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Maserati Bicycle – Gift from the Italian Countryside (5 New Bicycles)

When we think of Italy, we don’t usually think of a Maserati bicycle, instead we are often transported to a place with lush green hills, stone houses, the warmest people, and the bluest waters. Modern Europe originated from Italy and it remains one of the most vibrant places in the world. There is another form of imagery that we associate with Italy and that is riding a bicycle in the countryside. This imagery gives us a feeling of a warm summer, comfort, and a joyride in the winds, and of how beautiful the Italian riviera is.

In a very contrasting way, it is almost hard to believe it is the same country that produces loud and fast sports cars. Yes, they produce cars that will excite and thrill you. It is as if they designed the cars to exhilarate you. The juxtaposition of sports cars in Italy has become metaphoric as the years have rolled by.

So, what happens when an Italian carmaker decides to pay homage to their cars and make something? You get bicycles. Maserati is a carmaker known for exclusivity and stunning design. Naturally, when they decided to make a Maserati bicycle, people waited with bated breath.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati 450s

The result was a work of art. The tributes came out as expected and the bicycles were simply too luxurious. The Maserati bicycle price is a little steep, however, you are getting a bespoke product. But why did they decide to make a bicycle? And who wanted to buy a bicycle? This article answers these questions in detail and is in and of itself a tribute to the magnificence of these bespoke bicycles.

The Idyllic Italian Meadows and Maserati Bicycle

We have already discussed this imagery and the reason for it echoing through our minds boils down to how the western media has sold us this idea. Over decades the Italian countryside was a place where you would go on vacations. The tropical weather, the warm sun, the cool breeze, and the blue Mediterranean waters were all associated with a holiday for the rich. One aspect of this imagery was the bicycle and that is something anyone can own, anywhere.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati 250s

Another aspect was that whoever purchased Italian cars was enthusiastic about buying them as an accessory. When the first Maserati’s the 3500 GT and the Ghibli were made in the late 50s, it opened up an avenue for the company to make bicycles. The branch that made bicycles was headed by one of the grandsons of the original Maserati brothers. The Maserati bicycle was something that was desired by a lot of buyers at the time.

Today as a tribute to the original 3500 GT and the Ghibli, Maserati makes these bicycles in collaboration with Montante. They are an expensive commodity. The Maserati bicycle price is not for the average person, and there is a good reason behind it.

For Fans of Maserati

People that adore the Maserati brand are connoisseurs of fine things. Maserati cars are expensive and they are associated with exclusivity and class. The Maserati bicycle is no exception. The bicycles have been made with the enthusiasts and the fans in mind. These bikes are bespoke. They are made by hand and each order takes at least a few days to fulfill.

The Maserati bicycle price is quite steep for this very reason. The first two bikes offered had an identical price point north of $2,000. As it was a bike that was offered a few decades ago, its design has become slightly stale.

As a result, Maserati asked cycle brand Montante Cicli to make a custom racing bicycle that is based on the legendary Maserati 8CF. The Maserati bicycle was made to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Maserati 8CF’s victory at the Indianapolis 500. The bicycles will cost upwards of a whopping $4,000.

To understand why these bikes cost as much as they do, we need to find out the nature of these bikes and why the Maserati name carries so much appeal.

The Tributo Ghibli 1967

Maserati Bicycle Maserati Ghibli

Designed after a car that carried the bold design of the 60s so well, the Tributo Ghibli 1967 is a stunning Maserati bicycle. The curves of the car’s design have inspired the handlebars here and they carry a distinct Condorino shape.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati Ghibli

To make the cycle stand out there is also a red leather saddle. There is bespoke stitching on the saddle in the form of the famous Maserati trident.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati Ghibli

The Montante name can also be found on the same saddle. The handlebars are also wrapped in plush red leather giving you that luxurious feel. The rest of the body gets a beautiful matte black finish reminiscent of the car’s distinct detailing.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati Ghibli

The Tributo 3500 GT

Maserati Bicycle Tributo 3500 GT

The Maserati 3500 GT is one of the Italian brand’s most popular cars and a tribute to it is almost natural. The Tributo 3500 GT was inspired by the Dama Bianca version of the 3500 GT.

