but they can all be addressed by the mechanic you have in mind for the job.

If you are a current Atlas owner who has been on the fence about pulling the trigger, hopefully, this quick blog post has given you enough information to decide one way or the other. Thanks for reading and good luck lifting!

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