Maserati GranTurismo Maintenance Costs (What You Need to Know)

The allure of buying a Maserati is hard to resist. Just the mere thought of someone putting the “pink slip” and the car keys into your hands is enough to make the pulse rate quicken. Surely, the most seductive out of the Trident range is the GranTurismo. But the Maserati Granturismo maintenance costs might not be as alluring.

This classic grand tourer, which continues the legacy of Maserati’s speedster heritage, has an illustrious history already. Its Pinin farina designed lines, single handedly put Maserati back on the map. With its Ferrari built V8 engine and luxurious interior, the Maserati GranTurismo is a dream come true for any driver passionate for an exhilarating motoring experience.

But every dream can quickly descend into a nightmare. While the dream of owning and driving a Maserati GT is exciting to contemplate, the nightmare of how much this could cost you to maintain it can become a nightmare, if you are not fully aware. So, let’s take a look here at what Maserati GranTurismo maintenance costs you would be looking at once you have one parked on your driveway.

Are Maserati GranTurismos Expensive to Maintain?

The short answer to this is yes. Compared with most of the compact economy models, repair and running costs for Maserati are far more expensive. On a recent survey, it was highlighted that both Toyota and Honda came out as the cheapest brands to make repairs to over a ten year period. Although Pontiac and Saturn proved to be very costly over the same time span.

But, by comparison to other luxury brands, Maserati is in good company. Luxury vehicles have high performance parts and they don’t come cheap. In that same survey, all the major German luxury brands found themselves at the top. BMW owners should expect to fork out US$17,800 over a decade while Mercedes-Benz would see a total garage bill of $12,900 over the same period; with Porsche and Audi not far behind.

A key factor to how much your Maserati GranTurismo maintenance costs might be depends on what model you buy. The older the model is generally less reliable and more prone to expensive repairs. Models released after 2017 have proven to be a much better prospect for reliability as major modifications were implemented, that year, to address these issues.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Maserati Granturismo?

Costs have increased over the last few years. Back in 2018, the North American Maserati Service Centers would offer a service for the Maserati GT every two years or 12,500 miles at a cost of US$1,300. The details of what they offer in this service are as follows:

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Pollen Air Filter Change (located inside the car)
  • Air Filter Change (located in the engine bay)
  • Fuel Induction Service
  • Differential Service
  • Brake Fluid Exchange
  • Inspect Brakes
  • Diagnosis Scan
  • Set Tire Pressure
  • Reset Service Light

But some of this cost can be reduced if you perform some of these repairs yourself. Replacing the air filter is quite straightforward though make sure you use the right one, as Maserati’s use different filters depending on the model. The oil change can be conducted by yourself as this is also relatively simple although, again, make sure you use the officially approved oil.

In recent years these costs have climbed. It has been said that for a 2019 Maserati GranTurismo maintenance costs will be between $2,000 to $3,000 a year. But this is only for your “wear & tear” repairs, if something major and not on the routine list will cost substantially more. This is where a Maserati extended warranty becomes very important.

Maserati Granturismo Maintenance Costs All In

In conclusion, Maserati GranTurismo maintenance costs are comparable with an automobile of this ilk. Your overall costs can be mitigated by avoiding the older, pre-2017, models and attempting some of the work yourself. Though supporting the costs by having warranty coverage.

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