Maserati Bicycle Tributo 3500 GT

This car came in a glossy white finish was adored by everyone. The bicycle comes with a fully white frame.

Maserati Bicycle Tributo 3500 GT

As a result, parts such as the saddle and the handlebars are draped in black leather. The handlebars are the city type another homage to the sports tourer nature of the 3500 GT.

Maserati Bicycle Tributo 3500 GT

Maserati Bicycle 8CTF

Maserati Bicycle Maserati 8CTF

Using a steel frame that is soldered by hand along with a chrome color and finishes, this Maserati bicycle 8CTF pays homage to a legendary car that won the Indianapolis 500 70 years ago.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati 8CTF

There are disc brakes on both wheels and various aluminum parts including the pedals. It is a typical racing bike, with leather-wrapped seats and handlebars. There will only be 200 units of this beauty with each unit getting the owner’s name and number.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati 8CTF

Vintage Maserati Bicycles

Although not too sure of how deep the connection between the Maserati Bicycle and the Maserati brand back in the 1970s, there were a few bikes of note that were produced bearing the Maserati name. As a back story one of the Maserati brothers, Carlo Maserati had worked in a bicycle factory in Affori, Milan. It was prior to 1914 and the establishment of the Maserati brand we know today, but it seems that if we go back to the Maserati families roots, it was Carlo who designed and built the first Maserati engine, and it was for a motor bicycle.

Maserati MT-2 & MT-3

Fast-forward through many iconic Maserati cars, to the 1970s and we have what could be the very first Maserati bicycle ever produced. This would be the Maserati MT-2 (Maserati Tipo 2) and Maserati MT-3 (Maserati Tipo 3). It was a gorgeous retro styled road bike which was fitted out with a whole bunch of Campagnolo tech. From the sources I’ve researched, it seems that the MT-2 was the best Maserati bicycle that was for sale at the time.

Maserati MT-8

Progressing on from the MT-2, we also had another model referred to as the Maserati Tipo 8. This Maserati bicycle came with what seems largely like the same design with just a gorgeous red frame with nice contrast white handles. The MT-8 weighs in a 3 lbs. heavier and seems to not be as well equipped as the MT-2.

Maserati MT-10

For the road bikes, as we progressed up the numbers and get to the Maserati Tipo 10, it’s quite clear that the Maserati Tipo 2 was the pinnacle of Maserati bicycle racing at the time. As the Maserati MT-10 is a heavier bike and isn’t as well equipped as the two previously mentioned.

Maserati MT-12

As we progress to the final offering from Maserati in terms of bicycles for the 1970’s we get to a non-road racing style bike. The Maserati Tipo 12 is more of a relaxed bike that would be used for cruising around. It doesn’t have the aggressive frame of the other bikes and is more low slung, making it easier to get on and off and go around town.

Coming to a Stop

A Maserati bicycle is something that is entirely for the enthusiast. It doesn’t come with the latest advancements nor is it going to be the fastest bicycle around. It is simply a tribute to the carmaker’s heritage and the Italian countryside. For those that wish to carry the trident everywhere they go, a Maserati bicycle is another mode of convenience and much like their cars, wherever you travel, you’ll be travelling in style.

Maserati Bicycle Maserati 8CTF

Vintage Maserati Bicycle Related Content

As I was researching, I came across an absolute gem of a review that was done by Road & Track in April, 1974. I found this epic, well written and funny review on a forum as I was browsing for information. Which, by the way, is extremely hard to find of these Maserati Bicycles.

I thought to myself, it would be a shame if this review was lost in the vastness of the internet as it’s such great retro content. Since the blog is becoming an archive for everything Maserati, old and new, I’ve decided to preserve this review by posting it here for everyone to enjoy. I also think it adds a lot of value with further commentary on the Maserati Tipo 3 and other Maserati bicycles mentioned throughout. I particularly love how they tease the bicycle on the cover by saying “Maserati’s New Super-Economy Sports Vehicle”. Check it out and enjoy!

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